Cheap ways to get high thread

cheap ways to get high thread

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Nitrus oxide. One of the best highs out there, but it goes away quickly.

dude u cant /thread ur own reply

fpbp you could also sit in a locked car on a sunny day heat stroke delirium is probably pretty trippy

>live in Canada
>weed is legal here
>drive across street to weed store
>pay 7 bucks
>go home and smoke weed

Sucks to be u op

it really does, in my country it's illegal but i smoke it, the other day the motherfucker tried ti make me pay 20$ for 2 grams which is fucking nuts

Benadryl is a fucking wild trip

i trust you on that but i cant get any, will try as soon as i can thi

Look up that shit on Erowid, it's a fucking insane trip. Like LSD and shrooms are psychedelics and you feel a little high but like you don't see shit that isn't real. Benadryl is a deliriant, so you literally can't tell what's real and what's not.
>>My roommate was watching me and said I spent half an hour trying to climb over the side of the couch
>>We didn't have a couch

Huff gasoline fumes, you can literally buy a few dollars worth of gas from a gas station and get sent into the 5th dimension


im worried about brain damage from that one

It was fucking bananas, I took the Benadryl at like 7:00ishPM and at 6:00AM I was still tripping balls. The last thing I remember before I passed out:
>>Laying in bed without covers because I kept seeing spiders on all my covers (which was weirdly annoying and not terrifying)
>>Guy with shirt and tie and clipboard walks in and starts looking around and writing shit down
>>"Who the fuck are you?"
>>He says "I'm from the Office of the Dean, I just need to check out some stuff, don't worry"
>>I knew I just spent like 10 hours hallucinating wildly in the dorms so I was worried
>>Dude opens up my closet door and walks in and shuts the door behind him
>>At this point I get up and start saying "the fuck are you doing"
>>Open my closet door
>>Nobody was in there
>>Roommate hears and wakes up to ask me why I'm talking to myself looking in the closet

I took 10 grams of shrooms like an idiot while drinking one time and had a nightmare bad trip. Trust me, i saw things that werent real. Ended up in the hospital

where do you live?

hiw much benadryl did you take? wtf

yeah i hear shrooms are crazy but there's no way to get the where i live


can you get dihydrocodeine otc?

Can inhale ur shit fumes. The methane will get you high.

Learn to enjoy being. You don't need drugs to get high on life.

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Morning Glory seeds. Most intense trip that you can get at Home Depot. Get about 4-8 grams of the heavenly blue variety or the flying saucers, grind them up and put them in food (they taste fucking horrible) eat said seeds and wait an hour, you'll be tripping balls for about 8 hours.

Knife hits of pipe resin if you really wanna nig around

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cwe about 150mg dihydrocodeine


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I hear anti-freeze gives a nice high. Also it should be 10x better if you mix in a little bleach

Climb a steep hill

Nah don't, this literally melts your brain

i think that's been debunked

damn, thats deep


seems healthy,

Diont go over 750mg
youll just die



Huff paint until blood's leaking from your nostrils. Works every time dude.

I'll try that

Hold your breath.

Tried it, doesn't work for me.

Nothing's not real. If you believe it, you were there. Majority of people simply won't completely comprehend what I've just stated.

You can buy grow kits online pretty stealthily.

Use sound waves.
Get that sweet 40Hz Isochronic Pulse and listen to it @ 432 or 538
Follow it with a 70Hz Binaural wave from a 90/160 mono pair
You will not feel the same.

Nutmeg, Google that shit. You have to ingest a lot, you will likely puke, but it is a hallucinogenic high that can last a day or so.

Couldnt I just jerk off to porn instead?

all google gives me are shitty soccer mom storys. Do you have any fourm advice? Id like to try it.

hug your mom.


Take the elevator.

unironicallly this. Whenever Im in acity I try to use at least one elevator.