34yo Virgin cause of small dick what do

34yo Virgin cause of small dick what do

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loose fat, get fit, dress well be clean get some money focus on your self and pussy will follow. Lastly never praise-or worship a pussy or you ll loose it.

Normal dick, you're just a fat loser with a shit personality, go to the gym

Lose weight and you'll gain another 2 or 3 inches of cock. And chicks love a fatty who became ripped

>Lose weight and you'll gain another 2 or 3 inches of cock. And chicks love a fatty who became ripped

Why will you gain more cock or why do they love a guy who loses weight?

Why they live a forme fatty

Bro, go to the gym

It just reveals more of the penis that you have if you lose weight. It's a long road but if you start today you will be so proud of yourself in the future.

Shows motivation and that you can accomplish goals

This. Watch how much pussy Randy from My Name Is Earl is about to get

Stop posting here, that's what you do.


Looks normal, would suck

Try grindr. Theres always somebody out there that will let you fuck them or suck your dick. It's like lowering your standards to an ugly fat chick... and then some. I mean most guys dont want to fuck an ugly fat chick the same way most guys dont want to fuck a guy. Just depends how low you want to set your standards.

toy gain an inch for every ~1" for every 15-20 lbs you said, that is a normal dick with a fat fuck wrapped around it. lose weight bro

lose weight, it will look bigger.

Iam 130 KG with 176cm height

sorry, I only know freedom units. Lose weight, dick will look bigger

You are a disgusting fatbody

What's so hard to understand about losing weight and your dick looking bigger? See how you're pushing your fat down in that picture? Imagine if you could see your dick all the way to your pelvic bone without pushing the fat in. Also... proportions. An 8" dick on a 5' guy will look huge. The same dick on a 7' guy will look average.

Tribute her

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i dont even eat much losging weight ist almost impossible for me . I know alot of people that wat 3 Times what I eat smoke weed all day and are thin like Auschwitz

Not op but at 28 and not knowing how to even kiss, how do you save yourself?

Spekulierst du auf nen Mitleidsfick?

Find a hooker. I lost my virginity to a prostitute and it was awesome

well by that theory you should just smoke weed all day! Or just kill yourself you fucking fatty

you pushed that fat back to make your dick look bigger lol

Trust me, it's not because of the small dick prob lmao

dick's normal. go to the gym and you'll be fine

Lose fat and you'll gain more lenght