Anybody who met/fucked a femanon? How was it?

Anybody who met/fucked a femanon? How was it?

I'm intruiged by the sort of woman who would browse/shitpost here voluntarily.

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Most definitely not.

>dating a female btard

Do we really look that desperate?


And I didn't say dating I said met/fucked

Yeah, she's 25ish. She has attempted anhero and became a failure 4 or 5 times. Been in the psych ward twice as many times. She is probably 5'3 and weighs 120lbs. She has false teeth because of her 'eat anything because I vomit it up later' diet. Drinks a fuck ton. Has diabetes, so she ends up having seizures and shit from the booze. Can't have kids. Been married and divorced twice now.

Met her in real life, but she told me about Sup Forums in late 2008. I would have never been here if not for her. She was a "Chan" girl and well known at the time. When she gets posted here now, a handful of us link her the thread so she can prove to modz that she was 14 when she was contributing with sharpie in pooper and shoe on head so they can delete the posts. She's very ashamed of herself from back then.

She's physically gorgeous, but mentally damaged beyond repair. Heart of gold, but here for a good time, not a long time. Also creampie her at least once a year if not several for nearly a decade regardless of relationship status.

Met a tiny little slampig who hated niggers snd had an "old fashion" view on women's roles to men.
She sorta stank but she let me do anything i wanted, i pumped so much cum in her holes

Years ago I met a girl from a hookup thread.

She was 19 or 20 IIRC, college freshman (I was then in my late 20s), and claimed to be a sub. I'm not into that role play really, but she wanted to the D so I pretended I was. She was fat, pic related. She wasn't a sub, she was a fucking starfish who did nothing and didn't take instruction either. She still lived with her parents and I had to be out before they came home, or I would've forced her to do a bit more.

We only met the once, because she lived about an hour away and finding times that worked for both was a bit too complicated. Sex was only meh, but whatever. Had pussy, she was clean and tight, can't complain too much. At the time, I had a fuckbuddy going, so I didn't care that much. We stayed in chat contact for a while, but she was honestly fucking annoying, always griping and bitching over really petty things her friends were doing. Typical jealous fat girl stuff.

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Not yet.


Maybe you should try and talk to one of us user, instead of asking if anyone ever talked to oe

Tits or GTFO

Because I'm literally only interested in the male perspective here. Your opinions are irrelevant.

I'm fem and famous and post here. Its curious when waifufags post about me.

Sup Forumsfemanons, myth or real?

the internet, where the men are men, the women are men and the children are FBI agents


I had fairly disappointing sex with a femanon. She kept calling me daddy and doing weird age play shit. It creeped me out honestly. I probably wouldn't have fucked her again if she hadn't given fucking amazing head.

I do my damnedest to avoid her but god damn if I don't just keep going back for some strange anytime things get boring with my wife.

Wanna get a fwb situation going?

by bf met one, claims its amazing.

yes, i took her anal virginity. I hear she mostly lurks reddit now.

can you give a few more details to narrow it down?

I mean, It you're into girls with the personality of a basement dwelling man child then you're gold. The women who browse here arent worth even commenting on their threads. They usually damaged goods or disgusting interlopers who you wouldnt want to have sex with much less a convo in an elevator.