I've been growing my hair because I am considering transitioning into a Hon...

I've been growing my hair because I am considering transitioning into a Hon... but because I don't want my family to suspect what I'm doing... so I have a beard... and I'm looking kinda homeless at the moment because of it.

Does anybody else know this feel?

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Yup, moving out in a week and getting electro and my ears pierced. Tried growing my hair out but I can’t get past the awkward phase.


I’m a raging faggot, gay doesn’t cover the half of it.

That's the only reason I have a beard it is the only thing that's holding together my already fragile identity and provides me with some semblance of masculinity. I'm 25 and I can count the times I ve shaved with my one hand. The most characteristic instance was 7 months ago when i was drafted in the army and shaved my beard before getting a haircut and I looked just like my mom.

Why not?

The first thing stopping me from going full sissy is the fact that I don't actually like most women clothes. I like feeling like a girl, and be treated as such but I don't want to go around using skirts and dresses and all that shit.
The second thing is my masculine face and shoulders that will out me a nautical mile away.
Such is the life of the degenerate.

I went to go get my mullet fixed (it grows into a curly mullet) and the hairdresser just took way too much off. Also I hate my hairline.

I’ve gotten to the point I’ve stopped giving a shit if people notice my hands/feet or shoulders.

Women wear pants now lol.

No draft since Nam.

>larp smarter, not harder


I'm not American, burgerbrain

Wish I could do that. Maybe I will at some point, not there yet.
That's what I mostly wear, skinny jeans, tanks and baggy oversized shirts so I can hide my upper body more comfortably. Luckily am kinda short, so I think the overall look kinda works.


you sissygirls watch too much fuckin porn

Nope, wanted to be a girl since I was 9. I don’t like sissies, they’re fucking annoying.

I’m working out my hips to try and balance out my shoulders. Probably still going to be clockable to most people though.

Don? Is that you?

I have had long hair since im 18, ao it was never a problem.
Got my ear pierced at 26 tho
Started hormones at 23 and i think i dont look so bad

I’m 23 and going to start hormones this year. Still think I’m going to be a hon, at least until I get brow and nose surgery.

well i excersised a lot and use a girdle from time to time
but i need to get a rhino and maybe get some more boobs (but you shouldnt have problem w boobs, i just have a bad treatment

Don’t know who OP is but the girl in the image is Justine Biticon