Can Sup Forums organize protests in western countries against genocide in West Papua that Indonesia is doing...

Can Sup Forums organize protests in western countries against genocide in West Papua that Indonesia is doing? Like you can even just do something basic like putting around stickers and signs in public that say "Free West Papua stop Indonesia's genocide and rapes".

Hear me out on this, the Zionist politicians in western countries support Sunni Muslim Indonesia in committing rapes, killing genocide against the native Papauns in West Papua. Since they can't explain to the public why they do it they suppress news of the atrocities.

Now why would it be beneficial for even white supremacists to join in these peaceful protests? Because Papuans are "people of colour" the Zionist and liberals can't call you racists when you criticize them on this. What are they going to do? Call you neo nazi for supporting Papuan rights? We can get blacks and whites all in on this. Bring it to campuses and schools, you can do as a way of exposing the Zionists.

The pic is of Indonesian Sunni Muslim soldiers torturing and raping an East Timorese Catholic woman.

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Other urls found in this thread:'asyir–2004_Indonesian_offensive_in_Aceh;O=A–1999)–Israel_relations

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Read these threads for more information on the war and genocide in West Papua. It has graphic pictures. West Papuans used bows and arrows to kill Indonesian soldiers.

Read this on the role of Zionists in the genocide.

Indonesians also gang raped orangutans. A picture of the orangutan is in those threads. The Indonesians fund terrorism against white Christians.

The pic is of an Indonesian Sunni Muslim soldier killed by West Papuan arrows.

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Maybe in our prime. We have fallen so far I don't think Sup Forums will accomplish anything again aside from the occasional crappy meme.

Do it and make yourselves famous for doing shit like it again.

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Ho would organizing a protest for a creatively unknown reason help us in any way? Its not a popular reason like previous protests. No one really cares about a place no one knows about

East Timorese Catholic woman tortured and raped by Indonesian Javanese Sunni Muslim soldiers.

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To lash out against Zionists for a cause they can't attack you for. Read the third link at

we can turn this into a rekt thread if you want to? that is something we still can do

There is lulz, getting back at Zionist Jews which I explicitly mentioned. It's relatively unknown because Zionist Jewish media covers it up.

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For example you can mock the ugly Zionist Jew liberal Democrat Brad Sherman who supports Indonesia.

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>The Indonesians fund terrorism against white Christians.
You say that as if it were a bad thing.

Who cares, genocide is always going to be around.

To stop Zionist Jews from fucking your country? And Papuans are stone age farmers who kill Indon soldiers with arrows not :towel heads".

This is the balding Jew American liberal Zionist Brad Sherman with Indonesian ambassador Mahendra Siregar. They hate West Papua and support genocide. They also desperately need hair transplants and both need plastic surgery. They hate Christians, whether in Serbia, Palestine or West Papua. You can see the Star of David in the picture between the Zionist Jew and Indonesian ambassador. They look absolutely Satanic.

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it sounds more like you want me to care about something literally on the other side of the world. idk about some backwards ass farmers. better just drop so napalm on them

This based agnostic Iranian woman, Golriz Ghahraman supports Free West Papua. Her non-religious family fled the Islamist regime in Iran and she also helped defend Serbian Christian leader Radovan Karadžić against charges of genocide over the war against Bosnian Muslims. Iran's Islamist rulers supported the Bosnian Muslims against the Serbian Christians. Libya under Gaddafi supported West Papuans against Indonesia and supported Serbian Christians against Bosnian Muslims.

>Her work on the defence teams of accused and convicted war criminals such as Radovan Karadžić and Simon Bikindi, has caused her controversy, although she has claimed transparency throughout.[13][14][15]

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It is the definition of trolling for lulz. White supremacists attacking Jews by bringing up West Papua genocide.

You can troll Jews over it. Mention Zionists in West Papua genocide signs and protests.

The Indonesian President attempted to release the Bali bombing mastermind who murdered white Australians and Americans.

>The 2002 Bali bombings occurred on 12 October 2002 in the tourist district of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali. The attack killed 202 people (including 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians, and people of more than 20 other nationalities).[3] A further 209 people were injured.[4]
>Various members of Jemaah Islamiyah, a violent Islamist group, were convicted in relation to the bombings,'asyir

>Abu Bakar Ba'asyir (/ˈɑːbuː ˈbɑːkər bɑːˈʃJər/ (About this soundlisten) AH-boo BAH-kər bah-SHEER; Arabic: أبو بكر باعشير; Indonesian pronunciation: [abubakar basir]; Arabic pronunciation: [əˌbuˈbɛkər ba:ʕaɕir]; born 17 August 1938) also known as Abu Bakar Bashir, Abdus Somad, and Ustad Abu ("Teacher Abu") is an Indonesian Muslim cleric and leader of Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid.[1]

>Bashir was born in Jombang on 17 August 1938, to a family of Hadhrami Arab and Javanese descent.[4][5]

Indonesia's "moderate" President tried to pardon and release this terrorist who murdered white Christians. And Indonesian army officers supported Al-Qaeda backed Laskar Jihad which congratulated the 9/11 attacks.

>The final death toll was 202, mainly comprising Western tourists and holiday-makers in their 20s and 30s who were in or near Paddy's Pub or the Sari Club, but also including many Balinese Indonesians working or living nearby, or simply passing by. Hundreds more people suffered horrific burns and other injuries. The largest group among those killed were tourists from Australia with 88 fatalities. On 14 October, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1438 condemning the attack as a threat to international peace and security.

The announcement of the proposed release of Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, the mastermind of the 2002 Bali bombings and a number of other terrorist attacks, on humanitarian grounds sparked severe criticism in Indonesia and abroad.
The unconditional pardon announced by the Indonesian President Joko Widodo was made conditional after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morison declared that Indonesia must “show respect” for Australian feelings and sentiments.

Jokowi approves release of firebrand cleric Abu Bakar Ba’asyir

Police officers escort terrorism convict Abu Bakar Ba'asyir to the Cilacap District Court in Central Java for a hearing on his case review.

Convicted terrorist Abu Bakar Ba’asyir will be unconditionally released from Gunung Sindur prison in Bogor, West Java, as he has received a pardon from President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.

>Flying this flag in Indonesia by itself will resulting mandatory death sentence and minimum 15 years of jail time.
>Even painting this flag on other's sovereign soil will cause diplomatic shitstorm from Indonesia shithole government.

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I'm all for protesting genocide. But when you lead off with "Zionist politicians in western countries", and suggest that it would be beneficial for white supremacists to join in
>peaceful protests
you've made this an untouchable and unrealistic prospect. However you think this would end, if it happened, I guarantee that it wouldn't work out in your favor. Think. Do you really expect a bunch of stormfags to shrewdly, and correctly, help to position and frame the dialogue necessary to not only raise awareness, but invoke moral urgency?

This was probably the worst way to politic. I see how you thought it would pan out, but trust me, there are so many reasons why it won't. You need to appeal to the right people, at the right time, for reasons that aren't preclusive. At the very least, you'll get some eyes on this for continuing to prop up the thread with links and information.

That's a start.

South Moluccans are Christian and want independence from Indonesia because Indonesia also sends Sunni Muslim settlers to colonize them. Indonesian army officers armed Al-Qaeda backed and linked Laskar Jihad to murder South Moluccan Christians on Ambon in the South Moluccas in 1999-2001. (the North Moluccas islands like Ternate Maluku Utara are mostly Sunni Muslim)

Laskar Jihad's leader Jafar Umar Thalib was paid by the Indonesian army and had a compound provided by Indonesia on West Papua to fight against West Papuans. Indonesian Kopassus special forces trained Laskar Jihad fighters to kill Christians.

Laskar Jihad's leader Jafar Umar Thalib congragulated Al-Qaeda for the 9/11 attacks against America.

This is how Indonesia pays the west back for support. Indonesian army officers act exactly like Pakistan's ISI and Turkey's MIT, supporting some proxy jihadist groups linked to Al-Qaeda while fighting against others and taking western aid and training.

Indonesian rape of orangutans.

The orangutan rape victim named Pony. It was forced into prostitution at a brothel for Indonesians working at palm oil plantations.

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Fuck Zionists...But what the ever living fuck has West Papua ever done for us?

Christian and pagan West Papuan National Liberation Fighters (TPNPB) of the OPM killed several Indonesian Sunni Muslim invader occupation soldiers and police including a Kopassus (special forces) sniper on 17 December in Intan Jaya, West Papua.

Indonesia has been perpetrating a genocide against the West Papuan people since the 1960s, massacring, mutilating and raping children and sending Indonesian Javanese Sunni Muslim colonists to take over West Papuan lands since the 1960s.

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Whats the difference?

They killed Indonesian terrorists who hate white people, read

Do yourself a favor, and get in contact with someone with baseline journalistic credentials and a presence in social media, preferably Twitter. Then tell them to reference Facebook whenever they make a long post. People will care now, but they won't care forever; you won't get your elite hackerman from here anymore. And you won't get your willing masses here anymore, either. Everyone's already said why.

Don't go to Sup Forums. If you've gone to Sup Forums with this... good luck.

Back in September Christian West Papuans used bows, arrows and machetes to kill Indonesian Sunni Muslim settlers.

Indonesian gold miners killed in West Papua

5 September 2019

Five gold miners in West Papua's central highlands were killed by local residents on Monday.

National police spokesperson Dedi Prasetyo said 74 miners were evacuated from Yahukimo regency after being attacked.
Three miners were also injured by the residents, who were armed with machetes, bows and arrows.

Mr Prasetyo told Reuters it was unclear whether the incident was linked to growing unrest across Papua.

A spokesperson for the West Papua Liberation Army, a rebel group operating in the highlands, said the gold miners were Indonesian immigrants, killed because they "came to Papuans lands and stole the gold from indigenous Papuans lands".

The Liberation Army did not claim responsibility for the attack but warned against further gold mining in the region.

Over half a million West Papuan Christians have been killed in a genocide by Indonesia since 1963 while Indonesia has sent Indonesian Sunni Muslim settlers as colonists to take over West Papua. West Papuan insurgents have fought against the Indonesian army occupation since that time. West Papuans have used bows and arrows to kill Indonesian soldiers and police. An escalation in fighting has taken place in recent months.

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I am Indonesian and no, this shit was never about religion wars. It's about the money. Native Papuans are being exterminated because of the minings being done there. It just happen that Papua's major religion is Christian while the rest of Indonesia is Islam. Sure enough, this difference is the vocal point for headlines in many media.

I'll post some more images and articles here before the thread dies.

The Indonesian military uses religion to it's advantage like Turkey and Pakistan does they have proxy Islamist terrorist militia to kill for them and brought Papuans to Islamic boarding schools for forced conversion.

And also this happened to Indonesia once with Timor-Leste. The govt would not want to take a chance of having their territory nicked again.

Over half a million West Papuan Christians have been raped and killed in a genocide by Indonesia since 1963 while Indonesia has sent Indonesian Sunni Muslim settlers as colonists to take over West Papua. West Papuan insurgents have fought against the Indonesian army occupation since that time. Indonesian soldiers and colonists rape girls.

Witnesses to Monday’s deadly riots in West Papua claim Indonesian police gunned down Papuan students in the street during the unrest, and say Wamena has since become a militarised ghost town.
Witness testimony from Wamena, the largest town in Papua’s remote Baliem Valley, run in stark contrast to the Indonesian authorities’ official account.
Indonesian police have said 31 people died in the racism-fuelled riot, but claim the majority of victims were non-Papuan migrants who died from stab and arrow wounds, and from being trapped inside burning buildings.
But since Monday’s riot, the Guardian has spoken to several witnesses who suggest not only that the death toll may be significantly higher than the official toll, but also that the Indonesian police may have been involved.

*Lukas, a 19-year-old Papuan college student who joined the demonstration on Monday, said that as the chaos unfolded on the street, the police opened fire on students, who fought back.
“Students were coming to the street from all different directions as shophouses, cars and motorbikes were all on fire,” Lukas said. “That’s when the police and military came. Even though they were chasing us, the students kept coming and fighting with police.”

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Indonesia's genocides

Forgotten Bird of Paradise (full version) - undercover West Papua documentary

West Papua's Hidden Fight For Independence

Channel 4 News report on torture of West Papuan civilians by the Indonesian military

New evidence of torture in West Papua

Goodbye Indonesia

Shock over Indonesia torture video

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Indonesian police brutally beat West Papuan student in Wamena

Combat footage

Genocide by Poison Gas in Nabire County, West Papua

Veronica Koman Speak

Fight Against Colonialism of Indonesia in Wamena County on September 23th, 2019

The Ethnic Cleansing In Aceh That Nobody Knows About

Behind Rebel Lines In Devastated Aceh

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March saw an escalation of insurgency between the West Papuan rebels and the Indonesian Army (TNI), with a total body count of 15 from one clash alone, according to sources within the TNI. During the engagement, a force of 50 to 70 West Papuan rebels – carrying medieval weapons like spears, bows and arrows – along with some firearms, attacked a 25-strong Indonesian Army patrol.
Three TNI soldiers were killed, compared to a stated seven West Papuan rebel deaths, despite the TNI only being able to locate the body of a single dead rebel. The TNI stated other rebel bodies couldn’t be found because they were most likely taken away by the survivors. West Papuan rebel accounts of the clash differ, with rebel leader Sebby Sambom claiming five TNI soldiers were killed and all rebels survived.
The TNI soldiers were providing security for repair and construction work along the trans-Papua toll road project in Mugi when the incident occurred. The road is an ambitious project by the Indonesian government to open up the underdeveloped yet resource-rich region to the wider Indonesian economy. Sources within the West Papuan rebels attribute the attack as retaliation against purported interrogations of a West Papuan villager from the Windi Village of Derakma District and the burning of five traditional houses by the Indonesian Army.
West Papua is a mineral-rich province of Indonesia that was absorbed after the Dutch colonial withdrawal in 1962. Papuan residents of the island province have disputed the legitimacy of Indonesia’s military rule over the province. That rule has been criticized for its harsh military control in the face of thinly spread public condemnation. Australia and New Zealand, often the voices of reason in such disputes, have been reticent to criticize the Indonesian government.

Attached: Indonesian soldier killed by West Papua arrow.jpg (585x1040, 88K)

In addition to being the second-most underdeveloped of Indonesia’s provinces, it is home to the largest gold mine and the second largest copper mine in the world. Indonesia continues to restrict foreign access to the region due to sensitivities regarding its suppression of Papuan nationalism.
While the violence in West Papua is not new, December 2018 marked an uptick in the severity of rebel attacks when up to 19 workers were killed in a single attack by West Papuan rebels. Similar to the most recent outbreak of violence, those killed were working on a project linked to the trans-Papuan toll road.

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Here are some photos are from the genocide in East Timor 20 years ago.

Photos showing Pagan and Catholic East Timorese women being tortured, raped and killed by Indonesian Javanese Sunni Muslim soldiers.


Indonesian Javanese Sunni Muslim soldiers sexually torturing Pagan and Catholic Christian East Timorese women after raping them.

This is what they did.

Sexual slavery and systematic violence against women

>Known Indonesian abuses against women in East Timor were numerous and well-documented, though the true scope of the problem is difficult to ascertain, owing to the intense military control imposed during the occupation, compounded by the shame felt by victims. In a 1995 report on violence against women in Indonesia and East Timor, Amnesty International USA wrote: "Women are reluctant to pass on information to non-governmental organizations about rape and sexual abuse, let alone to report violations to the military or police authorities."[110][111]

>Sexual slavery was institutionally tolerated and supported by the TNI and women could be summoned for sexual abuse by TNI soldiers. According to credible investigations, the TNI kept files designating East Timorese women who were to be made available for rape and sexual abuse by Indonesian soldiers. These lists could be passed on between military battalions, which predisposed women to recurring sexual victimization.[112] Enforced marriage was also a component of TNI policy in East Timor. The Amnesty report cites the case of a woman forced to live with a commander in Baucau, then harassed daily by troops after her release.[110] Such "marriages" took place regularly during the occupation.[113]

Attached: East Timor Catholic woman raped by Indonesians.jpg (491x702, 89K)

This is what the Sunni Muslim Javanese Indonesian army did to East Timorese Catholic Christian women. They raped and tortured girls and women in the entire occupation and force converted survivors to Sunni Islam.

Indonesian Sunni Muslim soldiers sexually torturing a Catholic Christian East Timorese woman after raping her.

This is what they did.

Sexual slavery and systematic violence against women

>Known Indonesian abuses against women in East Timor were numerous and well-documented, though the true scope of the problem is difficult to ascertain, owing to the intense military control imposed during the occupation, compounded by the shame felt by victims. In a 1995 report on violence against women in Indonesia and East Timor, Amnesty International USA wrote: "Women are reluctant to pass on information to non-governmental organizations about rape and sexual abuse, let alone to report violations to the military or police authorities."[110][111]

>Sexual slavery was institutionally tolerated and supported by the TNI and women could be summoned for sexual abuse by TNI soldiers. According to credible investigations, the TNI kept files designating East Timorese women who were to be made available for rape and sexual abuse by Indonesian soldiers. These lists could be passed on between military battalions, which predisposed women to recurring sexual victimization.[112] Enforced marriage was also a component of TNI policy in East Timor. The Amnesty report cites the case of a woman forced to live with a commander in Baucau, then harassed daily by troops after her release.[110] Such "marriages" took place regularly during the occupation.[113]

Attached: East Timorese Indonesia raped.jpg (477x702, 89K)

Indonesian Sunni Muslim soldiers torturing a Catholic Christian East Timorese woman after gang raping her.

>Women in areas under Indonesian control were also coerced into accepting sterilisation procedures, and some were pressured or forced outright to take the contraceptive Depo Provera.[114] Village leaders were often urged to cooperate with TNI policy and local clinics responsible for administering contraceptive injections were established under the control of the TNI in the countryside. In one case specifically, a group of high-school girls were injected with the contraceptive without their knowledge. Other forms of birth control consisted of killing newborn children of women who were suspected of being associated with the Fretilin.[115]

>In addition to suffering systematic sexual slavery, forced sterilization, enforced marriage, torture, and extrajudicial execution, women also faced rape and sexual abuse during interrogation by Indonesian authorities. These women included the wives of resistance members, resistance activists and suspected Fretilin collaborators. Often times women were targeted and subjected to torture as a form of proxy violence when male relatives who were suspected of being Fretilin were not present.[116] In 1999 researcher Rebecca Winters released the book Buibere: Voice of East Timorese Women, which chronicles many personal stories of violence and abuse dating to the earliest days of the occupation. One woman tells of being interrogated while stripped half-naked, tortured, molested, and threatened with death.[117] Another describes being chained at the hands and feet, raped repeatedly, and interrogated for weeks.[118] A woman who had prepared food for Fretilin guerrillas was arrested, burned with cigarettes, tortured with electricity, and forced to walk naked past a row of soldiers into a tank filled with urine and feces.[119]

Attached: East Timor Indonesian rapists.jpg (700x397, 60K)

Indonesian Sunni Muslim soldiers torturing a Catholic Christian East Timorese woman after gang raping her.

>Leaders of Indonesian intelligence influential with Suharto had initially envisaged that invasion, subdual of Fretilin resistance, and integration with Indonesia would be quick and relatively painless. The ensuing Indonesian campaigns up through 1976 were devastating for the East Timorese, an enormous drain on Indonesian resources, were severely damaging to Indonesia internationally, and ultimately a failure. The wanton, wholesale killings by the TNI near the coastal regions during the opening months of the invasion had driven a large portion of the population and most of the remaining Falintil into the central regions. This proved counterproductive as it left Indonesian troops fighting against an enemy which was well equipped and had access to agricultural resources and population. The civilian population came to see the Falintil as a buffer against the excesses of the Indonesian forces, which led to heightened support for the resistance. From 1975 to 1977, the Fretilin protected at least 40% of the population who had fled the coastal regions, in inhospitable conditions, with the active support of rallied communities.[87] Schwarz suggests the fact that Indonesian military's power base remained barely dented by the mid-1970s intelligence miscalculations and ongoing failures, was a measure of the military's dominance of Indonesian affairs.[25]

Attached: East Timor Indonesia rape.jpg (480x702, 94K)

Indonesian Sunni Muslim army torturing Catholic Christian East Timorese woman after raping her.

>By the end of 1976, a stalemate existed between the Falintil and the Indonesian army. Unable to overcome heavy resistance and drained of its resources, the TNI began rearming. Indonesian navy ordered missile-firing patrol-boats from the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Taiwan, as well as submarines from West Germany.[88] In February 1977, Indonesia also received thirteen OV-10 Bronco aircraft from the Rockwell International Corporation with the aid of an official US government foreign military aid sales credit. The Bronco was ideal for the East Timor invasion, as it was specifically designed for counter-insurgency operations in difficult terrain.[89] By the beginning of February 1977, at least six of the 13 Broncos were operating in East Timor, and helped the Indonesian military pinpoint Fretilin positions.[90] The OV-10 Broncos dealt a heavy blow to the Falintil when the aircraft attacked their forces with conventional weapons and Soviet-supplied Napalm known as 'Opalm.' Along with the new weaponry, an additional 10,000 troops were sent in to begin new campaigns that would become known as the 'final solution'.[91]

Indonesian Sunni Muslim army torturing Catholic Christian East Timorese woman after raping her.

>TNI strategists implemented a strategy of attrition against the Falintil beginning in September 1977. This was accomplished by rendering the central regions of East Timor unable to sustain human life through napalm attacks, chemical warfare and destruction of crops. This was to be done in order to force the population to surrender into the custody of Indonesian forces and deprive the Falintil of food and population. Catholic officials in East Timor called this strategy an "encirclement and annihilation" campaign.[92] 35,000 ABRI troops surrounded areas of Fretilin support and killed of men, women, and children. Air and naval bombardments were followed by ground troops, who destroyed villages and agricultural infrastructure. Thousands of people may have been killed during this period.[93] In early 1978, the entire civilian population of Arsaibai village, near the Indonesian border, was killed for supporting Fretilin after being bombarded and starved.[94] The success of the 'encirclement and annihilation' campaign led to the 'final cleansing campaign', in which children and men would be forced to hold hands and march in front of Indonesian units searching for Fretilin members. When Fretilin members were found, the members would be forced to surrender or to fire on their own people.[95]

Acehnese were ultra anti-communist but they fought against Indonesia, they hated Suharto

The Indonesian government is documented by BBC to have actually harvested organs from Acehnese civilians during the Aceh separatist insurgency just for being Acehnese
>One of the most disturbing accounts was of Muhibbudin, a young Acehnese man with a massive scar on his torso - he says this is where his kidney was forcibly removed to give to an Indonesian soldier.

Indonesian forces are continuing to rape, torture and murder Acehnese despite signing a peace treaty this year, according to a British researcher.
Indonesia's National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) announced on June 2 that it would investigate more than twenty cases involving murder, rape and forced displacement in Aceh since the conflict began. Commission member M.M. Billah stated that, "Both warring sides have violated the humanitarian law as stated in the Geneva Convention and the human rights law as well ... We call on both parties to end hostilities and reopen peace talks, and this time the talks should involve civilians."2 U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan has also voiced concern, stating on May 29 "deep concern about the impact of the renewed hostilities on civilian populations in Aceh, Indonesia, particularly by the reports of extrajudicial killings and widespread burning of schools."3

Newspaper and NGO reports have detailed numerous extra-judicial executions of civilians by the Indonesian military (TNI) in the first week of hostilities. The most widely reported took place on May 21, when Indonesian soldiers reportedly dragged a group of men and boys out of their hut in the village of Mapa Mamplam. According to eyewitnesses, the soldiers lined the victims up and shot each one dead, execution style. Among those killed were three boys, aged eleven, thirteen, and fourteen.5

Attached: Indonesian.jpg (1048x818, 99K)

Indonesian Javanese Sunni Muslims didn't even spare Acehnese Sunni Muslims. Acehnese are super-conservative anti-communist Sunni Muslims but Indonesia's army committed mass rape agaisnt their girls and harvested their organs too.

Acehnese Muslim girls whose father was killed by the Indonesian Muslim military.–2004_Indonesian_offensive_in_Aceh

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More pics plz, I'm getting a boner.

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15 August 2019

Back in August Christian West Papuan fighters killed a member of the Indonesian Sunni Muslim police in their ongoing war against Indonesia's occupation and genocide of Christian West Papuan people.

Over half a million West Papuan civilians have been raped and massacred by Indonesian military since the occupation began in 1963.

Attached: West Papua.jpg (596x900, 124K);O=A

Indonesia is dominated by Javanese and Sudanese Sunni Muslims, some other ethnicities are complicit, they commit genocide and colonialism against minority ethnicities and religions at the peripheries. Indonesia never existed until Dutch colonization. It's a fabricated state. Just watch the first video here , the West Papua genocide documentary Forgotten Bird of Paradise

Stay informed by watching the FreeWestPapua website.

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Indonesia sent a North Moluccan Muslim called Rayyanul Sangaji from Ternate Maluku Utara to the UN a few months ago to argue for Indonesia against West Papua. Rayyanul looked like a Papuan and Rayyanul was trying to fool people into thinking he was a West Papuan because many Moluccans like Rayyan are racially Melanesian like West Papuans. He was saying he was a fellow Melanesian while never directly saying whether he was Papuan or not. He was exposed by West Papuan activists as a non-Papuan. Moluccans with Melanesian blood have the same dark skin and kinky hair.

One of the Indonesian soldiers here (the one with the arrow in his neck) looks like he's a Muslim from North Maluku islands next to Papua. Some North Moluccans are Muslims and are dark Melanesians too. Not all Indonesian Muslims look like Asians.

Attached: Indonesian soldier arrow.jpg (622x1280, 122K)

Indonesians are among the worst. Indonesian Sunni Muslims practice female genital mutilation (FGM) cutting their daughter's clitorises off. They also rent their underage girls off to elderly Arab pedophiles.

They are basically a sex tourist female genital mutilation center.

Attached: WPLA1.jpg (720x394, 93K)

Arab Sunni Muslims use Indonesian Sunni Muslim girls for sex tourism as encouraged by Indonesia's vice President

This old Arab man sired 40 children from Indonesian women.

Arab Sunni pedophiles do the same to Indian Sunni girls.

Indonesian Sunni Muslim and Indian Sunni Muslim parents pimp out their daughters as young as nine to 80 year old Arab Sunni men in exchange for money and have their Imams make a misyar marriage contract. They write up the divorce contract on the same day.

Attached: WPLA2.jpg (720x397, 90K)

why do you want Independence anyways? you want free separatists from a website without paying-giving nothing? that isn't how it works.
Stay as a province and shit up, guerrilla guy

Indonesian Sunni Muslims mutilate the genitals of their own little girls and pimp them off to old Gulf Arab men.

>Female genital mutilation Type I and IV is prevalent in Indonesia;[231][232][233][234] 97.5%[234] of the surveyed females from Muslim families (Muslim females are at least 85%[235] of females in Indonesia) are mutilated by age 18 (55 million females as of 2018). In certain communities of Indonesia, mass female circumcision (khitanan massal) ceremony are organized by local Islamic foundations around Prophet Muhammad's birthday. Some FGM are Type IV done with a pen knife, others are Type I done with scissors. Two Indonesian nationwide studies in 2003 and 2010 found over 80% of the cases sampled involved cutting, typically of newborns through the age of 9. The surveys demonstrated that circumcision among girls and boys is a universal practice in the study sites, in all of which Islam was the primary religion. Across the sites, among all the children aged 15–18, 86-100% of the girls were reported already circumcised. More than 90% of families visited in the studies claimed they wanted the practice to continue.[232][236]

>Historical records suggest female circumcision in Indonesia started and became prevalent with the arrival of Islam in the 13th century as part of its drive to convert people to Islam. In islands of Indonesia, where partial populations converted to Islam in the 17th century, FGM has been prevalent in Muslim females only.[237][238]

Attached: Composite_FGM_world_map.png (1600x821, 216K)

FGM is practiced in both Indonesia and Malaysia for religious reasons.

Medical benefits of female circumcision - Islam Question & Answer

>Circumcision is prescribed for both males and females. The correct view is that circumcision is obligatory for males and that it is one

Circumcision of girls and some doctors' criticism thereof - Islam Question & Answer

>This hadeeth includes circumcision of both males and females. 2-. Muslim ( 349) narrated that 'Aa'ishah (may Allaah be pleased with

Circumcision: how it is done and the rulings on it - Islam Question & Answer

>It is mustahabb to circumcise females provided

Is there any saheeh hadeeth about the circumcision of females? - Islam Question & Answer

He is twenty years old… and he has not been circumcised - Islam Question & Answer

>Circumcision is one of the Sunnahs of the Fitrah, for both males and females, but it is obligatory for males and a Sunnah and an honour for women.

Ruling on female circumcision - Islam Question & Answer

FGM is endorsed by hadith, by fiqh especially the Shafi Madhhab, in Shafi fiqh books like 'Reliance of the Traveller and Tools of the Worshipper' and by Sunni scholars who are honest and not lying about their beliefs.

Sunni Islam Shafi madhhab promotes female circumcision aka FGM.

Malay Sunni Muslim women endorsing FGM.

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Indonesian military helicopters often crash in the West Papuan highlands killing all soldiers on board. West Papuans don't need MANPADS if they're set up in the mountains.

> New Guinea arrows have bamboo, wood or bone tips set in bamboo shafts. The shafts are approximately 5 feet long (150 cm). The tips are secured with fine wrappings of bilum string or woven rattan. The shafts are sometimes decorated with painted or incised designs, string or feathers.

> A typical New Guinea bow is made from the heart of the black palm tree which has both strength and flexibility. The height is approximately 6 feet (2 meters). Bamboo is used for the bow string. The bamboo is unstrung at one end for storage. Smaller bows are used for birds and small game.

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Indonesian gay serial rapist who targeted white boys.

>Thread: Today Reynhard Sinaga, a student from Indonesia, has been jailed for life with a minimum of 30 years for committing 136 rapes in Manchester. He is believed to have used the drug GHB to render his victims unconscious before assaulting them.

>The "Most Prolific Rapist In British Legal History" Used The Drug GHB On His Male Victims

The "Most Prolific Rapist In British Legal History" Used The Drug GHB On His Male Victims
Reynhard Sinaga, who has been jailed for at least 30 years, was described by the judge as "an evil sexual predator who has preyed upon young men".

A man dubbed "the most prolific rapist in British legal history" has been sentenced at Manchester crown court to at least 30 years in prison for a total of 159 sexual offences against 48 male victims in Manchester.
Reynhard Sinaga's crimes included 136 counts of rape, eight counts of attempted rape, 14 counts of sexual assaults, and two counts of assault by penetration. He used GHB, the potentially lethal sedative and anaesthetic, to render his victims unconscious before filming all of the assaults. In some cases, he also stole personal items such as watches to keep as "trophies".

Police say there could be as many as 190 victims in total and have appealed for more people to come forward.

The scale of the 36-year-old's offences against young men — ranging from schoolboys to students in their early twenties — has prompted the Crown Prosecution Service to suggest that beyond having been convicted of more rapes than anyone in British history, he could be the world's most prolific rapist.
There were so many victims that Sinaga had to be tried in four separate trials over 18 months from 2018 to December 2019.
Last year, BuzzFeed News published an eight-month investigation into the drugs GHB and GBL, which revealed their widescale use as weapons of rape and sexual assault. The findings were the result of the largest ever survey of gay and bisexual men who use G and formed part of a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary about the issue.

Sentencing Sinaga, Her Honour Judge Goddard QC told him: "You are an evil serial sexual predator who has preyed upon young men... Your actions show you are a dangerous, deeply disturbed, and perverted individual with no sense of reality."
She said she had considered handing down a whole-life sentence, which would have been unprecedented for a non-murder conviction, but the case fell just short of the requirements.
Operating out of his flat on Princess Street in central Manchester, Sinaga — a post-graduate student — often approached men in the street, including many heterosexual men and particularly those who were lost or drunk, posing as a "good Samaritan", offering to help them before luring them back to his home where he spiked them with GHB and raped them.

Many had no memory of knowledge of what happened but only learned that they had been raped once informed by police who had seized Sinaga's phone and found a cache of video files of his rapes.
One victim said, "Not only had the perpetrator raped me but he had taken steps to ensure that the act is preserved forever. However much I wish it had never happened, which due to my lack of memory from the night I am able to successfully keep it from my mind, many people, including the police and anyone in court, have seen me being raped."
Another victim was raped eight times over a six-hour period. The man had been visiting Manchester for a night out with workmates but got separated from them and lost his bank card. He contemplated walking home to Stockport along a motorway before Sinaga, who was in a taxi, offered him a lift and a place to stay the night.
After the sustained attack, Sinaga bragged to a friend over the phone by paraphrasing the lyrics of "Black Magic," a song by Little Mix: “Take a sip of my secret potion, I’ll make you fall in love.”
A further man, who had no idea he had been raped, went home to his girlfriend who accused him of sleeping with another woman. To prove that he had not, the victim took her back to Sinaga’s flat to meet him, unaware of what had taken place.

Sinaga loitered outside nightspots in central Manchester, in particular the Factory and Fifth Avenue, seeking out young men in vulnerable states before taking them to his apartment. He would pretend to be caring, offering them somewhere to stay or charge their phone before offering them a drink laced with GHB.

Due to the effects of the drug, administered without their knowledge or consent, many of the young men were unconscious for hours. Some vomited, urinated, or soiled themselves.
While they were passed out, Sinaga would rape and sexually assault them, often multiple times. He often licked navels and inserted his fingers into them, as part of the attack. All were filmed.
Footage he took of his victims using his phone showed them to be unresponsive during the attacks. Some could be heard snoring. He also took close-up photographs, detailing the rapes.
Afterwards, Sinaga systematically went through his victims’ Facebook profiles, noting down their details and cataloguing them. As well as watches, he stole phones and ID cards.
The offences took place between 2015 and 2017. Sinaga was only caught when one of his victims regained consciousness to find Sinaga sitting on his back naked. Police officers seized the attacker’s two iPhones which contained hours of footage of his crimes. Such evidence was crucial in finding further victims and securing the convictions.
During the fourth trial, Sinaga claimed that his victims consented to being filmed as part of an agreed sex game. The jury rejected this defence, unanimously delivering a guilty verdict on an unprecedented volume of sexual crimes.
Mabs Hussain, assistant chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, said the true period of offending could be much longer. “We suspect he’s offended over a period of 10 years,” she said. “The information and evidence we are going from is largely from trophies that he’s collected from the victims of his crimes.”

Ok, are you seriously trying to rally guerrilla warriors on Sup Forums?

Most you will get is some internet raid,lol.
Not that this would not help.

Several of his victims told the court they had suffered extreme psychological consequences from the attacks, ranging from anxiety and anger to mood disorders and thoughts of suicide.
In personal statements, they outlined the aftermath of their rapes. “I have never been in such a bad place in my life and I don’t know how to get out of it,” said one. “I was diagnosed with severe depression and put on anti-depressants. I also started counselling.”

“The perpetrator has taken a part of me that I will never get back, and deserves the largest sentence possible,” said another.
“It changed my life forever,” said a third.
Some also spoke of what they endured during the trial. “I was very anxious giving evidence,” said one man. “It was very traumatic for me because I knew I had to face up to the reality of what had happened. I also knew I was going to get asked questions that would make the night a reality and that would haunt me.”
The case has prompted Home Secretary Priti Patel to announce a review of the classification regarding GHB. However, when approached by BuzzFeed News and Channel 4’s Dispatches last year, during the making of a coproduced documentary about GHB, the Home Office, along with the Department of Justice, the Equalities Office, and the Department of Health, declined to take part or comment on the findings of the investigation. No minister was made available to appear on camera.
When a former justice minister, Crispin Blunt, agreed to be interviewed he said during his time in the department, ministers were not even allowed to discuss issues of drug prohibition for fear of merely the fact of a conversation taking place being leaked and used to suggest the government was not tough on drugs.

Peopl can post signs anonymously. Remember the ones who posted "Islam was right about women"?

Currently, GHB is a class C drug and its sale is therefore prohibited in all circumstances, with a two-year maximum jail sentence for possession and 14 years for supply or production, in line with substances such as sedatives and steroids. By contrast, cannabis, which is a class B drug but which almost never causes death (unlike GHB) carries a maximum of 5 years in prison for possession.
But as BuzzFeed News reported last year, a loophole exists in the law. The most commonly sold form of GHB is called GBL, which is as a precursor to the drug, meaning it becomes GHB when ingested. The effects are identical. But because GBL is a chemical used as an industrial cleaner, for example to clean alloy wheels, it is legal to sell for such purposes. Companies are therefore selling GBL online in large quantities, advertising it as a cleaning product, but enabling GHB dealers to buy it. They do not have to prove they are using it for industrial purposes and very few checks are carried out.
Some advertise on Facebook, as BuzzFeed News revealed as part of its investigation with Channel 4’s Dispatches. Others sell through Grindr and other hookup apps.
But the weaponising of GHB and GBL by rapists is also prompting increasing alarm in the justice system. A leading figure in the prison and probation service revealed during the filming of the documentary that the drug is being mixed with lubricant by rapists and applied anally, with victims therefore not knowing they have been drugged, or how, before the attack takes place.

In the largest survey ever conducted of gay and bisexual men who take GHB or GBL, over a quarter — 28% — revealed to BuzzFeed News and Chanel 4’s Dispatches that they had been subjected to rape or sexual assault while under the influence of the drug. Almost all knew someone else who had been similarly attacked.

The Sinaga case, however, often involved heterosexual victims, with the offences taking place far outside what are referred to as chemsex settings — in which gay and bi men have sex on drugs such as GHB and crystal meth. It will, said one official with knowledge of the case, prompt the authorities to now consider how they will adapt to the changing landscape that this vast case has unveiled.

Indonesian army wields internet 'news' as a weapon in Papua
Tom Allard, Jack Stubbs
JAKARTA/LONDON (Reuters) - As Indonesia celebrated its National Heroes’ Day last year, official military social media accounts lavished praise on Corporal Yunanto Nugroho for the “myriad awards he has won in the field of IT.”

Indonesian peacekeeping forces personnel march in a parade during the celebrations for the 74th Indonesian National Armed Forces day at Halim Perdanakusuma airbase in Jakarta, Indonesia, October 5, 2019. REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan
It was unusual acclaim for a low-ranking army computer operator. But Yunanto’s work is not confined to the usual mundane tasks of an information technology specialist.

Yunanto co-ordinates a network of websites facilitated and funded by the military that publishes pro-government propaganda under the guise of independent news, according to web registration records and Reuters interviews with website editors and a special forces intelligence officer.

The sites publish content that supports the conduct of the military and police in quashing a separatist uprising in the Indonesian provinces in Papua, a fight that has long been led by the country’s elite special forces, Kopassus.

Colonel Muhammad Aidi, an intelligence adviser to a Kopassus commander who bestowed an award on Yunanto in November, told Reuters the army computer operator had helped create and sustain many news websites as part of “military efforts” in partnership with civilian volunteers that included youths and media veterans who had approached the military to help.

Other armed forces personnel also helped the sites and the military financially supported the news portals, he added.

“The official armed forces websites cannot publish everything we do, so there are several media outlets that have been supporting us by publishing positive news as well as countering negative or hoax websites,” Aidi told Reuters in an interview.

Indonesia, an emerging democracy of nearly 270 million people with one of the world’s highest rates of internet use, is grappling with persistent covert online disinformation campaigns - both for the government and against it - that have disrupted elections and stoked sectarian tensions.

President Joko Widodo has railed against “hoaxes, false news and slander” but his military is also engaging in disinformation tactics, an examination of the website network by Reuters shows.

A spokesman for Widodo did not respond to requests for comment. Ali Mochtar Ngabalin, a presidential expert staff member, said the military was prohibited from working with non-state actors. “I do not believe the military is involved in funding online media to spread hoaxes,” he told Reuters.

Using software from DomainTools, a platform used by cybersecurity researchers to review historical web records, Reuters identified 10 websites presenting themselves as independent news outlets that were registered to a mobile phone number that was listed on Yunanto’s LinkedIn profile.

When Reuters contacted that number, Yunanto said it belonged to him and that he was in the military. After this short phone call and an exchange of text messages, Yunanto declined to respond to detailed questions sent to an email address he provided.

The 10 websites, some of which have been operating since mid-2017, are in the Indonesian language and carry names such as (News-Indonesia), (Progressive Newspaper) and They do not disclose their links to the military, and in recent months most of them have made their domain information private.

>points out the religions
>forgetting to point out Indonesia and Timor always had tense relations from the 1970s onwards.

This wasn't anything to do with religion, but land, unless you want to suggest US military personnel who raped Vietnamese girls as young as 12 as a religious attack?

The websites publish uniformly positive coverage of government, military and police alongside articles that demonize government critics and human rights investigators. The subjects of some stories told Reuters the websites attributed invented quotes to them and published other falsehoods.

Lieutenant Colonel Zulhardie, the head of the army’s Jakarta-based information unit, of which Yunanto is a part, referred Reuters questions to the Indonesian military spokesman Sisriadi who did not respond to Reuters requests for comment.


With a name that translates as “Our Papuan People’s News” and claiming 80,000 views per month, is one of three of the military-sponsored websites that registered its address as the Media Center at Kodam Jayakarta, the army’s regional command headquarters based in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.

Yunanto works for the Kodam Jayakarta information unit that runs the Media Center where military personnel push out press releases and manage military web pages and social media accounts, according to articles on the headquarters’ website. is devoted to pro-government news about Papua, where many of the region’s ethnic Melanesian population have agitated for independence for decades. Mass demonstrations have resulted in at least 40 deaths there this year.

In response to the recent unrest, the government has periodically shut down the internet in Papua and forbidden foreign journalists and some diplomats from visiting the area.

Papuan movie actor Benyamin Lagowan told Reuters he was falsely quoted in a 2017 article that reported he made “scathing” remarks about Papuan journalist and advocate Victor Mambor. He never spoke to the news outlet and admired Mambor, he said.


another i hate muslims because thread when an armed conflict that lasted decades was nothing to do with islam or christianity, fucking tryhard.

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Nice thread op lots of information to look at. I didn’t know this shit was happening.

fuck missionaries.

Theo Hesegem, a human rights investigator in Papua, was denounced by in a 2017 article that was accompanied by a photomontage framing him alongside a devil with fiery eyes. The story accused him of fabricating a report for the human rights group Tapol that found five civilians were shot during clashes between the military and armed Papuan separatists.

Slideshow (10 Images)
After the article appeared, Hesegem said he was approached by a police officer saying he was under investigation for producing fake news, a crime that carries a penalty of up to four years.

“I interviewed the victims and saw their bullet wounds,” he told Reuters in a telephone interview. The police investigation petered out after the rights investigator demanded police serve him with a formal summons, Hesegem said.

Reuters could not independently verify Hesegem’s account. A police spokesman did not respond to requests for comment. does not identify its editorial team. It did not respond to Reuters questions. Aidi said he did not know who was behind the site.


As well as being promoted by popular military and government social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers, material is heavily shared by a network of 20 Facebook and Twitter accounts. The accounts retweet each other’s posts and use profile photos or cartoons made to look like Papuan residents.

Some accounts describe themselves as “free Papua” activists but criticize advocates for Papuan self-determination, including prominent lawyer Veronica Koman.

The use of these social media accounts was a deliberate strategy to “confuse Papuan people,” said Koman. “In fact, it’s just propaganda.”

Top editors from two of the other sites in the network - Jesayas Simarmata from and M. Ridhwan from - described how the military paid for advertising and for journalists to attend military events. Ridhwan said his website was paid by army bases across Indonesia.

The editors said further that Yunanto, who put their sites on a server and had access to them as the web administrator, uploaded articles to their sites, including content from One of those articles, which lambasted Koman, was published on nine other websites in November.

Simarmata said was operated by the army’s Jakarta command headquarters.

Aidi from Kopassus said there was no need for the websites to disclose their ties to the armed forces. The military just gave money to the websites as informal “thank you” payments, he said.

Zionist support sunni's?

Indonesian bots and paid trolls mainly operate and spam all over twitter.

Indonesian bot accounts spamming the same propaganda on Papua over and over.

Papua unrest: Social media bots 'skewing the narrative'

>The Indonesian Govt's widespread use of social media bots is an acknowledgment that they have lost the argument on #WestPapua.

>However much they spend, they will never be able to distort the truth about their illegal occupation & genocide in West Papua.

'I felt disgusted’: inside Indonesia’s fake Twitter account factories

>We are working with @Twitter to remove hundreds of fake #socialmedia accounts set up by #Indonesia's Government.

>These bot accounts spread propaganda messages in a desperate attempt to distort the truth about Indonesia's illegal occupation & #genocide in occupied West Papua.


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America and Israel support Indonesia. Gaddafi in Libya supported the West Papuans against Indonesia. Indonesia is the one backed by major powers including the US, UK and Israel.

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Dude I am a EU-fag and I am a white Protestant.
I just cannot feel like caring 'bout stuff going on somewhere else done to random Catholics with brown skin.

But I don't like the memebers of the religion of peace. I don't like them at all.

If it helps you I can place some stickers around where I live, but I would not expect that to have a great effect but for the lulz because it's clear it will piss off the Muslim scum around my place.

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Indonesia is backed by the Zionists. The Zionist Jews Henry Kissinger, Richard Holbrooke, Brad Sherman and Carl Icahn all support Indonesia against West Papua. Richard Holbrooke supported bombing Serbs for Bosnian Muslims while he supported Indonesia against West Papuans. Israel sold weapons to Indonesia.

>The Grasberg mine is the largest gold mine and the second largest copper mine in the world.[1][2] It is located in the province of Papua in Indonesia near Puncak Jaya, the highest mountain in Papua. It has 19,500 employees. It is mostly owned by Freeport-McMoRan (FCX), which owns 48.74% of PT Freeport Indonesia (PT-FI), the principal operating subsidiary in Indonesia, including 9.36% owned through its wholly owned subsidiary, PT Indocopper Investama.[3]

>The government of Indonesia owns 51.23% of PT Freeport Indonesia through Indonesia Asahan Aluminium.[4]

>FCX operates under a Contract of Work (CoW) agreement with the government of Indonesia, which allows Freeport to conduct exploration, mining and production activities in a 27,400-acre area (Block A).[5][6] It also conducts exploration activities in a 413,000-acre area (Block B).[5] All of Freeport's proven and probable mineral reserves and current mining operations are located in Block A.[5] The mine has three mining operations: the open pit, the Deep Ore Zone underground mine, and the Big Gossan underground mine. A fourth, the Deep Mill Level Zone, is being developed.[5] The 2016 production was 1,063,000,000 pounds (482,000,000 kg) of copper, 1,061,000 ounces (30,100,000 g) of gold; and in 2016 sales of 2,900,000 ounces (82,000,000 g) of silver.[7]

>Freeport-McMoRan Inc., often called Freeport, is a mining company based in the Freeport-McMoRan Center, in Phoenix, Arizona.

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If it can bring attention like the "Islam is right about women" stickers that would be good.

East Timorese are Catholic and pagan, West Papuans are Catholic, Protestant and pagan.

Zionist Jews Henry Kissinger and Carl Icahn get their gold from the Grasberg mine in West Papua after dividing the profit with the Indonesian military. That's where most Jew gold comes from today via Freeport-McMoRan.

>Past board members include Henry Kissinger (1995 - 2001), John Hay Whitney, Robert A. Lovett, Benno C. Schmidt Sr. (1954 - 1967), Gus Long, Arleigh Burke, J. Stapleton Roy, Godfrey Rockefeller and his cousin-in-law, Jean Mauzé.

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>East Timor controversy

>In August 1977, then Assistant Secretary of State, Holbrooke traveled to Indonesia to meet with President Suharto in the midst of Indonesia's occupation of East Timor, in which over 100,000 East Timorese were ultimately killed or starved to death. According to Brad Simpson, director of the Indonesia and East Timor Documentation Project at the National Security Archives, Holbrooke had visited officially to press for human rights reform but, after meeting Suharto, had instead praised him for Indonesia's human rights improvements, for the steps that Indonesia had taken to open East Timor to the West, and for allowing a delegation of congressmen to enter the territory under strict military guard, where they were greeted by staged celebrations welcoming the Indonesian armed forces.[20]

The same Jew was part of the NATO campaign to bomb Serbian Christians in support of Bosnian Muslims and foreign mujahideen.–1999)

>Carl Celian Icahn (/ˈaJkɑːn/; born February 16, 1936) is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He is the founder and controlling shareholder of Icahn Enterprises, a diversified conglomerate holding company based in New York City, formerly known as American Real Estate Partners. He is also Chairman of Federal-Mogul, an American developer, manufacturer and supplier of powertrain components and vehicle safety products.

>Icahn served as special economic adviser on financial regulation to U.S. President Donald Trump briefly in 2017, leaving amid concerns of conflicts of interest.[5][6][1][7][8]

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Turbo Zionist Jew Brad Sherman supports Indonesia while he hates Palestine at the same time.

>It was great meeting with Indonesia's Ambassador Mahendra Siregar today. We discussed the South China Sea, Afghanistan, Hamas, and how to expand and create a more balanced trading relationship between our two countries.

>Met with, and delivered speech introducing President of largest Muslim state at @BrookingsFP. #Indonesia: Democratic. Moderate.

>Watch my speech RE: #Indonesia @BrookingsFP and introducing President Joko Widodo and the President’s speech too:

Indonesia had secret military relations with Israel for decades, Israeli soldiers trained Indonesian soldiers and sold Indonesia weapons and war planes. Four of the biggest Jewish Zionist politicians and businessmen, neocon Zionist Republican Jew Henry Kissinger, liberal Zionist Democrat Jew Richard Holbrooke, liberal Zionist Democrat Jew Brad Sherman and Zionist Republican Jew Carl Icahn support and lobbied for Indonesia.

Again this is fuck all to do with religion, stop trying to push it like that.

Indons pretend to be anti-Zionist when their government are best friends with Zionists under the table.–Israel_relations

>Military and intelligence ties were opened through unofficial channels, especially Iran and Turkey, in 1968. In 1971, Indonesian and Israeli military officers are believed to have started negotiations on transfer of military hardware and sharing of intelligence on global Communist terrorist groups. In November the following year, some counter-battery radars for accurate artillery fire were bought by the Indonesian military from the Israel Military Industries. In March 1974, a team of 27 officers and 90 soldiers from the Indonesian Army were sent to study a 2-month course to Israel on artillery radar and land surveillance, as well as ELINT and SIGINT from the Israeli Defence Forces. In January 1975, the Indonesian Navy and Indonesian Air Force sent a 60-man team to Israel to learn special insertion and covert operations from Shayetet 13 and the Israeli Navy. The result was the establishment of a Special Forces Training School to train small units of the Kopassus in airborne and seaborne insertion, in November 1975. In August 1976, Indonesian and Israeli Chiefs of Air Staff met during a supposedly coincidental visit to Tehran to discuss the Indonesian procurement of 35 Douglas A-4 Skyhawk fighter aircraft from Israel, which were ultimately delivered in 1981-82.

>In 1993, Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin met Indonesian President Suharto at his private residence in Jakarta. This, what press said was Rabin's unscheduled visit, happened during Suharto's chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement and shortly after the Oslo Accords.[8] This was the first ever high-profile meeting between both leaders.

Indonesia is a disease in Southeast Asia, the Israel of the region.