What is the most terrifying fact about Earth?

What is the most terrifying fact about Earth?

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I have no idea why, but pics like this legit freak me out more than anything I’ve ever seen on here.

He kills

Earth currently has a society

Division and conquer.

Sup Forums exists

We have only one that we are making impossible for us to live on.

pic related

oh god oh fuck.
how do i unread a comment?

well if we have just a little bit of bad luck then earth could be destroyed at any given moment
big meteorites crushing down, someone "accidentally" launches a nuclear missile and shtf etc.

also we know nothing about the deeper regions of our oceans, there could be a lot of stuff we didn't know about yet, old civilizations/monsters/dangers no one imagined yet

James Cameron was on the bottom and he found nothing, explain that atheist

Consider that our galaxy is on a collision course with the Andromeda Galaxy. This is supposed to happen over four billion years from now, but I hate to imagine the state of discord humanity (or its descendants) would find itself in.

And that all bets are off for Earth staying intact.
The idea that homo sapiens can be subject to extinction is kinda unsettling, too.

Humans have only been around for 0.000004% of Earth's total existence. That translates to about 0.0000015% of the Universe's life so far. However, we only have a limited "window" for life. Between 200,000 years ago and about 50 trillion years into the future is our window.

Now, if the universe is (hypothetically) going to last about 1 duotrigintaoctingentillion years (that's nearly 2500 zeros), our only window for life will last around 0.000000002% of the Universe's total life span.

And what does that mean to you?

Evolution is a pretty scary concept.

I mean there are spooky skeletons inside of us. Plus the fact that the human form is enough to terrify most animals on Earth.

Creeping and crawling and running and eating for BILLIONS? of years. And it took us this long to advance to where we are today?

I myself don't really buy into evolution but its an interesting concept at least.

Thallasaphobia, look it up

You are going to die and there is nothing you can do about it whatsoever. The day is coming user. You can't escape it.

There's niggers

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Whats that got to do with the earth?

cant afford a car to drive drunk in?

It's flat

The Bloop (google)
deep sea ice quake? then why was it triangulated to be so much deeper than ice could get?

since I'm in the US, right wingers. they've committed 2/3 of all terror attacks in US history. most of them are unemployed, they're tremendously stupid, racist, and extremely violent.

However, my kind funds the nation's economy/military. So if they act up, systemically our military/police force know it's best to put them down (thus a high rate of police killings of whites). and massive incarceration rate amongst white trash throughout the US. I can rightfully buy myself freedom if I'm ever in "trouble" -- which is Justice, since as I said, my kind keeps the economy moving.

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typed out and posted, no source, not congruent with .gov stats

nice lies.

>What is the most terrifying fact about Earth?

It’s flat

It sounds super impressive when you talk about TERROR ATTACKS!!! Terror attacks account for .0001 of the violent crime in the US. Black men aged 12-50 are 3 percent of the population in the US. This demographic commit over 60 percent of the total murders. You can make all the excuses you want for them, but black men are the real problem in the US.

prove it GOP-pedo-party Epstein-Tranny!!

you = NO STATS.

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I'm glad you're honest enough to admit Republicans are Terrorists.

Worse than any Muslim.

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well if there is nothing then how come that while oysters only make up 30% of the polpulation they zip-brop-scippity-doo
am i right?

yeah the collision of the galaxies would be exciting to witness (from a distance of course), being on earth at that time ... not so much i imagine
but hell i'd watch that shit with popcorn and a beer


The ocean is pretty scary.

>thinking human evolution in 4 billion years won't have provided humanity with homes on distant galaxies


From the FBI.

Keep in mind, these are just arrests where the race of the offender was known. Given the fact that murders are solved less often in the black community, the actual murders are more skewed against blacks. The FBI numbers say 53 percent, but it's actually higher.


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brought up human species, now let's think about a planet with a slighty more hostile enviroment (just a bit like avatar) and a species not held back by something like medivel times and an ongoing evolutionary-selection

A portion of the human's on it are dumb enough to deliberately elect Donald Trump to be the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet

Everything on earth dies, all we know and will ever know will eventually turn to dust and nothingness

Literally all i see is that blacks kill more. Whites lead the way everywhere else.
Oh man arnt you assholes always complaining about black on black crime?

Seems like whites are the major issue for whites. All them rapes, holy shit white men gonna steal my shit!

You are so fucking stupid you overlooked every single crime aside from the one that confirms your bias.

Total crimes for whites charged: 5.3 million
Total crimes for blacks charged: 2.1 million

HOLY SHIT whitey commits a DISPROPORTIONATE amount of crimes per capita for their majority, considering blacks are 30% of the population and whitey is 50% of the population!! OMG

That means whites are congentical criminals. End of. These news stats for 2018 disprove every racist claim the white stormy fags have been pushing for decades.



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Yep. Whites lead everywhere. Looks like we should beward of whites. Good heavens, I had no idea how dangerous whites until now :O

Being from Kentucky, I can confirm everything this man says.

My dad's white.... You think he might sell drugs?

Blacks make up 12 percent of the US population, whites make up 60 percent.

If there are 13,000 rapes committed by whites, and 5,400 committed by blacks. That means that a black person is over 4 TIMES more likely to rape someone than a white person.

probably meth, or dead of an opiate overdose.

or in a for-profit prison somewhere.

You don't know this.

why do whites commit so much rape? you're basically all criminals per those stats. don't respond to me felon.

Also if we are just like straight up making shit up now and speculating. Why can't I just say oh, those crimes were committed by a disproportionate amount of black men who skew the numbers. Obviously only like 6 black guys are commiting these crimes.

I mean feminism has been saying all white men are rapists. Maybe they got a point. We live in a crazy world. I never thought nazis been huge again.

No one will ever truly have the answers to life’s questions. Never ever, not today not a century from now. Many think they know but you can’t know.

No one knows the exact population of the US, but the most recent estimate is that blacks make up 13.4 percent. The actual percentage is almost certainly a few points lower because illegal immigrants are not included in the census. Even if you factor in 13 percent, that would mean that blacks are 3 times more likely to rape than whites.

That it’s flat.

You made the point that white people were terrorists. Someone points out that terrorism accounts for a fraction of a fraction of 1 percent of the total murders. Now you switch gear to rape when someone shows you that blacks are the real terrorists. Typical libtard shit.

Stop making excuses for whites CAC

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That black people exist and i havr to be nice to them or uncle sam will throw me in the gay baby prison where i will subsequently get raped to death by niggers.

Typical retard. Assumes politics and hey dipshit. He mentioned rape first. I was refuting his argument.

So do we delve into the meat side you are deciding to get technical? I'm half asleep and don't feel like pulling up crime statistic on white vs black arrest and stops. Criminal justice and the different sentencing based on race and money?

Man I don't want to talk about all that. I don't care enough.
Then you can get into the emotional responses of seeing criminality in blacks due to passed bias or influence.

The cold hard truth is. You get rob by the shit heads that live near you.
I love 5 minutes from Cincinnati and all I'm ever concerned over is white meth addicts.
If I went to Chicago my temperament changes.

Statistically your are much more likely to get raped by a white prisoner.
Black guy get stabbed for race blending. You think you faggots are the only racist pieces of shit?

The murder rate among blacks and whites in the US could only be comparable if there were 30,000 murders committed by whites that no one knows about. Then the numbers would line up. Explain to me how some sort of arrest bias accounts for the murders? It's a ridiculous argument.

Prove it. Show me some facts.

It’s flat.

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>he is alone
>his people are failing to meet replacement rates
>half of them are gay
>the zoomer children don't remember or care about what little culture is their legacy
>he is still convinced he's a member of the master race

Na I'm good. I don't care enough about you or them to put any more effort out.

All of humanity is shit. I'm just so sick of seeing these floating turds thinking their better. Then it gets more annoying when yall latch onto the accomplishments of other (insert race) like parasites with no accomplishments of your own.
You all are WE WAZ KANGZ

Night man.

The layer we live on is thinner than an egg shell realtively speaking and below us are thousands of cubic kilometers of super hot liquid rock and above us is enpty vacuum. Its not s friendly universe

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The fact that you're a raging poofter

Which is

Probably the Red Queen's Race. In which, in Alice in Wonderland, you "run as fast as you can to stay in the very same place". The continual arms race between macro and micro organisms that occasionally fluctuates to murder millions. It's not over, antibiotics themselves naturally cause antibiotic resistance. Infectious disease is both eternal and fascinating. My career goal is to basically be one the clean suit guys who dies in the movie Congo or Outbreak. You know, who was sorta trying to fix that shit.

You all are subjects of the red queen but know it not.

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Blacks are 13% of the population you dumb nigger

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I can't get this off of my mind. None of us know how long we really have left to live. We could die of any cause, and hopefully not brutal. No guarantees. No proof of an afterlife. When you're gone you're gone. We all experience death differently and no matter how much we mentally prepare ourselves, we can't be 100% ready. It just happens and we have to deal with it.

Leo Carroll, "Humanitarian Reform and Biracial Sexual Assault in a Maximum Security Prison," in Anthony M. Scacco, Jr., ed., Male Rape (1982); Alan J. Davis, "Sexual Assaults in the Philadelphia Prison System," in Male Rape; Daniel Lockwood, Prison Sexual Violence (1980); Hans Toch, Living in Prison (1992); C. Scott Moss, Ray E. Hosford and William R. Anderson, "Sexual Assault in a Prison," Psychological Reports, vol. 44 (1979); David A. Jones, The Health Risks of Imprisonment (1976)

That jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.

Ha ha ha >poofter

Get a head start on teaching your kids mandarin faggots it'll be mandatory in a few years.

It is in free-fall in an unbounded multidimentional hyperspace-time, packed with voracious black holes and random speed-demon ballistic (potential) impactors


The Conscious


Only live organism that is trying to destroy the planet while having the knowledge and brain power to know better.

its a ball of lava with thin mossy slag on surface

Hope this helps.

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Keep talking that way and see what happens.

he was just saying that to make his future films seem like more of a spectacle. also he went to the shitty ghetto part of the ocean where humans dump shit.

Global warming sounds cozy.

This. I'd rather be dead than adopt Confucian "values". Neo-Platonist horseshit. Confucius was a pig.

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Its a spaceship. One that has existed since before the age of Q

terra will turn into second venus

You have one generation left in you. Two, at the very most. Clock is ticking.

Niggers and slants.

Found the Murican! Does your government only believe everything is 2019 years old ?

Least of our problems in that timeframe. Stars would still be pretty far apart from one another, we'd just see more of them.


makes sense
btw if humanity will survive a billion years more there will be technology to gtfo from this solar system with whole planet avoiding suns anger

I cant wait for apophis to come already and wipe the fuck out of the planet

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It appears that white people are serious rapists..

Nuke the Congo

it would delete only 1 country or rather hit ocean and tsunami for everyone

Niggers and religion

Most powerful nation on planet

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Man... How did we lose the technology of furnaces.....

Nigga go into your backyard. Start a fire and throw a can on it. Nutin. Now build the fire in a hole, put a hair dryer(wind gust) on it a d watch that bitch melt.

I got a forge to melt aluminum in my back yard cause I'm a poor southern faggot.

One day you're going to watch a trailer for a movie you really want to see, but you're going to die before you can

nigger i hate yankees but they have 10 carriers n ufo n shit