We should make it illegal to hug without hug pass

we should make it illegal to hug without hug pass
and also i think we should do same for patting
o also you need license to come to this thread and this is no pat and hug zone

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Can i get an hug pass?

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it cost 2 cute pictures
and you need to answer question correctly

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yee!!! yew fib eye know yew dink et. ez knot fake pic, kameraz knot lye. eye nebar gowin beecom ice!!! n knot efter yew tri xtort we bye lettin bunbun bee lewd bulli. pink peepol n fluffy peepol al enemyz ofb ebil noww!!!
yew knot ned pazz jest hug n patt dem al yew wantt eye lett yew

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa devil triiippsss off heecckkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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nopenope i just made it illeagl sorry

then who is you!!!
oki oki tell me joke i wanna hear another joke

thats illleeeegaaaaalll1!!!!!11!1!!1

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eye ez we n we ez eye. eye knot tel yew joke, yew lewd bulli!!! knot care ifb illegall enywun kan hug n patt yew noww ebil sayy sow

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you bulli me ;-;
the picture doesnt lie it you in it ;-;

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Do i go to the DMV to get my license? The woman at the counter said she doesn't know what a hug pass is and that I'm upsetting other customers.

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you has to come me
i are open for busines from 7pm to 7 am
take with you 2 cute pictures
or objects and ill give you the pass if you answerr question correctly

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yew bulli we!!! hop a pack ofb willd pinks swarrm yew n hug n patt yew untill cri. et knot we!!! et a lewd rood

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you bulli i!!!!
i hope bunch off ice come and make you celebrate happy times and off ice!!!!!
then who is it!!!!!!!!

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yew bulli we!!! yee wel eye hop da pack ofb willd pinks hab sticky handz sow gett al dirtyy. et probablee yew!!! yew mak postt yearz beefoue meet we jest four dis dayy. probablee uze black magicky two dew et

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Are you mentally handicapped?

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wut yew meen. yew knot know bunbun ez a level 83 wizzard hoo kant kontrol tim. thot eberry wun new dat

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i no bully you!! you bulle me!!
well i hope the ice are like super ice and make you be ice for whole day n stuff
if i could time travel i would time travel to you and make you join team fluffy!!!!!!

excuse mee im not wizard
im priest off nnaanchu

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I want to touch Nanachi in a lewd sort of way.

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excuse me
touching buns in this thread is illegal you has to go make own thread

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yew bulli we sow eye bulli yew!!! wel den eye hop da pinks alsow tak yew hom n uze yew az a pillow droolin onn yew. dat wood nebar habben ebil ez two sttrong two eber joyn wett furr team!!! eye know yew a black magicky wizzard n yor tim gamz knot gowin worrk onn we

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eh i bully you cause you bully i !!!
well i hope like ice peeps like give you present and treat you well and ice like and make you regret being ebil and cry out off habbines now that you are accepted in family and you arent so alone anymore
im a priest of nanachi!!!!!!! not a wizard!!! or a gizard!!! or even a lizard!!!
i cant time travel see proof i changed your shoes!!!

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Not being able to hold my wife is too much to bear.

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butt yew bulli we firstt sow eye hab two bulli yew!!! den eye hop da pinks efter droolin onn yew tak yew two da baff n scrrub yew klean n lebve onn clothezpinnz two dry while birbs squawwk et yew aldayy. pfft yee rite eye knot beelieve yew scalyy wizzard eye know whyy yew workin four da ayy lmaos noww. wut da fug gib shoez bak yew left sandalz n et wintar mii feett gowin ffreeze

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nice collection off bun this is mine

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Fantastic taste friend.

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nu uh you bulli i first say buns ears werent big enough in drawing!!!
well i hope you has your bestest day with ice and you makes cri noices off happiness
im not wizard lizard!! im fluffy bunbun!!!!!!!!!!
nu uh!! you normaly use blanks with 2 strings i gave you nice option!!!!

but no lewd
dont lewd bun illegal
written in bun law
they cant be lewded

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But I must.

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then youre goin to bun hell sorry to tell -.-

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It is an awful place, you don't really want to step onto that soil.

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hello you are new face
whats your name

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It's rediculous to go to hell for lewding my wife, but if that's already where I'm going might as well go all in.

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eye ded knot yew bulli we!!! dat a fib!!! wel eye hop onnce yew don dryin dayy tak yew bak hom n drezz yew upp inn funny hattz n tak pics n scratchh yor chinn. eye know yor seacret noww. yew hab fake furr two hide yor scalez. dayy where warrmar den sandalz!!! eye gow slep gnight bunbun ore shuuld eye sayy scaly lizbun hab gud restt ofb dayy n gud slep wen slep

gnight eberry wun elze. yew al hab gud dayy two

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sleep well dont let ice ice bite

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Hello. Interesting rabbit you have there.
I have met many a rabbit like you myself in my time in death, and all lives beforehand.

I do not go by any name of any sort. Such an act of folly is reserved for only the living humans and creatures, and not for those whose time has long expired.
No record of my life or cause of death remains to this day but rather the shadow and skull that has been left behind.
For any perceived notion that I have a name, you may call me death. Or whatever obscure nickname comes to your hallowed mind.

Now tell me little one. What is your name? Where do you hail from and what is your purpose?
So many questions to be asked but so little time of the winds of death remain.
Perhaps you could be the one who serves our tea tonight for this ongoing debate.

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you like writign esseys -.-
write lil longer and you get phd in literata!?!? word!?
hoi im bunbun
your name is now hollow
hoi hollow
i just like excist n stuff -.-

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One-liners and short humble-jumble are not my mantra here. I am far more complicated than what your eyes perceive.

You can have a degree in everything and still not have the wit or capacity to make huge leaps forward. Sometimes, independence, isolation and self-reliance are the stronger factors that reign supreme above all else. There has always been many a time where I've had to seek out the truth on my own.

Bunbun it is. I shall remember it coming forward as I return to rest soon.

What do you mostly do in your existence? Or whatever is left of it?

Beat your ass to death with baseball bat nigga

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imagine rp'ing as some game character.
just end yourself.

just being kind to others !?!?!
atleast try -.-

why care so much what others do -.-
go chase your dreams instead off trying to ruin others funs -.-
silly poster

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singles and fluffy

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i like to yell into fan like that
you know

woops forgot image but was worth got dubs

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Yeah I know that
I like that it's fun

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how you get so many dubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now you get dubs!!

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i dont know i wanted singles!!!!!!!!!

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Yay you got it

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now look dubs!!!

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aaaa heck

you can soo for sexual aassault or something!

lmao imagine getting dabbed on by a satania poster
smart satania poster

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double singles!!!!!

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but but but!!! its not illegal yet!! we have to make it illegal so i can sue!!!


i made sausag!! it got burnt!!

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;; i haet when that happen

im hugging that flat bun and i give no shit if i get fined for that.

it's a fine hug.

Aww poor bunbun, I hope you can still eat it

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KAC Raided by Toilet Safety Administration
EXCLUSIVE TSA Unveils New Genital Visualizers

user calls 911
Muslims says "UK go to hell, UK police go to hell" in Britain.
Fuck New Year's Eve!


TSA Eric Cartman "Toilet Safety Administration" Gerald Broflovski

me too .-.

the fine is hanging btw

ate it!!
was bit crunchy and bad tasting but was hangrery!!


dub dubs!!

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hangery bunbun

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sleepy pink

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sleep well

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dubs! I'll sleep soon... How about I pat you

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3 more hours and smack remember that
nnnnop no pats illegal in this thread

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hmm.. not 3 more hours, no smacks please
How about a hug? Are those allowed?

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nope need pass illegalll >:(

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Can I have the hug pass

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Free hugs

Hugs are nice

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>the fine is hanging btw
from her ears maybe.

you have to give 2 cute images
and answer my quewstion correctly to get pass

lewding and braking law in bun law says you are hanged from neck until suffocation takes you

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Here's the first

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hey i'd nolewd hug that.
and feed foods.

Here's the 2nd cute

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lewding is to get hanged dont lewd

oki heres question list 5 items you can hug

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The bun
The fluffy bun

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Chinatsu only, sorry

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sorry you arent qualified to get hug pass
try again next time
re doing test cost 1 bunny picture

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would you like to take the test?

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I think I'll fail it

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