Med fag here, ready to answer your question

Med fag here, ready to answer your question

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My toenail fell off, what should i do to help it heal properly

Depends why it fell off, was it from fungal infection, large blood blister or just pulled off?

i've been masturbating with barely touching my dick by my grinding my crotch (between the dick and the balls) against my chair, stretching my balls to the back. can that cause any damage ?

Slammed against a table

are you gonna eat that?

Would a doctor ever lie to a patient or prescribe anything detrimental to their health?

Got cranker sores.. anything to easy the pain?

ever liked on smth like your pic when nobody watched?

Let's see them loicense and diploma first

So, I would first check to see if there's any root of the nail left, it can cause ingrown toenail, which will hurt like a bitch. But if it's a open wound, peroxide the area, then gently dab it dry and add antiseptic cream, enough to cover the area. Use gauze to wrap it. Try not to get it wet, or too tight. You want air to help, but don't want to get it dirty.

Over an extended amount of time it could cause skin to lose elasticity and become a bit saggy.

What the hell is wrong with old people? Why do they act like that?

Yes, most who just want to see lots of patients to fill a quota will.

Do you eat a lot of acidic food?

Hey so for several months now I haven't beeen feeling hungry...nor full.

Like I dont have any real feelings of hunger or fullness at all for the matter. Just a neutral feeling in my stomach for the most part.

Every now and then I'd get a tiny feeling but other then that it aint much.

On top of that sometimes I'd feel like throwing up after eating something even if I haven't eaten all day.

Help me o wise med fag.

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meh i was thinking about nerve damage or something. this nothing. i was thinking of how they say bicycle riders might be affected due to the excessive crotch grinding against the seat.

As we age plaque can build up on the brain as well as immobility, lack of meaningful interaction and prolonged drug use both legal and otherwise can cause brain function to greatly decrease.

Spicy food, yeah.. not sure if it's acidic

That is also something that can happen if you're forceful.

hello medfag
please educate me and people on vitamin d and why it is important

ok 3 symptoms:
VERY itchy asshole.
stool 90% of the time very soft (i eat a LOT of fiber and even tho my shit forms a log it's still VERY soft like nutella)
sometimes i wake up 3 am due to insane hunger that literally keeps me from sleeping

do i have parasites ?
(this has been going on for 3 years now)

Tomatoes can be found in some spiced dishes and peppers can cause cankers. I would try every couple days just light gargle with salt water, it's also good for your tonsils. Luke warm water, not hot.

My friend seems to be going through something similar so I am also interested in this

nigga thats blackberry jam

Let's get some key information, are you suffering from depression? Any new medications? And when you do eat, is it greasy, acidic or salty?

not the medfag but start doing high intensity exercise to raise your metabolism and see if it helps.

Do you keep yourself Clean? Not judging, just need to know, do you wipe well? What color is the stool, any increase in gas and do you cook your meats thoroughly?

Yah its odd cause I've dealt with it in the past and it sorta just recently came up.

I mean shit it just messes with me too really. I can never tell when its the best time to eat and if I've eaten too much until In nauseous or in pain. It sucks ass.

I suffer from major depression yes actually. I eat a wide range of food but this stuff happened out of no where. Its odd cause its never lasted this long before even when my depression hit hard.

Yah that might help me out a bit. I started doing stuff like stretching and whatnot and I plan on workin out more too. Plus I walk/run about 10-50mins per day.

Ok so this is going to be key, don't let yourself become dehydrated, drink a glass of water here and there. And try to get yourself to eat snacks. Even if it's a hard-boiled egg in the morning, a couple carrot sticks in the evening. When you do eat a meal, start off light. Try broth based soups, lean meats and dark greens. Your depression can be a bit of a factor, when we become depressed we either lose appetite or crave too much food. Your belly probably shrunk a bit. Don't force it, just take each day at a time, even start a schedule if you have to.

Is this hemorrhoid or something else? It's been a month now since it hasn't gone away, sometimes it gets small sometimes it gets big it depends if I poop a lot. It's near my anus, I'm guessing the perineal raphe? Whenever I touch it it feels a little squishy, some say it's a swollen vein idk, what do you think Bro?

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Oh snappy doodle this actually sounds like a good plan

I do tend to not drink enough water or eat enough due to this feeling so I guess that makes sense. Thanks a bunch user!

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I do lift BTW, but I started to lessen the weights I lift ever since.

Looking at it I'm a little concern because it does look like a vein however, have you noticed if it ever becomes red, sore too the touch? Does it ever feel hard?

There is a small solid lump on the shaft of the base of my penis under the skin. Is it cancer?

>Do you keep yourself Clean? Not judging
oh yeah ! i mean it's always been on my mind that it may simply be a matter of cleanliness but I do wipe very thoroughly especially before bed (sometimes use the shower) and still, when i wake up for a piss it itches like hell. my main concern tho is how consistently soft my stool is. no joke i dont enjoy taking shits anymore. it used to be a daily pleasure. im a fit guy i eat my vegetables and i distinctly remember my shits being firm as fuck.

i do eat alot out to be honest BUT 4 years ago i did work construction and drunk water from a garden hose that was actually connected to a pond full of frogs and stuff. true story ! that's my main suspicion of where i might have contacted the parasites.

Most suggest 8 glasses a day to 10, start off small. Drinking way more than you used to can actually cause you to throw it up, and put potassium levels low, aim for a water bottle a day or, large glass in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night

also. the color of the stool is as usual i think. i mean i don't inspect it closely. but i do burp a lot more. i do feel pretty gassy.

Also no problem, I suffer from depression and sometimes go hours without eating. I find a small schedule helps me.

So about a week ago i threw up blood after a night of drinking. Went to ER, they said they think that i tore something (more precisely: the connection between the esophagus and the stomach) while belching and thats where the bleeding came from. Due to problems with my insurance company, i havent been able to schedule a follow up appointment with a specialist to get a confirmation. What are your thoughts? Also, if it is indeed just a tear, how long should i give it to heal before drinking again?

How old are you and do you ever find splotches around the area?

It doesn't become red as far as I am aware of and it doesn't feel anything painful nor sore whenever I touch it. It feels somewhat hard if I just finished pooping a lot but after like several hours it feels soft again, to be honest it only will feel somewhat big or you could feel more of it to the touch whenever my finger is slippery with soap, if I wash it off with water it just regularly feels soft You think it's serious Bro?

I would suggest going to your doctor, they will have to do a test on your stool, that will help determine if it's intestinal, a imbalance in your stomach enzymes. It vary well could be parasitic. Have you tried anything topical for the itching?

Do you smoke weed daily?

i lost my penis sensitivity . i guess it s from jerking off almost everyday for more than 10 years. can i do anything in this case?

When you were at the ER did they prescribe anything? Do you have any unusual cough now, sensitivity when swallowing, any blood?

mate i think you got worms
>be me a few months ago
>asshole been itching for half a year
>ignore it think it ll pass
>doesn't..fml i'll go to the doc
>doc prescribes medcine once a week for two weeks
>butthole itchness goes away the first day after i took the pills
tl;dr go to the doc you lazy fuck

Give the glands a break. Try to keep your hands off it.

How often do you drink? esophageal varices are common complication of liver problems associated with drinking.

Unless it's causing pain, or your stool looks bloody or black, I wouldn't worry about it.

i m an uncut fag and my dick skin is really dry..the thing is i don't feel much, even when i get sucked off . could there be any treatment?


I've started developing little sores on my calves, and dry skin elsewhere. Went to the doctor and she gave me some anti-biotics which did nothing.

Am I dying?

get your testosterone and estrogen checked, low estrogen can also cause insensitivity.

They prescribed me with some medicine to combat nausea and something else to lower acid production in my stomach. i wasnt able to pick that up tho, do to the issues with my insurance company. I dont have an unusual cough, no sensitivity when swallowing, and no blood. I do, however feel a very slight pain in my side, near where im guessing the esophagus and stomach connect. I’d say, out of ten, its a 0.5-1 almost burny/sore type of pain. Im thinking if its not a tear it mightve been a very small peptic ulcer or something. I am young though, so idk how likely ulcers are in young people. Also, my blood wasnt powdery black or anything. Was a little dark though. Think similar to sweet tea in color

What's the least painful and most peaceful way to kill myself?

Fell with motorbike yesterday, testdrive so not fast, oil spot. Shit happens. Got some stitches but my face is quite swollen, when will that start to go away? Couple of days? Dr asked me if i blacked out, said no but in hindsight i did... is that important? Slept and can stand daylight soo..

Try to use a little bit of Vaseline for the dry skin part, just a little bit where it's dry, hell, use seram wrap to keep the Vaseline on for an hour or so and then use tissue to get off the excess. As for sensation im going to brain storm

Not incredibly often. Just turned 21 recently, but been drinking for about a year and half, i’d say and at its worst, getting drunk twice a week

>tl;dr go to the doc you lazy fuck
this is true i am lazy

>Do you smoke weed daily?
never smoked in my life. im a fitfag.

>Have you tried anything topical for the itching?
water from the showerhead. feels great. no homo.

had the same problem. it was due to the death grip. you are jerking off too hard.

I used to smoke a lot of weed on a daily basis until I had a panic attack. Lately I've been smoking again. What is the best way to use it in moderation so I don't suffer the same effects from daily use?

the funniest thing is that the itching doesn't even bother me that much. it's that my logs are soft and i don't enjoy taking a shit anymore. it used to be a great pleasure of mine. true fucking story

Try gently icing it as tolerated, take anti inflammatories, should go down relatively fast. However, if you're not feeling nauseous, and not dizzy, you might just have a small case of concussion. Go to the hospital if you find yourself throwing up, confused and dizzy.

I have pits in my tonsils from what I think were stones, how do I heal those holes, they are seriously disturbing me

Testosterone converts to estrogen. Being on T replacement I find as my dose goes up my dick stays sort of hardish more often, and if its really high i get super sensitive and leak cum. On the other end if my dose is too low i get insensitive and have ED.

Modern men have lower T and sperm counts than their grandparents, reasons not completely known but some things are known to lower T (like lack of exercise and shit diet, poor sleep, etc) and some are suspected like plastic/bpa.

I preach because i suffered for years with low energy, difficulty focusing, trouble gaining weight/muscle, and a ton of other things until i got lucky and found the right doc that knew to check it.

Nope,not dying from that. Are the spots painful? Has your doctor talked to you about topical infection?

take out your tonsils, i did it this year. best thing i ever did

probably not varices then unless you have other liver risk factors like hepatitis or something.

Postal 2 taught me to immediately smoke just before you get to the withdrawals

could depend on the strain, could be your overall life becoming stagnant. Weed adapts to you. If you're tired and on edge all the time, eventually it gels into your buzz

Like I thought, cool tnx bro. And yeah I can stand pain so np icing it. Got stitched without pain relief. Wanted to try that, shit man that shit is no worse then getting blood pulled by an inexperienced nurce.

Try topical itch creams, just a little bit try to keep it on the outside. Also mild baby powder has been suggested, not sure I would go that route.

my dick gets hard no problem there, but i lost almost all sensitivity and it pisses me off. Also thank you all for your tips.

Is there a way to have hep and not even know it lol, bc i dont think i have hep but im not even sure what the symptoms of hep are

Psychotropic drugs like weed increase the risks for those predisposed to psychiatric problems.
You already answered your own question, either abstain or use in moderation.

I get dry often flaky looking skin on my forehead and under my eyebrows, (also on eyelids which is when it's really bad flaky), gets worse after a hot shower, stings when I sweat on it and looks like a rash, have had it for just over a year now(25y/o male). Gets way worse in the winters. Not sure what it is or what's the cause.

Yeah, they're rather uncomfortable.

No mention of topical infection. They are spread across both legs. And I seem to be getting more, rather than less.

I just hope my terrible diet hasn't finally caught up with me, and now i've got undiagnosed diabeetus and my legs are going necrotic.

But I am a worrier. you need to talk? Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem

med fag here from another country, if i do my internship in the U.S what do they let us do?

Trips trops truts

Try gargling with salt water, but honestly, see if your Dr will remove them

What is your opinion on Physician Assistants?

Have you ever tried any facial creams for the dry skin or tried warm compresses? Those areas could just be where the skin is the most vulnerable - every face is different.

My problem is staying hard during sex because of the lack of sensitivity, and also my sex drive gets lower. I have never had problems with jacking off or getting hard on my own. GL with fixing it whatever the cause.

So I had a similar problem in college turns out it was a topical infection that was caused from sweat being unable to leave my skin due to too tight work out clothes.

Some can be a great resource, help lighten our burden and can get patients seen faster by getting some of the information for us. But too many are lazy retards.

>Being on T replacement
what happened ? im 32 and i feel really low, my focusing is absolute dogshit, my sex drive has LITERALLY plummeted to zero in the last couple of years, it's not ez for me to get (only semi) hard and i get soft fast. can't cum easily either and i never shoot cum anymore, it just drips. the problem is that i do actually exercise a lot. i know i should get my blood checked for low test.

Oh, I am a sweaty boy who wears jeans almost exclusively.

That makes me feel better, I'll head into the doctor next week. Thanks user, you're doing the lords work.

Which field of medicine?

Try giving your legs room to breath, wash with mild soap, rinse well, let them get air.

It has stages. The acute phase usually is painful, and many cases of hep a and to a lesser extent b resolve on their own. hep c is usually chronic, but can resolve also.
If your liver is inflamed usually your liver enzymes will show it during routing lab work, and ofc they can test you for it specifically. When chronic its very possible to have it and not know.

I've had a genital wart on my dick for about 4 years. Am I going to die from dick cancer ?

internal medicine and pediatric and surgery

Hell no. You can have it professionally removed though

Honestly they'll baby you at first, treat you like a glorified NA, you want to work in a hospital or small practice?

>glorified NA
ill be transfered probably to a hospital. But will they actually teach me to do shit or will i just get thrown out there and be expected to do everything?

In my country they only teach you one time before any procedure and youre expected to figure everything else out lol, but i have read that U.S has strict laws regarding general medicine practice.

Huh, well im at least showing any of the possible symptoms for any if the heps

sup chonk
i went to the doc with heart palpitations caused by anxiety
she told me i had to start exercising regularly and knock off the alcohol or i wouldn't live past 60. is she pulling my dick or do i actually have to exercise

If you get a good place in the US to study they tend to actually show you the ropes. You wouldn't be allowed to touch patients till you know what you're doing.

IDK really, I got a vasectomy a few years before my dx, but I dont think that caused it because I had intermittent symptoms for years. Stress at work i think caused mine to dip below the threshold where my body responded poorly and so i would get to a point where i just slept a lot and felt shitty but i knew i wasnt depressed. I just had no energy, had difficulty waking up. I was healthy, worked out my whole life, maintained good lean body mass, ate an adequate diet.
You can also lower your levels by exercising too much or not eating enough. Testosterone is an anabolic (building) hormone, and too many catabolic signals will cause it to crash too.
But even doing everything right, you might just be low. I was ~225 and the range for ALL men is 300-1100, factoring in 70 year old men that have been lowering their whole life. You naturally lose ~1-3%/year after 30? i think, so an under 40 man should realistically be 4-600. Insurance wont cover unless youre under that 300 mark usually, but honestly if you can afford it private is the way to go. Primary docs are usually not as on top of the best treatment options and not aware (or maybe they dont care?) about how to make the treatment the most successful. My primary started me on a massive dose once a week that causes side effects and now that ive gone private they hooked me up with a much better regimen that works while minimizing sides.
Definitely do research yourself and don't trust a lab just because its "in range", but the first step is to get your levels checked.
FYI you want free T, total T, estradiol (e2), thyroid hormones t3/t4, and SHBG at a minimum and probably a basic chemistry and cbc to start.

ofc you gotta exercise, listen to this lazy bitch ass moan and complain getting off the couch . topkek