Just showing off my little dick

Just showing off my little dick.

Wish I could make it even smaller and perminantly limp.

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Better with balls?

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Or without?

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Pictures dont really do it justice on how small it really is.

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My balls are too big for how small my dick is

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This lighter ia actually even smaller than a Bic.

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u ever think about being a soft trans girl? Having a dick that small suggests youre made 4 it

I do dress alitte. I dont particularly identify as a girl but having breasts ia my all time biggest desire ever since I was a kid. Id get on hormones if I could aford it and didnt have to go through all the Dr stuff.

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Literally disgusting.

My balls almost cover up and hide my dick

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Any idea to get it smaller and impotent?

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I think you’re just flaccid

So? It doesnt get much bigger hard and Id rather it never did anyway.

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Balls are definitely each thicker though

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Any videos?

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Id get rid of them if it was easy.

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Yeah but I can never get them to work here.

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That sucks :(

You sound like a fucking tranny and you're ugly too. Kys.

got a pornhub or anything?

No unfortunately

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too bad, that little cock is hot af, i'd love to see it cum while i rail your ass

cute little clitty user

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Whoa nice ass user. 10/10 would plow

you need a smaller one

shave. lose weight.

You can always castrate yourself, that usually causes impotence, and be done fairly safely and painlessly with a rubberband. You just put the rubber band tightly around the base of your ball sack and wait until they fall off

nah, chubby sissy boys are great

I have an elastrator but heard that dangerous

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God id fuck so much cum into that tight ass

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cut those nuts off and eat them

Maybe the first part

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fry them up real nice and enjoy the fruits of your labor. why not, user?

Better without them?

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if you're not planning on ever using them, then they're just excess baggage

Not particularly planning on using them

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If you can wear a small enough chastity cage it shrinks eventually

I've got this but its alittle too small cus of my balls

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its cute as fuck user

Thanks. Shame it isnt smaller and softer though

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Same boat. Never get a chance to use mine.

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