Girlfriend of 6 years is cheating

Girlfriend of 6 years is cheating...

>Be me
>Get a good idea to take my girlfriend on a nice vacation
>rent a suite and go all out
>treat her like a queen, spend entire day going everywhere she wants
>buy her expensive things she wants and just make sure shes having a great day
>take her out for supper at a nice restaurant
>her mood starts to change and she seems sad and distant
>I joke with her the whole time and try and get her to lighten up but still don't understand whats going on?
>go to casino spend money letting her play whatever she wants
>still seems distant
>get back to hotel hoping to have great sex
>says her stomach hurts and goes to bed
>sit up in living room of suite trying to figure out what the hell is happening
>feel hurt and fall asleep
>Get home check her phone and find out she is messaging some other guy for awhile now
>sending nudes
>Honestly more sad then angry at this point....

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Moral of the story, do a quick check if your gf is cheating before you dish out a ton of money for a vacation.

she doesnt deserve you user

"If she breathes, she's a thot" isn't just a meme

Just kill her OP. She betrayal you and deserves to die.

My pathetic ass also stopped to pick her up a slice of cheesecake from this place she likes on the way home today because she asked.
I'm just in a fog and not sure how to handle this...

She doesn't deserve a guy like you. Fuck people like this.

I would confront her and leave, but what do you think you want to/ will do?

You have to kill her now

Sorry that happened to you homie. Life is sometimes really unnecessarily complicated and messed up. She has no business doing you dirty like that and sounds like she's using you for a free ride. Nobody deserves being used as a pawn in someone elses game.
Break it off clean with her, don't listen to her whines, sobs, stories or promises. Get her out, get free and move on to someone who makes you happy and treats you with basic respect

Kick the thot out

>sad and distant
thats the guilt

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Jesus christ. Is she a stupid cunt, yes. Is it death worthy? No.

Make her suffer emotionally! Not illegal and will make her pain last a lot longer

Thank you man ,
I really appreciate that, I find this really opened my eyes to a lot of things. free ride is right since she doesn't work...
can't remember the last time she did something nice for me.
this all just really hurts and I feel like an idiot

expose her
drop some nudes and deets

I can now say that I am 100% sure that's what that was

Share nudes

Sorry, she may have hurt me bad and broke my heart but I can't do that nor "kill" her

Honestly keep her around for a few more good fucks. Don't pay for anything on her and just come over to smash and dash.

Yeah listen to this guy.

If this is how you treat women, you'll have no problem finding a better one, one out of your league even.

My husband isn't as attractive as I am, but he spoils the shit out of me and I would never EVER hurt him.

You'll find someone better, for now know that this is her problem not yours and now you get to live your best bachelor life until you decide you want to try again!

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It's ok user.

Wife of 8 years cheated on me too.
Did everything for her money etc as well.
I gave her a 1000 chances.

It doesn't work fren
You have to fuck her off.
Get your head and finances straight.
Get on tinder and get out and about.
Get on with your life and be happy.

I know it's hard user. I'm happy to speak further user to help you

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Thank you.
she was also my first so think it makes the pain worse

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Op could always force her into prostitution with or without violence

don't ever trust women, don't ever show interest in women ever other than just sexually. they're demons who will purposefully suck your soul to create drama in their retardedly empty lives. even if this is just pasta, women really do suck and in a heartbeat will turn on you if they really feel like it

That night in the restaurant when I felt her change , I just couldn't understand it
I was on top of the world and I just couldn't figure out what was going on with her

Tried all night to make her laugh and smile but it just wasn't there

fuck this hurts so bad

I assume you've been hurt too,

regardless of what I'm going through I don't believe it and this is 100% true story sadly

its her loss

I did this for a while too. It made me feel better but didn't fix fuck all

First cut is alway the deepest
Were you her first as well?
If not, she'll not take the end as hard, which in it self can be damaging.

Fuck that bitch off, there is no such thing as "The one" go get ANOTHER, Tinder is great for hook ups and if that fails you can always find whores.

>Muh ex
Yes, she will linger in your mind for a very long time, maybe even forever, you need to replace every memory with smoething better. Step by step.
I found a way that helps me a mile with my ex from just a year ago. Hard to describe but... the Aaaaw-Ness of not thinking of her anymore is amazing.

Your soon to be ex is just "Fog" that you need to lift from your feelings.

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That definitely does, I'm so fucking angry for you. I cannot understand why people can be so shitty, I wish I could hug you dude.

Right now, do whatever makes you happy in the moment. Live dopamine spike to dopamine spike just to get through this. Spoil yourself like you would've her.

When it's less fresh, analyze who you chose and look out for those patterns again in the future, but don't close your heart off or that stupid cunt wins because only she would've gotten you.

Illegal. He seems a decent man so I doubt he'll do anything bad, which good for him. I would not feel so immediately compassionate

I was not her first, I know its strange but she is 10 years older than I am

she also left her ex for someone else , yeah I'm an idiot I know.

I feel like I'm supposed to be angry and full of hate but I'm not. all I feel is pain and sadness about this

Start fapping like crazy and occupy your self in any way you can.
And set your eyes on improving your self phychly, get buff.. or at leas "Lean" and go fuck about some rando bitches.

>Sad times
They will come no matter what, mostly at night when you try to sleep.
I got away with putting on some Twitch and watch people play games I play.
It fucks with the sleeping somewhat, but once I drift off.. im set

If I dont, I can't not "not" think about her.

Thank you so much
The advice means a lot to me

I've been there OP. There's nothing you can do about it but leave her. Yeah, yeah, people will tell you to get revenge or whatnot. But that's kids stuff. She's the one in the wrong here, and if you want to come out on top, you should be less retarded than she has. Leave here. Explain why. Mourn for as long as you need to, then go on with your life. All of this is temporary, and all of whatever your future is, is also temporary.

It might seem impossible right now, but it will get better, and there will be a day when you think back on this and feel nothing.

Sorry you went through this too
not sure if it will change but fucking random women doesn't even interest me , it was the love and connection we shared man

The worst part is discovering things and realizing this has been going on a lot longer then I first thought.

things she would do that she pretended were for me but it wasn't
she bought a shirt and acted like it was a surprise for me but to me it didn't make sense but played a long
then discovered it was something the guy wanted her to wear

You're not an idiot. You were in love, why punish yourself for giving 100% in a relationship and being the man every girl dreams of?

This is all on her.

You're not "supposed " to feel any way, you feel how you feel. You might actually heal faster from this feeling like you do as opposed to the angry guys here. While they hide their sadness behind anger, you're confronting it which is healthy and the best way to speedrun through it. Just don't wallow for more months than the relationship lasted (6 years of relationship = 6 months to recover). I think you'll feel better before that.

Good luck OP, seems everyone here is rooting for you at least

something is in the water my friend, i just found out my wife of 5 years is cheating on me too. Don't know what the fuck is going on.

You guys have been nicer to me then anyone has in a long time and it really means a lot to me honestly

>(6 years of relationship = 6 months to recover)
Fucking lol
Is there a clock some where I missed?
Can I fast forward or something with it?
Is it that simple to yjust "not wallow" in something?
Can I do this with depression too?

sorry brother, we're in this together
have you confronted her yet?

I haven't not sure how to go about it,have to go sleep next to her soon and It all just feels so unreal

dude i live with two chicks, i've known mostly women my entire life, i'm telling you they're okay short term but in the long run they don't give a shit unless you really lock it down

gf of 3 years cheated on me too

she and a work friend were "hanging out" alone too often and I was like "dude, he's trying to hit on you"
she said it wasn't an issue, that they're just hanging out as friends, and I should trust her
I wanted to give her space and let her have friends
Guess who she cheated on me with a month later?
Fuck me for having trust and trying to be understanding right?
The guy knew we were dating too and he actively chased after her too.
Fuck people like this
But you'll move on OP, it'll take time, but you'll move on

i had a thread yesterday about my situation, i confronted her and everything, still havent seen my child though.
My advice is, since you aren't married, I would confront her and see how she reacts, if she is remorseful and you want to work it out, try, if she doesnt care, fuck that and get a new one

The worst part is always the deception. If she'd come to you and said "user, there's someone else, I want to break up" then it'd be another matter. You'd be upset and angry and sad, but she'd still have shown respect. Cheating means she doesn't care what the consequences are for you. Or she cares, but she can't handle the idea of confrontation. Regardless, the deception is a stab wound.

Let it bleed user. Right now, you must be fucked up emotionally, but being rational right now is your absolute best bet. Make arrangements to separate. Make the break up clean and with as little discussion as possible. You are vulnerable right now, if you get into an argument with her, you may lose more than you have. She might appeal to your history, ask for a second chance, try to explain her actions, or even gaslight the shit out of you. Make you out to be the bad guy. That's why you cannot have a debate about it right now. You are not in a position of strength. If you can't expel her from your home, then call a friend or check into a hotel. Make the break as clean as possible. Wounds work like that, even emotional ones. Poke around in it, and it will be infected.

Kek. I know, right? Clip through the depression with this one trick.
I just mean he needs to let himself feel his feelings, but not fetishize his own sadness if that makes sense?
He might still be sore about it 1 year later, but he shouldn't be crying every night being a hikikomori 1 year later over it

Is that other guy a nigger by chance?

Thank you for your time
I think I will take your advice but might give it a few days before confronting to really figure it all out

That's the point actually, always wanted to bang someone's gf

The guy is white, and no where near what most people would consider good looking.

Check HER into the hotel, that's YOUR house.
If I cheated on my partner who financially supports me I would 100% expect to be kicked out. Getting her a hotel room makes you look nice while giving you the home advantage.

Plus, if she's being supported, the breakup could trigger her to panic and steal what she can to support herself later.

yeah except that if shes been sending nudes hes already lost her and shes therefore immune due to not caring anymore

Hi Steven

I'm in my late 20's if that matters
I still have love for her but legally there is nothing
she can go live with her family or something

I spent the last 6 years of my life doing everything for her , revolving my whole life around her

Sometimes I fell for an ugly girls too, well not ugly af but not model pretty

He made her feel excited, sexy, alive and chased after. You had her already (and while you cherished her and she didn't deserve it) you weren't chasing what you had.

That's why every woman I've known that cheated did it. From schoolmates to coworkers, it's the feeling of being chased and lusted after.

That's why there's so many insta and ethots, same drive

Lol not Steven
Try again fag

That's a very good idea. When emotions are surging, trusting them is really iffy. Taking a few days if it's possible to figure out what you ought to do is absolutely a good idea. When I was cheated on, it was this whole thing where she had kids on the side. Yeah, kids. On. The. Side. With a cop no less. He had no idea about me either. Slick bitch to keep it secret for so long. I called her and screamed all these horrible things to her, and I always regretted that. Acting like such a child.

If you haven't been through a long term relationship break up before, I'll tell you what I've told others. The amount of grief you will have from this is constant. The more you try to avoid mourning this, the worse it will get. People -will- try to get you to tank up booze to get your mind off of it. They will try to hook you up, or try to distract you. This is not the way to go. While ruminating about it will harm you, so will hiding from what you're feeling.

Sorrow, anger, anything that stresses your system produces hormones. And these hormones stay in your body until released. There's three major ways to get rid of them. You can cry, you can sweat, and you can piss. I recommend crying if possible, because that's where the body dumps the hormones. Bawl like a child if possible. Get that shit out of your system. If you can't cry, then sweat. Sweat like a pig. Best way is to work out because that gives you endorphins too. I guess you could chug water all day, or drink beer til you collapse to piss it out. But that is very ineffective.

Good luck user. I know it might not seem like it right now. But this is survivable.

I will admit that maybe I wasn't "chasing after her" like I used to but I went through a lot in the past couple years and stuck with serious permanent pain.

but she is also guilty of it

You're young. You have enough money to enjoy your life. You know how to treat a woman, fuck dude this is easy now.

Instead of hoping some bitch will look your way YOU can call the shots. Unless you're ugly, a pedo or have a micropeen you're the total fucking package.

It doesn't seem like it right now, but this is the beginning of a really cool part of your life. I'm getting excited for you.
Just hang in until you get there and keep giving yourself whatever you need

Go home and when she comes to get it throw it on the ground and tell her "you cant have your cake and eat it too" do a 360 and walk away. Never look back

>they're demons who will purposefully suck your soul to create drama in their retardedly empty lives

this is the most real shit I've seen on this site in 5 years

Again, 0% your fault. If she felt like that, the minute she got that attention she should have said something.
I went through this too, but instead of cheating I sat him down and told him there were 5 other guys begging me to go to dinner and if he wasn't going to engage with me I was going to leave.
She just didn't have the courtesy to break up with you or try and fix things first.

Communication usually saves relationships but FUCK her. She doesn't deserve you, and she's going to realize it really quickly when the new guy doesn't do what you did

LOL a 360? He'll tell her that, then spin around 1 time, then turn around and walk away? How about he does a 180 and walk away instead? I don't understand what the pirouette is for.

Kek. Imagine being so caught up in your feelings it's easier to demonize half the world than confront your feelings and possible shortcomings.
Absolute kek


well I might be ugly, bit over weight I guess but not those other things lol

Yeah it might be fun , but for me it was time to start a family and really create our future.
now it is all just shattered
I care more about real love and future over just sex

Maybe she has a fear of ballerinas? Pirouette her into fleeing.

all women are thots.

Just take all the shit you bought her, burn it take her keys from your place and kick her out

Just sit her down and say the following

"Ok, it's been 6 years. Either you grow the fuck up and you stop all the fucking around that you're doing. Or you can just get the fuck out of my life entirely right now. I don't give a shit what you bullshit reason you have for doing this, all i want is the following either you're out or you're in, and if you're in you have to invite the guy over"

Then force her to poison him in front of you op.

Not gonna lie you had me in the first half.

Speaking of the nudes... Can we se them ?

Different guy here women feed off of attention and drama. Theyll fuck your best friend behind your back and deny it even if you walked in on it. I did however meet one girl out of many who was an saint I wish I stayed with her but I broke her heart instead

That would be one big fire lol
if she took back what she has given me it would easily fit in one box

Top kek

>I know its strange but she is 10 years older than I am
Not strange at all, shit happens. But when you get over this you will realize she just did you a HUGE favor. Not even kidding. It doesn't seem that way now but you'll realize you dodged a bullet. From on now don't date women older than you. In this day and young there's no reason to do that, at least not for serious relationships.

Oh shit pal your first? Its the hardest to put your foot down on because its the first time youll have to deal with this. On a different note, its a good sign. If you've had a successful relationship that long I dont think you will have zero issues getting right back into a better relationship with someone else.

Good luck op!

Rebook your flight home to the next one available. Do not settle the bill at the hotel. If you're overseas "accidentally" take her passport with you.

Do it. Burn all her whore clothing trash her make up and change the locks

Do you think she demonizes all men based on you?

Holy fuck based. Not having a passport fucks you up happened to my sister she lost hers costed money and was a big inconvenience

Well guys , I really want to thank you all for the advice and sharing your stories.

it means a lot to me in this shitty time

I'm not sure where I'm at mentally other then just hurt and sad and the pain feels real but I am not going to do anything crazy because regardless I still have love for her and care
I'll take a few days and figure it out while I suffer in silence and try to act normal
this was my first relationship so I had no idea what to expect or how to go about dealing with this and you guys have helped so honestly thank you!
if you need me I'll probably be in bed silently crying and dying inside lol

She fucked around on me and gave me a disease and laughed about but shes dead and it was many years ago but every time my crotch burns I think of that worthless waste of skin

Usually this makes men sadder than mad because embarrassment is the first reaction to these situations, then you might blame yourself. In reality this girl has a problem with herself, which is not yours to try and fix. Realize you dodged a bullet figuring that out before you preposed.

You sound so beta. I'd book a flight home tonight and steal her passport (throw it in trash) and go home. Burn all her shit or give it to her family be done with her no contact is best. If she makes a new account to talk to you just block her

Go ahead. Get that shit out of your system. Tears is no different than taking a piss. You're shedding stress hormones. Never be afraid to be human. Worst thing you can do right now is to take the manchild approach and pretend like nothing's wrong. Pretending like you're a drone, void of human emotions and reactions. This isn't an action movie, and you're not a psychopath. Mourn as much as possible, because the sooner you allow yourself to react properly to this, the sooner you'll be rid of it.

Good luck user.

Buddy hes stuck with a two faced skank on vacation. That's rough. He should just go home.

The pain will pass, you just got an opportunity to find someone who really cares instead of that thot.
Or you can use your pain, to make her bleed

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I didn't know that. Yeah, he should absolutely go home. As soon as possible. No wait. Was that even a thing? Staying there like nothing happened?

Guys I'm not on vacation anymore. I am home . It was when I got home I discovered all this

Sounds reasonable, leave while she is sleeping take her passport, cash and all of her shit, and just fly home

Oj Simpson them both. It's the only way.

>Buddy hes stuck with a two faced skank on vacation
He isn't really "stuck". He could just say I know you're a cheating whore and you've been acting like a bitch all day, so I'm going home. You can stay here if you want I don't give a shit, but I'm not paying for anything else. If he's too weak to do that he could make up an excuse to leave with her. Then when he gets back break it off. I have a feeling though he's not going to do any of that and will continue to be with her despite the cheating.

You just need to up and leave. Fuck that no cheating whore is worth your time. Dump her and move on. 6 years is a bit but you can recover. Dont be a beta cuck and stay, if she cheats once shell cheat again.

A female that have the same dick in her for the last 6y is cheating, a guy who had the same pussy for the last 6y is cheating....

OP this is what you get for not spicing things up. Get a high end hooker faggot and have a threesome. Go to sex club.. do something.

I've been there user. I took my ex on vacations, gave her awesome and thoughtful birthday gifts, and never disrespected her. I found out she was fucking someone else and kicked her out of my house. Put all her stuff outside and never talked to her again. The good news is I'm married now happily for 3 years and she is amazing in every way. The moral is your first love is usually not the one you end up with. Its best to just cut it off with her before things get worse. You dont deserve that bs


Except don't bother explaining her. What would even be the point?

Just "I know you're cheating on me. It's over, goodby, please don't contact me again. You can find your belongings in the box in front of the house."

That's what I meant with explanation.