Secrets Thead. Y'all know what to do

Secrets Thead. Y'all know what to do.

my secret is that I'm a faggot~

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>I'm a faggot~
same user. my roommate is going out of town this weekend. i have someone coming over that im gonna crossdress for and suck. might record it too if im feeling brave.
do you suck dicks?

That's not a secret – it’s a well-known fact that OP is a faggot.

I only use /b when shitting

I have been collecting pictures of women I know in person for around 15 years. Everything from creep shots, some family member saves, actual wins, facebook rips, and anything inbetween. I even have pictures saved from the Myspace era and creeps I took on my very first cellphone (I very rarely take those anymore and I never really took them in public). I mainly only get a thrill from it if I know the person. I have roughly 400-500+ folders neatly organized by name on an old laptop that barely works anymore. Some folders have as few as 2 pictures while others have upwards of thousands. In total, I have over 150,000 pictures on the computer and 1,800 on my phone as of now. Roughly 2-3 times a year, I transfer them to the laptop and start all over. Maybe half of them I haven't and probably never will masturbate to, but collecting the pictures is somehow exciting. Otherwise, as far as everyone I have pervertedly stored on a computer is concerned, I am a well liked and active member in my small town community working toward becoming a high school teacher.

I was caught a few times, but never with the full catalog, and I always found a way out of being outed as the creep that I am.

Fat/chubby/BBW/slampig threads here got me curious about fucking a fatty, so I seduced a Taiwanese landwhale (spoiler: the sex sucked). My wife knows (or at least strongly suspects) I fucked the whale and tries to tease details about it out of me.

have a threesome

My wife doesn't care if I fuck other women as long as it isn’t rubbed in her face. She wouldn’t be happy seeing me fuck another woman in front of her.

I had sex with my ex's sister in their garage. It was really good, but neither of us talked about it.Even now that we've broken up, I still don't think she knows.

I’ve gotten two girls fucked up to the point of unconscious and taken advantage of them seems to be a fucked up deed I know but they were both hot

Kik unatch

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I'm married and I hired a fat black hooker because I wanted to fuck a fat black woman for the first time. It was good sex. Best pussy I'd ever tasted too. $100 well spent.

I love anal penetration. I have ever since I first tried it when I was 13. I don't even orgasm from my penis anymore. I just moan and scream with a big dildo in my butt for an hour and that's all the stimulation I need. Nobody knows how big of an anal bitch I am.

Oh yeah, also I post nudes of myself on the internet, again, something which nobody knows.

I masturbate to my stepmom
And also make spy pics of her

came inside my 1st cousin when she was drunk 1 time best nut I've ever had story if anyones interested

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Let's hear it cracka

I am a faggot teenager and very legal antispeech interpreter that actually mods and delete the thread because I ate my cum and it tasted like pills

Aussie blood is in the hoop

>be at Halloween party at aunt's cousin shows up she's 32 I'm 21
>we're all up until like 3am were all drunk
>me and cousin spend the night we're both on the couch it's a big sectional
>cousins wasted comes stumbling inside the house she puts sweats on and passed out
>aunt goes to bed and I lay down on the other side of the couch
>start getting hard I see my cousin laying there passed out snoring
>I'm pretty drunk myself and start thinking with my dick
>get up quietly and creep up behind her I push my hard dick against her ass
>I can't help myself slowly pull her sweats down and she had no underwear on
>my dick was rock solid and I loose it spit on my dick and line it up with her pussy
>slowly push the head of my cock in so I don't wake her her cunt was already wet
>her pussy was so tight it felt amazing start pulling in and out going a little deeper each time
>about 5 pumps later I'm all the way inside her and it feels incredible
>continue to slowly fuck her for a couple mins then I feel myself getting ready to cum
>as I get closer I'm overcome with lust my dicks never been so hard and can't control myself
>thrust my cock balls deep one last time and just explode start shooting load after load deep inside her felt like it wouldn't stop
>just lay there for about 30 seconds collecting myself and i feel cum leaking out
>slide my dick out slow and see a glob of cum follow pull her sweats up and go to bed

i assume she knows what happened but she has never brought it up but well worth it though the most incredible orgasm I've ever had in my life

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I gave a girl microdoses of mdma and ghb
then when the drugs hit her i opened porn on the big flat screen tv

she was naked and riding me within 1 minute

The secret is, this girl is my best friend's wife


I smoked anal sex and ate a baguette with shit between cuckold fantasies of an imagined past that should illegally be removed to understand the world in a different way and die off to be reincarnated and reborn, a messsiah to come back to us

My fiancé had a miss carriage, a baby we had wanted for a long time. I held shit together like a man but seriously thought of leaving after her reactions got crazier. Never told her I had my bags packed but I’m glad I didn’t. Things got better.

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I farted and barfed and took a shit when my liver reconfigured the imaginative brain frequencies that develop into similarities between time space and human separation of the past, fantasy and dream.
What is to come has already been will come again if you try you might get it too

The will to hurt a combination of human interpretation of what an evil definition is based on mind and body and experience.
A will to destroy the hurtful to recreate something worse will fade into ultimate punishment

tips for doing it user?

An imaginary past is not working properly. But then again, what is imaginary?

i'm 30. from what others tell me i do look good, i do sports, having the abs and biceps and all that shit, i have a really good paying job. not even that weird of a guy.

BUT still, alone, virgin, social anxiety? idk.
i consider myself hetero, but at this point i would even go for a male just for not being alone anymore. i dont even care anymore.

When I was in junior high i used to keep nude pictures of myself in between regular pictures on my phone. That way I would show a random picture to a girl hoping she would swipe and find one of them. I would then fake embarrassment and claim I forgot that was there. I guess due to our age they would usually just giggle and some would even try to comfort me from my "embarrassment" and tell me it was ok and that it was an accident. Good days.

Didn't you post this in a reddit thread or something? I remember reading a screen cap from there with almost exactly the same content.

something something i love cops something would let one kidnap me because i am a faggot something something him to destroy my asshole in uniform and abuse me something something

this is this entire thread

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what does this mean

Fuck some hookers. That will take your anxiety


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this one time at band camp i accidentally a 12yo flute player girl with my trombone

i'm not a faggot

I’m from the Philippines. Everyone tells me how nice I am and what great mother I am to my kids. But what no one knows is I spent 7 years in jail in Philippines for cutting off my husband’s penis and balls. I knew he cheating on me. So I grabbed meat cleaver and hid it between mattress. I aroused him by sucking and playing with his penis. Then I grabbed the cleaved and chopped his groin as hard as I could. His penis and balls came off with that one chop. I threw his balls in toilet and flushed and threw his dick out the window. He almost bleed to death but because neighbors called police he lived and I got only 7 years instead of life. The girl he cheat on me with was 16 I think I do right thing and I already served time so no one needs to know.

Nice, was it worth it though? I mean wasting 7 years of your life for a bad husband.

I lost seven years but he will live rest of life regretting cheating. I got remarried and had kids I doubt he did same.

I used to steal my friends underwear and jack off while sniffing them. After a while it got to where that wasn't enough for me any more so I'd go into my little brother's room, pull back his foreskin and sniff his dick while I would jerk off.

No. I wrote this a few months ago and occasionally slap it onto these when i'm bored. You're super gay for seeing this on reddit, but it's neat finding out my OC got some attention elsewhere.

did things to my passed out sis

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Let's get to work guys, those 11 year old nieces aren't gonna wash themselves

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My wife and I are looking to buy a dog for the sole reason for it to fuck and knot her. Were both very much into bestialty.

I exposed my teen son to nude vids and clips of his mom and me. Unintentionally at first but then somewhat on purpose. didnt want to delete the files from computer and embarrass him so I acted like it wasn't happening

When I was 13 I participated in a gang rape. I was visiting my family in Honduras. Mostly hanging out with my older cousin who was 16. We were hanging out with his friends and of course sex came up. They asked if I was a virgin and I tried to lie and say I wasn’t but they didn’t believe me and called me out on it. Then my cousin said he was gonna get me pussy before I went home. He and and his friends discussed who they should ask to take my cherry and they eventually settle on a 12yr old girl named yesinya because some of them had bought sex from her already a few times. But when we go ask today she’s not in the mood and says no. My cousin starts smacking her and yelling and she kicked him in the balls. That’s when his friends grabbed her when she tried to run. When my cousin got up he told his friends to hold her down. He tore her clothes off and raped her right in front of me. I was shocked as I’d never seen him like this since I only visited every few years. They wanted me to go next but I was fear limp so his friends took turns. By the end I did have a boner and they really weren’t giving me much of a choice. They said I had to or they’d beat me to. So I just pulled down my pants and stuck my dick in her. It didn’t take long before I felt myself about to cum. They all pulled out and came on her but I couldn’t pull my dick out. My hips just mashed my dick into her and I came in her. They laughed and made fun of me saying I was probably a dad now to. And we all ran away laughing back to his house. I pretended to be tough and act like it was great but I’d never felt more regret in my life. I spent years losing sleep over what I did and only started to let it go in my late 20s.

lucky you didn't get AIDS – getting AIDS at 13 would suck

what kind of vids and clips? just basic stuff, or his mom doing super slutty stuff?

I'm in a relationship with my GF since 2 years. Always been with girls... But I want to suck dick..

So you've got the same secret as OP

KEEEK got em

Mostly nudes and clips of her touching herself or wearing lingerie we were hiding in our room never to be seen or mixed in the laundry basket. Also a clip of her blowing me and one reverse riding me. All of these were in the desktops google drive folder and I had no idea about it, we uploaded them on drive from a tablet we had and then deleted them because the kid was often borrowing it to play games

You fuckin weird ass selfish excuse for an adult. Hey let me sign my kid up for mental issues because of a kink I get off to.

I recently started an affair with a girl I work with. We'd been flirting for months, both got married within the last 6 months so we're both feeling guilty about "already" having an affair.

We've been careful so far. We meet in motel rooms after work, never at home. But we do some kinky shit and I never wear a rubber with her

What kink you idiot? those were nudes we were sending each other when I was away from home that's why we were deleting everything form the tablet and had no social media logged on.

he'll be fine. if you're good parents he'll forget it in a cpl yrs. it might pop into his head occasioanlly but as the yrs go by he'll remember it less and less.

Pretty sure I'm going to fuck this girl at work who is engaged. I'm not the bad guy though right? She's going to cheat on him, that's a fact, might as well be with me right?

pretty much how I looked at it too. has she been pursuing you?

i really hate women and their hyqergamous ways and want them to suffer, alot.

owo but not in any crude manner such as going out to kill one, no no, i want to know that women will be enslaved by an alien race and turned into sacks of flesh to be filled with genetic material.

honestly, at this qoint, that seems the best outcome for humanity, all the women die or are sold and men just reqroduce with sex robots.

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im going to put a spy cam on my busty petite best friends bathroom

i got obsessed with her boobs recently and since i have a key for her apartment this should be an easy task

im going to deliver when i get the videos

Very much. Started with light flirting, but I knew she was taken so I didnt push any further. But she sure did, she makes physical contact all the time, and seeks me out for attention, referring to us eating together as "dates" and wants to take breaks together alone in my car. It's been about a month now, I just feel guilty. But like I siad, it's really on her. Shes the gate keeper here, I'm just some dude who's looking to smash.

My friend’s ex’s have shared her nudes with me

if she's going to cheat she's going to cheat, nothing you can do for the other guy. at least if it's you then you can make sure she's having safe sex and not getting in a bad situation with some random stranger you know?

Whatever makes you feel better

I misread your post. It sounded like at first it was an accident but then you enjoyed that your kid was seeing the nudes. I'd delete them either way.

Equipment and plan?

Yeah, that's how I feel. I'm really not that great, so she must be unhappy. I didn't charm her away or anything. If not my dick, it would be someone else's. Sucks that I cant start a real relationship with her. Shes so cool, but I dont date cheating whores.

I fucked my younger cousin for years and she turned into a lesbian

How did it start?

I was watching tv when I was 14 and she was 8. I was under some blankets and she said she was cold and wanted to lay down too so I said lay by me. She did and at the time she had some small booty short on. I thought nothing of it until I ‘accidentally’ rubbed my groin up against her trying to get more blankets. She scooted closer and closer I told my dick was hard and I was rubbing it against her ass. I pulled my dick out and I basically thigh fucked her until I came. She got scared of the cum on her thighs but while I was doing it her eyes rolled back and she threw in a couple pump backs. From there we explored each other a lot more from thigh jobs to anal to just down right letting me fuck her. She had the tightest ass I’ve ever had. Nothing compares. Not even my wife now.

Pics of her now in college

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I let my younger brother use my fleshjack go.

His birthday is coming up and since he's not old enough yet to buy it himself I'm thinking of getting him his own.

Ever nut in her?

fuck off with this thread you fucking redditors

Yes I did the first time I slide my dick I her ass and she cried while I was cumming. After that she wanted it like that every time

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>I'm a faggot~

post nudes

you rule girl!

Alexiswrenlyons is her IG and FB I don’t have nudes but I would like to see them so find her and get some if you can and share them.

How long did you fuck her for? Until she was how old?

Small tit but a great ass

Basically just an act out of jealousy, you fucking cunt.

You ever considered apologizing the girl?

Every man does. Most would just never admit it.

Last time I fucked her was 2 years ago and by that time she made it clear to me she liked the ladies as much as I did. I ate her out and slid into her pussy but she didn’t have the same enthusiasm about it as i did and she went back to college

She was 18 the last time I fucked her

old fag checking in. I want to suck a dick although I don't consider myself gay at all. The thought of kissing a guy is kind of disgusting. The thought of cuddling with a guy is uncomfortable. Yet I want to suck a dick. I don't understand myself.

>Get some if you can.

do you have any fucking idea how hideous I am? That’s some funny shit right there.

Played doctor with quite a few girls from when I was about 6. The biggest age gap was between me akd a cousin of mine when I was older. I used to rub her up under the table when we were eating at the table because she loved sitting next to me. She wore a bunch of skirts/dresses too so it was easynto see her panties. Sometimes at my request she would just take her panties off so I could see her when she was sitting.

Best story was when we were at the movies and it was super dark. I rubbed her for about and hour and half and then after we got home everybody else passed out. But she came to my bed and we frotted until I came up between her legs. Then I took to the bathroom to clean her off and gave some oral she enjoyed so much that she was practically grinding against my face.

Brough it up to her years later when she was 17 and I apologized.She told me not to worry about it and she liked it at the time. Never done anything like that again since.

Then do it. It is not cheating. It's providing a service. Like giving someone a massage.

I meat with a old couple where the guy fucks my ass and mouth and the woman watches us and gives im orders on what to do.

I asked my wife to dress sexier and now she loves it. Watching her get ready to go shopping with no bra and a short skirt gets me rock hard.

I'm in a relationship with another guy that is essentially abusive. he has raped me before and constantly makes me do things I don't want. I can only tell Sup Forums cause nobody irl would ever accept me being into/with a guy in the first place

Me rn

I believed it
So are you a dad now?