What does /b think about White Pride?

What does /b think about White Pride?

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I fully believe in white pride and I absolutely love the white race, and I love being white. The problem with "white pride groups" is that they are full of redneck cousinfuckers that just want to hate niggers all day. I love the idea of white pride myself, but I do hate most people who love the idea.

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If you’re white, you should be proud of being white.

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Being proud of the color of your skin ... talk about a bunch of cucks . I find pride in my culture , what my ancestors were able to do and what they helped create . 99% of people are mixed and since every " white " person can be linked to a group of people from the EU , there's a strong chance that you're mixed with middle eastern blood . Then again I wouldn't be surprised if most retards in the US know nothing about the history of the world .

I used to know that fucking bonehead, that picture was taken in Calgary. I heard he's trans now.

>the current year
>thinks Middle Easterners aren’t white

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You can't be white if you're mixed ya daft cunt

Dumb faggots

Any [color] pride is retarded. It's like being proud because you won (or lost) the lottery. You had literally NOTHING to do with the outcome. WTF are you proud about? You have achieved nothing.

It’s just as retarded as black pride

It's the only thing they cant fuck up about themselves hence why they take pride in it. They're all losers.

Im sorry. I would love this. First thing Get 3 black slave sluts

The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.

Being proud of something you had no control over is pretty retarded in general.

Black comunists.


if being white is your biggest achievment in life, you should probably be born black


When mixed with nationalsocialism it is bad, if mixed with a appretiation for thousands of years of history then its good.

low-IQ felons. umeployed. welfare. gay. trumpanzee. filth. garbage.

offending white pride and niggers in one statement

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if you are proud of (insert race) lol, you must have nothing else to be proud of

being white isn't anything to be proud of anymore, no other ethnic group just sits by while they collapse

white people are ugly and the racist ones usually dont have friends

Memes come in all shapes and sizes.

I fucking love it

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everyone else is just started people

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nazis are so gay

I think humans are almost completely malleable making us mostly “the same on the inside” obviously there are different traits from different places but in a place like america almost everyone is mixed so i just always try to treat people like half-smart monkeys, that’s what we are anyways

what i’m meaning to say is unless it makes sense to have racial pride or not really depends on where you live

wether* idk how i got unless

apparently they're really good in the space program too

Whites are smarter and more accomplished than other races but to be proud of something you yourself didn't do is retarded.

I think that is in New Zealand.

And skinheads here are inbred fucking retards.


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It's very simple, really. While white people obsess endlessly about other so-called "mud people" who are supposedly polluting up their "pure" gene pool, the Chinese are obsessing about the things that really matter in the global power struggle; science, technology, medicine, engineering, etc. And they are beating the Americans' asses off in each of these critical areas.

So to all of you out there who think that the decline of the white race is the single greatest existential threat to civilization, just remember that while you have your attention diverted on this bullshit issue, the Chinese are building an entirely new world order behind your backs, and one day (and very soon), you will have a new "mongrel" race with which to contend, one which will by that time have amassed enough power to completely pulverize you stupid white bigots into sand, and scatter the remnants of your pitiful "civilization" to the four winds.

And not a moment too soon.

Niggers, spics, asians, they all think that their race is superior. And nobody's blaming them for that and call racist (especially asians and niggers, they're openly hate whites). I don't understand why it's bad to be proud to be white.

The whole concept is dumb
White isn’t a race
You come from proud strong smart Europeans don’t let the jews erase your history by lumping you together & forcing you to focus on skin color instead of the historical accomplishments of your ancestors. the jews did this with the Africans and half of them think they come from Wakanda.

Bunch of insecure, lonely guys with no identity or personality besides believing in white genocide and calling everyone Jews. Not saying this as an insult, just, go out and participate in society without worrying about how ‘white’ everything is.

pathetic, ahistorical, cynical.

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Maybe take pride in something more meaningful if you want to stop being a virgin cuck

The most healthy dogs are mixed race. Same goes for humans. Healthy race = mixed race.
White race will die out as all races mix for the better. Maybe some redneck areas of the world will still resort to incest to keep up their "superiority" - It is the last cry of the former colonialists.
Good night white pride

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You don't even understand how blind and brainwashed you are, don't you? White genocide is a real thing, niggers and other minorities hate whites and want to destroy us, that's why every fucking day you see some stupid "bbc" threads here. Niggers can openly hate us for our skin color and nobody cares, but if you say something about those monkeys you're fucked, and maybe even jailed in some countries. Jews can't forget the gas chambers and they really want to eliminate white people, the easiest way to do that is by using the easy brainwashing antifa niggerloving anti-white faggots like yourself, and stupid white traitor whores to make niggers look better than whites in primitive aspects like sex. White people almost don't breed anymore because white whores choose filthy hood niggers over regular normal white males.

Those dipshits are scary and stupid. There's nothing wrong with being proud of European heritage and western civilization. The problem is being a racist denigrating dumbfuck. The truly superior, the better man, doesn't insult pigs while wallowing in their shit. Be a better person by setting a better example for behavior.

I think anyone who uses the color of their skin as a major identifying trait is a fucking retard. It's why I hate white supremacists 60% of Black people.

Mixed how exactly? I bet you're talking about white whore + nigger kinda mixing. But what do you say about white man with a black girl? Or an asian girl or whatever else? I bet you don't tolerate that kind of mixing, huh?

Go talk to generation identity. The bald, army boots neo nazi type unsocial unemployed generation is outnumbered highly educated social nationalist and conservative for years now.

kahore! kaore i roto i taku kaihe!

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I support white supremacy but think asians are more superior. Blacks and arabs are inferior. Races and cultures should be kept separated and race mixing should be illegal.

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Passenger, wait, why isn't police driving?

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Der untermensch
You don't need to parade around the town and draw attention to yourself like a fag to be prideful of who you are

Then go and inform kikes about it

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Be proud of something you've done over which you have zero control. White Pride is bullshit, and so is Black Pride, or Latino Pride or whatever the fuck.

This, but the image problem is amplified by the fact that the enemy of the white race that controls the media, Jews, will only portray those white pride groups that they believe will project a negative image.

Any that demonstrate a positive image won't get the light of day and will be immediately censored.

White is a race, they are called biological clusters. There isn't significant genetic difference between the French and German because tribes from this area have mixed over very long periods of time and came from the same root tribes that colonized the area.

While there are unique cultures that one can also be proud of, race is certainly shared between French, German, and British the same way that race is shared between Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese and yet both are distinct from one another thanks to sufficient isolation over such long distances to create unique subspecies.

And that's essentially what race is, not different species, just subspecies.

For example, its scientific consensus that while there is only one species of giraffe, there are nine subspecies of giraffe with unique coloring, patterns, and bone structure, the same way we distinguish human biological clusters and no one would confuse a caucasian with an australian aboriginal.

Ok Jew

i second this. lgbt pride etc..

Pretty retarded considering whites have never been oppressed.

What kind of numpty would pride themselves on genetic traits passed on by parents? it makes no sense. I mean I even get the black pride being attached to surviving whitefella's bullshit for example because that's not just hurr durr I'm this colour so I'má be proud because derp. Same formula for straight pride spergelords.
tl;dr, it's fucking stupid (honky cracker here)

The most healthy dogs are those that are not inbred, and you don't produce a better police dog by mixing a highly intelligent Border Collie or German Shepard with a retarded shit-tier race of dogs like the Chow Chow or Basset Hound.

This also helps to reinforce the fact that dog "races" have unique and very distinguishable skillsets and strengths and weaknesses from one another, just as blacks and aboriginal australians have good endurance and ability to withstand harsh exposed conditions yet low intelligence and ability to delay gratification and strategize.

Pathetic losers with nothing else to take pride in join a club for losers so they won't feel so alone.

It would be fine if they didn't shove it down my throat like a gay pride parade, but they're not content unless they control everyone's opinion, so they should probably just be killed.

a bunch of trailer park 18 year olds that will blame anyone but themselves for their shitty meth addicted lives.

They hit the wrong arm u faggots

>White genocide is a real thing, niggers and other minorities hate whites and want to destroy us

Niggers have no power over whites, and are not a threat. It is the Jews that hold a massive disparity in power in government, banking, big tech, academia, and the entertainment industries that are the threat.

Niggers and middle-easterners are merely high-birthrate pawns, not the mastermind behind white replacement.

Its important to understand and focus on the true threat and cause for the replacement of white from their own countries.

I don't care and this is coming from a Hispanic dude, and btw taking pride in your skin color is some next level auts.
This is aimed at everyone from "woke" blacks to shitposters on pol

Name them, brother.

I've been known to say

"I don't mind black people but i hate niggers"

White Pride people act like niggers. Bunch of slimy trashy goofballs. If a black person doesn't act like a nigger hes fine.

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This is jew pyramid scheme victim culture logic. Fuck off with that bullshit you kike. You take pride in your and your ancestors accomplishments, not their weakness.

When you're confident about something, you don't need to preach it.

would you look at those brand-new clown shoes on both of them. I guess they only do white power on the weekends.
I look at those new shoes I all I can see is a bunch of suburban kids playing dress-up.

old trojan here, back in the day, I'd have taken them shoes make them walk home in their socks.

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Anyone with a mature view of the world realizes that white supremacists are losers. Who has time to spend, not working relaxing, spending time with your family or improving yourself, just to dedicate to a dead worthless cause

Just look at them for christ's sake

Are they aesthetic, successful, lean, fit, beautiful examples of aryan purity or poor hicks from the backwoods of virginia and appalachia?

Is there anyone successful with money and a job who would bother spending time, let alone sullying their reputation, who would let themselves be associated with such rabble?

It's basically larping, but instead of larping winners of a war they decided they liked the losers of wwII instead

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>Are they aesthetic, successful, lean, fit, beautiful examples of aryan purity

Of course they are, but because they typically hold high positions in society which has been trained to adapt to the fear culture of political correctness with HR departments and lawyers that will use any excuse to sue and threaten their positions as high level executives, they don't have swastika tattoos nor march in the street.

This is the "silent majority" that is so often described, and explains the massive disparity between what people express behind closed doors and anonymous voting and other forms of expression, and what is shown publicly.

> (OP)
>I fully believe in white pride and I absolutely love the white race, and I love being white. The problem with "white pride groups" is that they are full of redneck cousinfuckers that just want to hate niggers all day. I love the idea of white pride myself, but I do hate most people who love the idea.

Agreed. Nothing wrong with loving your race or nationality, but when you feel either of those are superior to another that's an issue.

Maybe. Or maybe highly successful people want nothing to do with losers.

Let's make a hypothesis and test it, hm? Call or write your local CEO, police chief, banker, politician, or simply the wealthiest people in your area.

Tell them who you are, your views on white supremacy, ask them if they agree and see if they'd like to meet you to talk about them.

If they agree you can have a nice chat with your white supremacist friend. If they reject you, if every single one soundly rejects you and tells you to fuck off and denounces your shit propaganda, then you will have learned something eh?
It's win-win

White pride isn't necessarily about superiority, but about promoting what is yours. Even if you don't believe that your football team is #1, you still root for your own team.

However, we live in a world of cultural darwanism, and its patently obvious that some cultures have been more successful than others, and others are clearly inferior in most respects. If this were a Sid Meier's video game, whites would have won a cultural victory and ended the game ages ago.

Is this peak whitoid?

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>If this were a Sid Meier's video game, whites would have won a cultural victory
Ha ha....no. Whites are a cuck race now.

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I'll take 20!

Follow your own train of thought; you're a white supremacist in a position that can only currently truly be threatened by PC culture which can bring lawsuits and even your dismissal if you are identified as a dreaded "racist" yet along full blown white supremacist.

Yet you're going to open an email from some anonymous person asking you to out your private political beliefs... for what gain?

Here's a thought experiment: How do you explain that whites, like their enemies the Jews, dominate the global landscape in virtually all positions of significant power and influence unless: 1) That pool are inherently more clever and/or 2) That pool have ingroup preference among one another and pride in promoting their race?

Take your 85 IQ and go hit the basketball court and play to your strengths.

Your retort is to post a Jewish propped puppet nigger that is so insecure about his low socioeconoimic position that he has to literally lay on bags of money? Finances are merely a tool to power, and bags of cash are not a wise investment to achieve those ends.

Its an elaborate short sighted display of weakness, and demonstrates why niggers like that are typically unable to maintain that wealth for a lifetime, MC Hammer style, yet alone develop multi-generational wealth.

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> are inherently more clever

Yeah you neanderthals sure do know how to angle your shit when you chuck it.

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If black people are allowed to play the racial identity game, and hispanic people are allowed to play the racial identity game, and asians and arabs and indians are allowed to play the racial identity game, and that game is predicated on "I have a robust cultural history that demands respect, and perceived injustices in the past or present are predicated on my racial identity and need to be addressed," it seems racist to deny white people the same opportunity.

Not him but Wayne has held his wealth for more than 15 years now.

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Have you thought about playing a sport or taking up a hobby like hiking or climbing? Maybe visit the park or the library?

Jesus this is fucking disgusting!

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For all your power and authority there sure are a lot of SJW's running around that scare the shit out of you

Sure white people are great and occupy positions of power, self select and have success bred into their genes. That doesn't mean we all punch down at "lower" races.

>Yet you're going to open an email
Possibly. Or possibly you're a loser and noone wants anything to do with your crackpot political beliefs and conspiracy theories.

If you won't test the reality of your beliefs, if you just believe what you want, that being a power fantasy of all successful people in the world sharing your views with little or no evidence, then you really are a coward with no respect for the scientific method.

Go on believing that the elites share your naive, outdated and self-sabotaging views. If you're unwilling to test and challenge your own views you're doomed to live in fear and ignorance the rest of your life

That's really not very long. And even then, he's an outlier in the hip hop industry. Name a rapper from 15 years ago that's still relevant. There were dozens in the mid 2000s, but only like 4 or 5 aren't either (comparatively) broke or in prison.

Would much rather have Jews control the world than white power cringe-lords.

The best argument against white supremacy is an objective look at white supremacists.

You think arabs are white?
Jew much?

I think stereotypes exist for a reason, but you also have to be fucking retarded for being proud of something you have no control over.

You mean the WE WUZ ROMANS N’ SHIT guys that don’t like Christianity because it’s not ‘Evropean’?

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Exists un·e·quiv·o·cal·ly, however its not something to strut around with. More something to be hidden from plain sight or niggers.

The nigger, however, can sense white pride by a mere look at the "white" person and is immediately fearful of said person.


None of this has anything to do with Nice Black People.