Hunger Games Thread: 2:45 AM Edition!

Hunger Games Thread: 2:45 AM Edition!

24 tributes.

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Kizuna AI

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80's Fernando

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Divine Cat

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Kemono Duo

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im lovenet


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Hacker God 707

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No because Juanker is from hispachan.

Bayonetta in Mai's costume

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Rum Gal

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Da heck am I lookin at here?

considering that 707 is Korean and pale skinned and juanker is dark skinned, they aren't blood related.

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Abstract AI art. I've done a few pieces like this in the past. It's fun.

>juanker could have just hacked his skin
c'mon, man. youre better than this


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Oooh cool! I think I've seen a vid on this once too. Thats pretty sick.

>hacking his skin color to black
why would you hack into a downgrade?That's like using a lunix pc to run a mac operating system.

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to unlock them all, of course

When is this hunger games gonna start???

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we only have 19 tributes. chill.

Freckled Lazuli

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Well then lets bump this enough for more!

When we get 24 tribs
(Plus this gives me more time to make a decent wincard)

European Cousine

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The shit is that? Also nice dubs


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Ariel but she is a nigger

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Also double check.

Nutella Girl

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more AI art probably

I swapped out some of the samefags for the new IPs; we ready?

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Not my tribute. But my money's on Duck

Lets do this!

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Let's get started!

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is this the vanilla code?

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It is! Sometimes use it when I'm hosting from my extremely slow laptop in bed, which in this case, I am.

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Dang. I liked Juanker

Huh why are peeps spooked of poppy?

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Maybe the fact that she's out chasing everyone has something to do with it

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becuase she's a cute anime girl. cute anime girls are always the most vicious in these games.

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Well a camp was made so oh well!

Gotta stay safe now.

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RIP Poppy

All right, enough beating around the bush. Let's cut to the chase.

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F the 80's.

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damnit.... destroyed by a ms paint dragon.

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F everyone

>jerry survives

>We have blocked your post because we suspect you may be sending automated queries

Sure, great, let me just post all the rest of the slides somewhere, finish the wincard, post it on Discord, and move to the other laptop


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Next slide is it, who will it be?
>Kizuna AI, the dangerous anime waifu everyone in HG warned you about
>Duck, the sole crux of this guy's () premonition

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Let's go Duck

come on AI-chan. you can do this. it's just a comfy af duck.

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Comfy indeed. So comfy, in-fact, that it totally managed to lull you into a false sense of comfort to throw you for a complete loop

Better luck next time

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Lets go baby!!!!! Duck ftw!!!

damnit! In the end i'm a sucker for cute,comfy animals....

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thanks for hosting

Told you that duck was dangerous. Pretty sad that my tribute (Magdonal) died without fighting

Congrats, Duck! You're the winner of this relatively average game :]

Here's your wincard

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thanks for hosting vex. now get some sleep.

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Thanks for hosting.

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I knew it from the start, don't fuck with the duck

That's a pretty great pun. Thanks for hosting

Fuck luck: go with Duck.

this was a post by our host

Thanks for playing, everyone!

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death to america?!?

And butter sauce!

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don’t boil me!

I'm still alive!

(and so is this fucking thread reeeee)