Why is Titanic considered the most famous disaster in human history?

Why is Titanic considered the most famous disaster in human history?

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That's highly debatable, but I won't debate it because I don't want to.

Don't you mean the Olympic fag!!!

Titanic - I’m the biggest disaster in history
WTC - hold my beer

Cause it's the only "disaster" the rich didn't fuck up. What happened was what was suppose to happen.
Rich walked away, poor folks pay.

Because most of the people came from Southampton, the home of the Logposter. Therefore the people were mature and had aged a bit. They didnt need to "grow up".

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Well each funnel of Titanic was bigger than one WTC so 4 funnels take the win not sure if you can imagine that user each funnel falling down imagine that

Are you serious?

Each funnel was about 87 meters while WTC was about 75

Rich and poor died, well mostly poor.

either samefag shit troll, or is 4 years old.

the funnels where around 20 meters tall.

wtc 7 was 190 meters tall. and that was the smallest of the three that fell fell.

For a second I thought you were talking about the twin towers lol

Because the Irish built it.

Imagine thinking humans can build things taller than 100 meters. Tallest thing we have built is Babylon and that was 2000 years ago most modern buildings are fake and photoshopped nobody saw them in real life

>WTC was about 75


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chernobyl brought down all of nuclear power and a whole country with it. and the mini series was better then the titanics movie.

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Chernobyl didn't happen, it was a propaganda made by US to bankrupt the Soviets. Stop spreading lies.

Because of that stupid ass cheesy ass movie. If not for that, nobody would give a fuck about some old ship that sank just like 1,000's of ships before it.

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So young. It was considered a massive fucking disaster before some cunts made a shit film about it.

Because it was "unsinkable".

The Marriott World Trade Center was the smallest destroyed in the attacks at 73.7 metres.

Because logposters didn't exist yet

Titanic doesn't even come anywhere close to being as bad as other shipwrecks in history, it's just the most famous.

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>Largest ship ever made at its time
>Over 700 people dead
>"doesn't even come anywhere close to being as bad as other shipwrecks"
hyperbole nigger, look it up

Why is your pic not the Titanic?

9,400 people died during the sinking of MV Wilhelm Gustloff in 1945. Pussy Tatanic had a loss of 1,514 people. boohoo.

I thought nobody would notice!

Not even in the top 10 worst, faggot.

Debate it
I dare you
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I'm not the guy that made that post, but I'm gonna go ahead and say to begin with, The Titanic had less lives lost than just about every other famous disaster in history. Also, as far as shipwrecks go, Titanic seems big to Americans, however, many other countries have had way worse shipwrecks.

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oh shit i didn't know thx

America is considered the most famous disaster in human history, to the civilised world.