""If the Senate doesn’t permit the introduction of all relevant witnesses and of all documents that the House wants...

""If the Senate doesn’t permit the introduction of all relevant witnesses and of all documents that the House wants to introduce because the House is the prosecutor here, then the Senate is engaging in an unconstitutional and disgusting cover-up," said Nadler. "The question is: Does the Senate conduct a trial according to the Constitution, to vindicate the republic, or does the Senate participate in the president’s crimes by covering them up?"

Well said congressman, well said.

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"Giuliani associate Parnas says Trump 'knew exactly what was going on'"

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I'm an independent, so I don't really have a dog in this fight. To be fair, the entire trial is kind of a sham anyway. Trump didn't even follow through with the crime they accused him of. And if they impeach Trump for a quid pro quo transaction, the same thing should happen to Biden. Biden has made several claims admitting to the crime they're accusing Trump of.

There are 2 possible outcomes:

The Senate does not convict. Trump wins the second term. Everyone blames the Dems for wasting time.

The Senate does not convict. The democrats (probably Biden) win the election anyway. Impeachment becomes the new tool that every Congress uses to try and make the sitting president look bad which wastes countless hours that could be used solving problems.

Either outcome is bad. Impeachment is a bad idea.

That was the House's job during the impeachment inquiry. Fuck all that they're gonna tell the Senate what to do.

>Yields 80% of Republican speakers’ time to Democrats
>Doesn’t afford Republicans the opportunity to bring their OWN witnesses into the House
>Tell blatant lies
>Make up information and run it as fact
>Listens to OPINIONS and takes them as factual information/evidence

Also Democrats:
>We want a fair trial! We want witnesses and decorum!


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>fair trial
>says he was guilty since day 1 with 0 facts to back that up
>fair trial
Ahahahahaha. No.

You just lied about everything here you asshole. They didn’t yield time to Democrats. They didn’t block ANY witnesses with one exception: the whistleblower, who NO ONE got to question during the hearing.

Why do you lie? You probably believe the “they questioned witnesses in a locked basement in the capital and didnt let republicans ask any questions!!” meme too. Go suck Doug Collins cock you liar.

Joe Biden is not the president and therefore not subject to impeachment. His behavior is irrelevant wrt Trump's illegal dealings. This thread is about Trump's crimes. If you want to talk about parking violations or Jerry Springer's divorce go ahead but it has fuckall to do with the sitting president abusing the power of the office for personal gain over and over.

Impeachment will die an ant's death in the senate and will become a minor talking point during the absolute drubbing the left is going to get in November. Dems need a completely new platform moving forward or to just dissolve into a moderate liberal group and a full communist group that can be laughed out of existence imprisoned or executed for treason.


>Trump didn't even follow through with the crime they accused him of.
cool, lemme cock a gun to your head but forget to load it


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Still waiting to hear WHAT crimes. "obstruction of congress" cannot by definition be a crime (the executive branch is a co-equal in checked and balance). "Abuse of power" has not been established. The president is allowed to talk on the phone and the people who were in the room and/or were eon the call with the president testified that nothing he said or implied was approaching criminal. But since we have a "whistleblower"- a partisan hack employed by and coordinating with a few democrats- we somehow have 'evidence'?

So political disagreement is now criminal and impeachable? Good luck with that OP. My fear is the republicans won't impeach the next democrat president in a vindictive partisan power grab against the people's will.

Then after watching Biden's brag about what he did with Ukraine, I can't help but SMDH and see this whole things as the media driven gas lighting it is.

Sorry you fell into 'orange man bad' belief. If the media told you you must believe, right, OP? What ever happened to free and open thinking? Must you all be lemmings?

He was in the Executive Branch when he did what he was bragging he did. Therefore he was subject to impeachment. Im glad you know so much that just isn't so. Maybe you could crack a book?

Lol, liberals are a weird bunch.

But but its been going on for 25 months

Not what happened whtsoever.

And there will be plenty of opportunity and time to call witnesses now.


Is this still about Crimea?

It doesn't need to be a crimw, lol, impeachment is not a judicial process. Congress can depose a president for whtever reason it agrees on, like it's a sunny day in Washington, or the cantina french fries were cold and soggy. It is as intended so that congress doesnt4hate to wait for or jistfy itself to the judiciary.

No, he was not subject to impeachment because the House did not vote so.

You know, I watched the House hearing in all their C-span juiciness and several naps later, I can declare with certainty that you sir are full of shit. There was no transfer of time across the isle. Every time the White House’s witness or council was permitted time, it was pointed out the the White House declined the invitation. The narrative you pointed out was engineered and completely false. Just red meat for a gullible base.


Joe Biden is not the president. What he does is completely unrelated to illegal behavior from Trump. "He got away with murder so you can't prosecute me for it" is not a valid defense. If Trump doesn't want to be subject to prosecution he should stop regularly breaking the law.

>Trump didn't even follow through with the crime they accused him of
Yea that sounds like:
>I'm an independent, so I don't really have a dog in this fight
watch fox news much?

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>when he did what he was bragging he did.
Which was part of official US policy.

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don't forget that historical trade agreement with china too, the one no democrat has been able to do so far and even other republicans, maybe Donald Trumps doing a good job

Well said user, well said

Oh so you are one of those Trump haters cause he threatened to make you get off your ass and get a job

Lol imagine being such a delusional moron that you criticize someone for being informed

Bidens situation was different because:

1) he wasn't president
2) he was doing official us policy as set by the president and congress. Trump was using aid passed by congress which he had no authority to hold up
3) he said why he was doing it, unlike trump who refused to tell congress and government officials why
4) trumps goals were transparently his own political gain

I don't like Biden and think the stuff with his son is pretty corrupt, but this is a false equivalency

> and think the stuff with his son is pretty corrupt
Is it though? Getting a board seat for a family member in some obscure foreign company is neopotic, yes, but also of little consequence in compromising interests. We didn't have to artificially inflate the value of copper to benefit the Bidens, it's just some dude putting his crackhead son as far away from US politics as can be managed.

Yeah it definitely is he's a crackhead getting 80k a month cause his name is biden. I won't defend this

He literally said he had the presidents ear, I.e., using the power of the president you Fucking retard.

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By using the power of the president to avoid prosecution of his child.

LOL anyone who talks to the president has the authority of the president? This is so dumb I don't even feel like I need to present an argument against it

His child wasn't being prosecuted, and none of the investigations of the company before or since were directly tied to him.

Hihihi...the USA has no left, not since the 1920-30's. But every good shallow narative needs a boogeyman....

"I'm an independent.", only a republican would begin with this. This is a discaimer, not a proclamation. They think affiliation is more important than truth. Republicans are a party of liars.

Silence foreigner or retard. We know subversion when we see it.

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Nadler, Schiff and Pelosi are criminals.


Hush, book-free retard. Maybe you open a polisci book one day and realize how ignorant you are today. Probably not.

I guess the Republicans and the House dropped the ball on Biden. That doesn’t give Trump a pass.

"As an independent, newfag" would've carried so much more authority.

Who cares if it’s the same or different? If Biden did the crime then they dropped the ball in not pursuing him for it. That does not give Trump a pass. Saying that someone else got away with something so I should be able to also is not a defense.


The Senate doesn't have to do anything the house tells it too. Jerry Nadler is a cuck nigger. It's not the job of the Senate to call witnesses, that's what the house is for. The Senate has the job of reviewing the article and voting on it. So STFU OP

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I’m with Nadler. We want a fair trial with subpoenas for documents and witnesses.

The Senate can call witnesses, and if it doesn't call the relevant witnesses, it is obviously sucking Trump's cock, yet again.

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The house did. The White House stonewalled them. Hence the article of obstruction of congress. The only cuck in this situation is you.

The fuck he didn’t.

Never said they couldn't. It's not their job to further do the houses job. It's their job to eval and vote. There is no need for further investigation or witnesses. This is a bullshit scam and the dems said they would start impeachment on day 1 of Trump's presidency.

There is ample need to have Bolton, Mulveny, Pompeo, Giuliani, Duffy and Parnas testify. As well as produce all documents that the White House has obstructed in order to have a fair trial as outlined in Article 2. This isn’t very hard to grasp unless you flagrantly don’t want and fear a fair trial.

Wow, look at those awesome right memes. I’m just so blown away by how great they are.

I never liked trump but for fuck sake I wish for five minutes everyone would shut the fuck up. Is he a dick? Yeah! But now the platform of everyone running for office in 2020 is “orange man bad” because liberals cannot focus on anything other than “he hurts my feelings”. God I wish that everyone on the “not my president” band wagon was bullied till they killed themselves in high school. These fucking liberals with their blue hair need to be put in concentration camps

Oh look it’s another Ivan spouting the “I don’t, but...” line. This shit is so transparent.

So basically what you are saying is you are shilling right wing psycho talking points.

What I’m saying is “I hate trump too” is not a platform and every commercial I see for a democratic candidate ends in “and get trump out of office”

What crime retard ?

That’s not at all what you are saying. What you are saying is a bunch of regurgitated far right psycho talking points, right down to putting everyone of a differing political opinion in camps. You are either a shill, a stooge or an ignorant child. The only way you could have upped the distilled retardation of your post is if you ranted about a new civil war. Personally, I’m sure you are just an Ivan reposting their tired narrative, but in case you are just a dumb child, grow up. Either way go tuck yourself.

Go fuck yourself*, tucking is what you do with your cock when you look in the mirror and dream of being born a beautiful Russian mail order bride that had a chance of selling her slit for citizenship, Ivanfag.

>putting everyone of a differing political opinion in camps
kek, leftists put a lot more dissonants in gulag than the right ever did

Hey dipshit, that’s the goal of winning an election against an incumbent. Should they be saying, vote for me and when I win I will go cradle trumps balls while he remains in the White House? Your points are autistic and transparent.

so... democrats
>have no evidence
>Pelosi has a heart attack
>hospital for 2 months
>gets out
>signs impeachment with 200 Chinese pens
>gives them away to awkward-looking people who say she was "completely off base, this was supposed to be a somber occasion, not some circus" -- Adam Schiff
>Now dems want 100 witnesses
>GOP says "pick 4"
>Nadler says 10 or nothing
>GOP says fuck yourself, it's NOTHING!
>Nadler's saying "durrrrrrrrrrrr it's a coverup!!!!

That's reason 103485558 Trump will win again libbies

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But #ItWasHerTurn

incredible how even after all this some people just don't get that this isn't about the election or feelings, or "his style"or whether we like the orange man or not,
absolutely incredible

Your whataboutism is hanging out. Let me guess, you are going to try and move the goal post to your perception of politics in foreign countries throughout history. Which has exactly shit to do with this situation and conversation. Go back to Sup Forums, sperg... you need an army of dimwits to back up your bullshit.

That was honestly the most juvenile fan fiction I’ve read in weeks, and I’ve seen the frat boy gangbang girl larp more than once.

Anchor " Donald trump says he has nvr meet you"
Dude " :c... I was in the the room cupping the balls

Also abuse of power isnt a crime it's an opinion

I bet you did FANTASY-BOY-FAG


There is third scenario you forgot. Where senate does get to call their witness's and they call all of the current democrats running for president, ruining their collective attempt at getting rid of trump and he gets re-elected because they can't go do the campaign thing.

EXCLUSIVE TSA Unveils New Genital Visualizers
TSA Harassment Parody
TSA Eric Cartman "Toilet Safety Administration" Gerald Broflovski
KAC Raided by Toilet Safety Administration

>gets arrested
>gets indicted
>says ANYTHING to not go to prison for 100 years

Libtards once again say "seeeeee we told youuuuu he's gonna lose omg omg omg we have evidence guise omg!!!!"

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Your caps lock shows your rage. You gonna punch your monitor, junior?

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I'm gonna punch your mom's prolapse!

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He doesn’t just say it, kiddo. He has documentation. You are scared of the truth, so you mock it to try and reassure yourself. But we all know, the truth is about to come out. Enjoy your snarky denialism while you still can.

Literally no one in thus world cares what you say or think.

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>the US has no left
>Bernie has anarcho-communists on his campaign

we're onto you, faggots

suck balls retard

HEARSAY. "documentation". Libturds can manufacture anything. No one believes it.

Their screeching is like music to my ears.

In for 5 more years of feckless entertainment.

by stonewall, you mean the White House took it to court for a legal ruling and the Democrats didn't want to wait to see the court rulings

You need to be onto a stack of books, skeeter.


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True. They also slammed it through with a hammer. 80 days.


No, there is 59 pages of documents as well as texts, photos and audio recordings. In fact, based on what he released the Ukraine is launching an investigation today and asking for the US to participate. You need to get out of your bubble and see the real world.

>read a book, mosquito

great argument.

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when are yew fuckin dems gonna be done with your stupid fuckin fantasies son? none of what you said is real. sure you have all of that, but none of it's actually legitimate. FABRICATED PHOTOS, PAPERS, NONSENSE.

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No, because the courts are continuing to order documents released. However, there was ample evidence for a dozen witnesses to move forward on abuse of power, and it is their duty to move forward on articles of impeachment before the election, not let the White House drag the process out in the courts until afterwards. Remember, they have been trying to get McGhans testimony under a subpoena since April. It could still be many more months until the courts finally rule on that. It could be during the next Supreme Court term.

>fan fiction

Cry to me more you unhinged liberal cuck.

I love hearing you whine.

>this is what defeat looks like

1. Biden/Clinton commit crimes
2. Trump gets impeached for asking Ukraine to investigate
3. Elect Biden President

how can you not see who are the baddies in this scenario?

>everything I don’t like is made up!
Show us on the doll where the tooth fairy (or the man dressed like her) touched you.

Yeah that’s not true. The constitution lays out that its for crimes that equate to felonies or high misdemeanors. What high misdemeanors translates today is up. For debate but your statement is not accurate.

1) fake
2) real
3) no u

Yeah i seen this its bullshit

right.... if you had all of that information, it would be in the news, people would be talking about it, there would be investigations (right now).

nothingburger. again. maybe you'll impeach trump again out of anger waaaaaaaaaaahhhh.