What happened to this site /b?

what happened to this site /b?
we used to be amazing but now its just a fking porn site

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Be the change, nigga

Be the change, nigga

Why did liberals ruin Sup Forums?

Operation Vomit enabled

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Niggers gonna nig.

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Moot sold it.

3/4 of content is paid content and discussions are deleted by janitors, now.

Are u kidding? It was always a porn site. Back in 2013 when girls didnt know they could make money by posting half naked photos on instagram, you had sites dedicated to amateur nudes and selfies bro


The shits always been around

It's the internet bro. Hoes are all online now

To who?


My friend showed me Sup Forums in 2015 and its noticeably worse now than it was then

U have to understand him!
If he wouldn't have created/b/, the cp, child pornography would have been posted to the other boards

It still gets posted on other boards

This is pretty close to being true. Back in the old days we had Chans. Creepy chan, Togi chan, ect ect. Now these mediocre bitches realize they can just post their gross, floppy titties on Twitch while playing Mario 3 and make money.

Sup Forums just became mainstream. It's as simple as that. The closest thing to Sup Forums in terms of final boss of the internet now is Sup Forums.

Who is Moot?

NSA not CIA fellas ...nothing to see here keep moving...

The owner of Sup Forums obviously!

Its 4.a.m.

Former owner and creator of Sup Forums.

The only way to turn it around is to start producing OC. That's literally the only way. Back when, there were inklings of /b getting shittier too, and I remember full well the "only post OC" threads. Haven't seen one since I returned to /b.

There's no magic to this. Be the change you want to have. If /b is to be greater, then the constituent parts have to try to be better. Moaning about something is not being better.

The only thing different back in the day was the cheese pizza.


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This Chan is just shit.
It has forgot its roots
I just had to remind another thread about tGTFO

The reason why they keep the death of Osama bin laden a secret was because they didn't recognize his body after that his own people killed him like true monkeys from ab

Threats from FBI made mods sweat, so they got better at wiping anything fun, raids, cp.
Now the site is family friendly and boring, full of pussies.

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Psst.... It's 5 am now.


it was never amazing lol
ok junior, 2013 is still recent history
lack of oc is a big issue
nobody is sticking their dick in a skull they stole from the catacombs nowadays


Mods are fags. They think thier role is just to ban pedobear. What we really need are leaders who play pranks that run deeper than putting the same old faggy Christmas hats up and that same same black fag dancing 10 years in a row

When was the last word substitution or surprise ID drop or... well anything fun