Coming down off DMT playing Pokémon ruby ama

Coming down off DMT playing Pokémon ruby ama

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did "they" experiment on you?

Nah, I had a good trip. Felt like I skipped time

Neat! Has the DMT changed any aspect of ruby?

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why is your first thought after using dmt to post a thread on Sup Forums?
coming down takes a matter of minutes unless you ingested 5meo which I'm guessing you didn't

I didn’t buy a testing kit or anything but I didn’t check the clock or anything before, in fact I thought my trip would be bad but I just went for it. And idk why I posted it always seems aesthetic to me

I’m playing it more strategically but still I suck

no it's still trash

you used dmt because you thought it was 'aesthetic'
please explain in detail how you ingested it and what the effects were

I didn’t think it was ‘aesthetic’ I think posting to the empty void of Sup Forums is but also psychedelics are aesthetic af

It’s real joe rogen hours my niggas

you should stop using drugs in general
psychedelics are tools, not something to use to look cool
keep going with that attitude and you're gonna have your ass handed to you
also you didn't explain at all what the experience was like

I don’t even know, also I’m not trying to look cool. I already know that will never happen. Not to be pessimistic. Anyway the trip definitely blurred the lines between realities because I was fighting with my spouse before which right when I smoked it he came back from his house during my short trip and made me realize love is all that’s important. The only reason he came over is cuz he was worried when I sent him a song in the middle of a fight. The timing was oddly impeccable

Wow havent seen a game boy micro in years

Also I won’t be smoking dmt so willy nilly as this was the first time I used a bong instead of a small pipe and the come up was real fast, I was high before I even exalted, and right after I did my boyfriend was there to put his hands around me. Making me think he was a hallucination when we was actually there

When you come down on dmt do you feel a bit depressed? I've done shrooms and acid and I always feel slightly depressed and lonely (even when I'm not alone) when coming down and for a day or two after

I got one after my fam bought me this Christmas tree ornament that looked like a mini gold psp, then I found this puppy and my dreams came true

I wasn’t because my boyfriend was there, I’ve also don’t shrooms and lsd and I see what you mean. I’ve also heard other ppl say the same thing, it seems like it’s just the chemical serotonin wearing off that you were used too making you feel sadder in comparison

I’ve also Done*

the love part is good
but you really need to do some reading and take these substances more seriously if you plan on using them again
I agree with the blurred lines part as well
dmt along with other psychs is not about being high. you need to take that shit seriously. I imagine you've never had a really difficult trip on anything otherwise youd realize that already
I've had the exact opposite feeling every time and I've used lsd, mush, and dmt close to 100 times combined. maybe you aren't facing what you really need to

Found this gem, 20th anniversary edition. Just flexing any chance I get

>maybe you're not facing what you need to
It's a very slight depression. Just feel kinda blue. As the other person said it may be a chemical thing or maybe its just that the trip is over and feel a bit down by it in the same way when you go on a vacation and it ends and you're back to regular life. I dunno

I’ve accepted this shits way over my head, I just dived in tonight and... I sounded crazy trying to explain my trip but yeah I’ve never had a “bad trip” as lots of people look at them as learning experiences but I know if I push myself too far it won’t be good. I am just tip toeing my way though as everyone else. Any advice on relaxing/ planning in advance? I’m always anxious especially now that I’m gonna be going deeper with more hits from this bong. Also as I’m typing this my thoughts seem more disjointed...

everyone is different
all I know is during and for a few days after a good trip on anything I feel absolutely euphoric despite feeling depressed all the time otherwise

So you sat in your room like a loser doing drugs by yourself and then post to Sup Forums. Wow dude, what a complete waste

Also I just realized I contradicted myself here by saying I tip toe through my trip like everyone else but I said I dived into it tonight. My own thoughts feel confused, especially when it comes to time

They were free drugs tho lol

if you don't push yourself far enough it's worthless
just do your homework, erowid is a great resource
psychedelic experiences go way deeper than just getting high, prepare yourself as much as you can
honestly smoking dmt is not a great idea with no other experience with psychs, how did you even get it?

Of a trip you idiot


My bfs friend gave it to us when giving us lsd. He is currently on ketamine which I know nothing about. Thought it was like pcp or crack but apparently it’s a psychedelic

you really need to do some research on drugs and buy a fucking test kit
ket is not a psych, it's a dissociative btw, and crack and pcp are nothing near similar

It was a waste of a trip. How much more would you like me to spell this out for you. I think you shouldn’t do drugs, your brain is barely functional as it is.

Like I said dude I’d never know I’m not out here smoking pcp or crack

My trip is long gone dude dmt last like not even a minute to 15 minutes

because you refuse to do your research. crack and pcp are vastly different but really not as harmful as you think

Why do you choose to be such a waste of flesh, food, and funds?

I don’t refuse, I just don’t have a desire for pcp or crack. Nor the sources. As a general rule of thumb (in my head) I only do drugs that you can’t OD on. I haven’t researched every single drug you can’t OD but I have a rough idea, crack bad pot good.

What is NOT a waste of those life’s a fuckin waste itself

you have no excuse to be ignorant
overdosing is preferable to going too deep with psychs

Open ended insult is open ended

What’s your preferred drugs?

Ppl don’t have to be knowledgable in every drug unless they’re doing them which I’m not

These are the people who think healthcare should be free.

I don’t think healthcare should be free, but my ambulance bills piling up wtf do I do

Spending your time bettering yourself to live a fulfilling life while finding ways to better the world around you.
Why isn't this more of a "today I learned how to grow strawberries, AMA" vs something on par with "today I jacked off in a Walmart dressing room, AMA"?

Sorry. I don't know anything more about the guy to get more personal. Doesn't mean it's not true.

Quit doing drugs and playing shitty games for starters. Post the rest of your life and we can tell you where else you're fucking up.

Because not everything’s marketable fucking bullshit get high as fuck before you die

Sounds like nothing in your life is worth pursuing then. Might I suggest high doses of hard injectables? Pile them on in one go and you can solve both of our problems.

This thread is so negative for no reason other than too many projecting weirdos.

Seriously... him smoking dmt and playing pokemon doesn’t need to be spiritual apotheosis. Yeah dmt probably has the power to lay waste to your mind at some point if you don’t know what you’re doing but the same could be said for all drugs

I just wanna know what you felt when you were playing it. As a gamer.

I won’t deny this thread is shit but doesn’t have anything to do with my life being fulfilled. As long as I’m alive I’m fulfilled

Drugs are a shitty vehicle for escapists. If your life were so worth, you wouldn't be doing them.
Playing Pokemon just reaffirms that.
I bet you like Disgaea, too.

You're on b.

Never heard of it, while I admit I cope with my computer being fried when my bf spilt water on it Pokémon was always my backup game to keep me busy.
Also what’s so bad about escapism, I literally work at the movies so I live and breath escapism to the point where it’s my life, call me a consumer but I know Disney’s a monopoly, the govs corrupt, etc etc. all this shit doesn’t matter as long as we are happy and living a ignorantly blissful life. Call me blue pilled

>if you aren’t reading, sweating, or cumming you’re worthless

do you or anyone else happen to have the picture of the guy in the black or purple button down shirt standing by the door with soundproofing around him? please

You don't live with your spouse??

Drugs are drugs kiddo.
You need to grow up.
Get a job.
Go to sleep

That's STUPID. It's like saying I only drink water that quenched my thirst. Makes zero sense

Stop doing drugs for starters.
Get a job. Pay your bills faggot


Of course you are.

That's not work. What are you doing to build yourself a better life?