What's her name again?

What's her name again?

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GutterTrash CumBucket

Used up irrelevant puppet.


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GetThat CumBird

groaty doomberg

Billie Eilish

mama orgy

huge futacock

Thunderbird 2

Greet A Throat Burn

greta, and you should be more respectful to your superiors

the Swedish squaw Great Thunder

regreta thornypussy

the sun from the telitubbies



Person of the Year

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say hi to your global leader. bless you greta.

Donaldia Trumpussy.


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the face of Beau?

Gertrude Thunderthighs

greta thunberg

Olga bumbberg

Gretadict Thundbergbatch

Greta Thumberg

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Adam Sandler

Helga Grornbjorg

Grundle Turdburglar

Greta van fleet

This is a little girl. How fucking dare you, cunt. If this was your daughter, how would you feel? All of these sacks of shit calling your daughter a whore, a slut, a waste of life. Just think for one second, put yourself in their shoes for one second you rat-faced sack of shit.