Red pill me about Palestine

Red pill me about Palestine

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Palestine needs to have its own sovereign state. Israel is illegitimate.

The Palestinians are capable of forming a government, let alone enforce their own borders. They’re like children. The Jews, on the other hand, have their shit super together.

Meanwhile, all the other idiot muslims are filling their heads with stupid shit about they’ll be letting the whole religion down if they settle on a border.

They deserve what they get.

>are capable
Aren’t capable

>have met 3 palestinians ever
>they're actually retarded
>all abuse animals
>all beat their own children
i support israel
those fucking idiots cant handle ownership of anything

Find Palestine during Mohammad’s lifetime.

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Find Palestine after Islam

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No group on Earth is worse than jews. I side with Palatinate.

Find Palestine and Jordan before Christ.

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Think "American Indians vs. America." That's all you need to know.

This dumb nigger thinks we’re talking about actual fucking Jews.

Clue: it’s called Gaza now, and it’s ethnically cleansed of Jews, the way the Arabs want the whole world.

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The only reason they can't form a government is because of the Jews you fucking retard.
3 ever, great stats. And they all abused animals?? Where did you meet them at the zoo?!??

Israel has bombed and starved them to point that theyre having trouble organizing and their underclass refugees are so wrecked and full of ptsd that they aren't the most civilized people out there.. (in comparison the American underclass smoke meth, fuck their own kids and siblings, AND beat them up too)
Israel is the most vile, unjust and perfectly evil state in the history of mankind. If you disagree you are dumb as shit and/or a fucking Jew.

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"The Caspian report" on YouTube did a piece on the formation of Israel. It was a disputed tract between all those neighboring countries, last belonging to Jordan, but scrub land that none of them really want for anything other than a political token. The west comes in "play nice with your little brother" and with tech and money makes the desert bloom. Now "I want the toy he is playing with" instinct takes hold, all with the bullshit indignation of "you don't even live here!".

Jews in net are Zionist. This is their manifest destiny for religious ethnostate, so they are as bad as very one else just better at it. Sand niggers are only a shade above Indians. Backward arrogant toilet people who should be exterminated. Jew are smug, but have some right to be.

At that time apparently Palestine was part of the Roman empire......
And at that time apparently it was part of the Arab caliphate.

What's your point??
Do you not know what empire or caliphate means???

90% of the middle east should be wiped out and like 70% of Africa. Who seriously gives a shit if they wipe out Israel? Who cares if the Israelites wipe out Palenstine? Can anyone give me 1 reason why anybody should give a flying fuck about what happens in the middle east? Let them eat each other alive and let China and Russia fight over the oil. I hope they all kill each other. But I really hope we wipe all of them out from orbit using whatever means necessary. And if you have a strong stance one way or the other for or against Palestine your life is a complete waste of time.

Yes they fought over that shithole for thousands of years. This is basic history you fucking retard. What is your point????

You haven't met a single Muslim in your life have you??.

You haven't heard about how every Islamic Country from the early 1900s till like 1980 purged ALL jews from their countries have you??

Not the just the Muslims. Wonder why???

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Some weird British invention.

So radical. Either you are 14 years old and want to prove to everyone how edgy you are using words like exterminate. Or you belong in a mental ward

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Palestinian terrorists hack into google earth to muddle targets that should be protected.

you've never heard of the lavon affair have you?

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All you need to know is that the only good jew is a dead jew.

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Not saying Israel is the good guy in all this but this is a garbage meme. Palestine was never a country before 1947. The same UN resolution that made Israel provided for an Arab state but the Arab League rejected it and started a war.

you are very clearly consumed by an irrational hatred for an entire group of people you never met.
i'm sorry that jewish guy at the deli wouldn't honor your expired coupon for 50% off a hoage or what the fuck ever, but you gotta learn to let things go.

now. how about a nice piece of fish?

You either 100% retarded or you have been lied to

or he has an opinion you dislike, so you just reply with name calling. pretty much shows what level of school you're at.

Oh jeez its another ISLAM HURT MY PEEPEE bread.

Wish people would stop crying about this shit, oh look Islam invaded Spain... always ISLAM but never the country that actually invaded.

But tell them about other Nations like England, France etc invading other nations, and you say it like remember when the Christians invaded South Africa.. they go off their shit like you have said something evil.

And no I am not a muslim, jew, black etc. I am white, British, atheist and don't give a fuck about peoples religion or colour. If they are ok with me I am ok with them, I am also not fucking stupid enough to think a small group of shady cunts is the same as a whole populace.

Otherwise the IRA of 1916-1992 just made Catholics world wide terrorists
Otherwise the KKK just made protestants world wide anti-black and terrorists also.

People need to stop being fucking ignorant and learn shit.

Switch out the word Jew with Zionist then. Where am I full of hate? To call evil evil is just logic... But you seem pretty biased tho. What's your last name??

Really? What was the capital of Palestine in 1946?

Thats a lie Palestine has Jews and Christians living there.

When individuals calls for "wiping out" entire populations. Then yes I disagree, and I call them edgy and/or insane. Where am I wrong???

Mohammad wasn't a real person

>"Israel is the most vile, unjust and perfectly evil state in the history of mankind. If you disagree you are dumb as shit and/or a fucking Jew."
That came across as pretty hateful, but I'm sure you didn't mean it that way, right, dipshit?
My last name is Hebrewgoldbergsteinkin, but that doesn't change the fact that you're an anti-semite who's trying to dress up his bigotry as concern for the global community.
Stay cucked and enjoy some more black'd porn.

I'm a white atheist. I don't give a shit about religion or the middle east. But Muslims are terrorists, especially Palestinians. Fuck them. Hope they fucking disappear.

>attacks age and education

Why do you get so angry against others that you have to project that shit. You just proven to the audience in this bread that you are young and poorly educated.



For starters, you're wrong just by trying to be some kind of arbiter of morality on a site like Sup Forums.
Second, thanks to faggots like yourself, calling people "edgy" is now gayer than actual edginess. Congrats. You've achieved faggotception -- faggotry within faggotry. Have a cookie.

Palestinians aren't all Muslims, there is Jews and Christians there too. Guess by your logic that means Jews and Christians are terrorists too. Because you can't tell the difference between extremists and normal peeps who are fed up having to hide constantly cause anal groups have to fight each other?

Sorta like when Germans and the Dutch constantly did right?

There was no anger in my post. Were you home schooled?

Ok? Why does the past even matter? Are you implying that the Jews are entitled to the land because they were there first? World changes, habitants change, and we must move on.

Jews follow their magical book as an excuse to take the land for themselves, but Israel's establishment was a dick measuring move against the Muslims, plus an excuse to guilt trip the world into destroying them out of the oil-filled land of the Middle East.

The truth is, if there was no oil in the Middle East, they would be like Africa, nobody would give a shit about them, and even if the biggest and most inhumane of dictatorships were occurring there, nobody would send an army to defend the people. When was the last time the US send troops to Africa to help their habitants? There is a reason Kony 2012 failed, and it was not due to a ridiculous story, because 9/11 was laughably inconsistent too.

You have just proven my point again. user had a point you are trying to be an edgelord, because of your anonymity you think by throwing out some random weak attacks that somehow you are the world's edgiest Sup Forums user.

It is rather pathetic.

I'm not though. And I accept all jews, until they reveal they support Israel. Then I do get full of hate I suppose.

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The whole thing needs a fresh, nuclear restart.

As does Russia and America.

There is also a reason the US haven't manufactured a reason to nuke the Middle East, they would destroy the oil.
So this is not a war out of spite, because the Muslims would be destroyed by now; nor a war out of religious beliefs, because the Muslims would be eradicated; this is a war for the oil, so the US is keeping things on a profitable level but not for itself, but Israel. Jews being in control and being greedy is a well earned meme..

holy shit. who says global warming isn't real, just look at the ocean taking over the land!

We should get the fuck out of the region, stop aiding Israel and leave the sand niggers all to their own devices.

You sound pretty gay bro. This is thread about Palestine and not what goes in your ass

>Hating a government is a bad immoral thing
Hows 9th grade going for you, champ?

What's there to red pill? Israel is a fascist state and commits genocide on the Palestine people. Of course they blame their victims, as did all other genocidal assholes. But just take a look at who is actually dying and who is crying about every little bit of resistance.

Palestine was a region of Syria. Nobody called it that other than foreigners. It's known by a number of names in semitic languages, most commonly are names related to Q-D-S/K-D-SH and SH-M. Idk what your point is, there were people there before Judaism and Christianity were religions as well... 4000 years isn't a long time in human history.

You misspelled rightfully RE-acquired Israel property

Camel fuckers. Don't care.

How so?
They took it from people who were already there. It's in the Bible. They slaughtered everyone and moved in, then it's somehow their rightful homeland when someone else takes the land from them? Especially when that someone else are actually descendants from the region and not from Poland, Russia, France and Germany. How is it theirs? Why are the Jews who were there before the Israeli state, now being treated like sub-humans and being forced to live in more ethnically diverse areas? Why did the white European Jews make them infertile?

Your shiny dubs don't make you right

>it's in the bible
Fuck your sci-fi shlomo

Arabs rejected ALL peace offerings by made by the UN and the international community and choose to continue their „struggle“.
At first (40‘s-90‘s) it was because they were sure they are capable of taking the entire land by force.
Nowadays they understand they have no chance but making peace would mean for their leaders that they will:
1. have to move towards democracy and give away their control to their rivals that will most likely butcher them.
2. all international aid will stop and they will actually start financing themselves with no special expertise and education besides terrorism.

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Just very perspective.

The land they took off Egypt was given back you mean?

What do you need a red pill for? nobody gives a fuck about Palestine. Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran all they care about is that Israel formed and they want it gone. They couldn't care less about the "Palestinian state" or it's people

Occupied lawfully during a war that Egypt started. Later it gave it back for peace.

problem solved

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Indeed. „Palestenians“ are considered subhuman in all arab countries and don’t get passports, not allowed to go to university or leave anywhere outside very crowded and well confined „refugee camps“.

For example:

none of those are legitimate states, both Israel and Palestina are shit and should be erased

Read Good luck getting gas for daddy's gifted car.

"88" those dubs, but that sad pathetic attempt at defending brown ppl.

You are shit.

Destroy the oil in which way?

its not like jews showed up there in 1946, they both lived in the same area.

palestinians started a war, lost it, and then elected a terrorist government. top tier strats right there

israel should just integrate the whole area and be done with it

Egypt started huh?

What war do you think they started, just out of curiosity?

Palestine War was not started by Egypt, you are talking shite, it started when Britain left Palestine which it occupied from Turkey in 1917, the Jews created Israel and declared independence and pushed out Palestinians.

And the rest is history.

However Israel invaded Sinai, which was owned by Egypt, in the 50s as they wanted access to the Red Sea.

Which resulted in Egypt fighting back.

So no Egypt never started any conflict with Israel. You need to stop spouting out random shite.

This map is bullshit. Between 1950 and 1967, the west bank was held by Jordan. It was annexed by Jordan in the first Arab-Iraeli war.
As for the pals, they need to be fighting for sufferage, not a state.

>israel should just integrate the whole area and be done with it
and, what do you propose to do with the non-jews? give them citizenship? Equal rights? Allow them to vote?

Me personally, I think it's a fantastic idea. Anyone that won't accept an Israeli passport can go somewhere else. However, I suspect you're meaning is more along the lines of ethnic cleansing.

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literally every single arab country tried to gain more territory during the israel war for independence.

the later israeli wars were a response to the aggressive nature of their arab neighbours. they didnt attack egypt just for shits and giggles

ye just give them citizenship

this would automatically give them equal rights and voting power - like anyone else that is a israeli citizen

israel can take down the walls, and palestinians get to live in a proper state

win-win for everyone

>Israel has bombed and starved them to point that theyre having trouble organizing

>Since June 2007, there have been two competing governments in the Palestinian territories, one in the West Bank and the other in the Gaza Strip. The government on the West Bank was generally recognised as the Palestinian Authority Government. On the other hand, the government in the Gaza Strip claimed to be the legitimate government of the Palestinian Authority. Until June 2014, when the Palestinian Unity Government was formed, the government in the West Bank was the Fatah-dominated Palestinian government of 2013. In the Gaza Strip the government was the Hamas government of 2012.


It doesn't seem like they have a hard time organizing when it comes to killing Jews.

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1946 should be all red, because it was controlled by the British Empire.

Again Egypt didn't start anything, Israel did, they started their new state of Israel, declared independence and went on the attack.

Not one Arab state initiated the attack.

Again you are trying to push a shite imagined scenario that never happened, Israel was the aggressors in every single conflict, including the 6 day war.

And they had help from the French in doing it.

fuck palestine, jews ftw!!!

fuck israel and fuck palestine too, both are as bad as each other

every death on both sides is a win win situation

It's a shame no one on the ground can accept this.

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Or, hear me out, we let them kill off each other and the last standing gets all the land, and we stay out of all their business and not waste time, money and resources on any more foreign shit that will never be resolved.

this was my first post here, im not the guy from before

area that was under british control where the civil war happend:

militaries from every single arab country enter this area–Israeli_War

from the link:
Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, and expeditionary forces from Iraq entered Palestine.[16] The invading forces took control of the Arab areas and immediately attacked Israeli forces and several Jewish settlements.

you are either retarded or dont know how to read english, which one is it?

With JEWS you LOSE.

Pick up a book you fucking mongoloid

this guy is on the right track

he's not wrong though

They suck and were giving their shit away and there usnt anything they can do about it.

Everyone is conveniently missing out the Palestinian War which happened before the Arab Israeli war.

Why is that?

So perhaps hold back your stupid childish attack you did at the end of your post, or are you one of those people that think history only starts when it suits you type of person?

"The 1947–1949 Palestine war,[a] known in Israel as the War of Independence (Hebrew: מלחמת העצמאות, Milkhemet Ha'Atzma'ut) and in Arabic as The Nakba (lit. Catastrophe, Arabic: النكبة, al-Nakba),[12][13][14] was fought in the territory of Palestine under the British Mandate. It is the first war of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and the broader Arab–Israeli conflict. During this war, the British Empire withdrew from Mandate Palestine, which had been a province (eyalet) of the Ottoman Empire before British occupation in 1917. The war culminated in the establishment of the State of Israel by the Jews, and saw the complete demographic transformation of Palestine, with the displacement of around 700,000 Palestinian Arabs and the complete destruction of their villages, towns and cities.[15] The Palestinian Arabs ended up stateless, displaced either to the Palestinian territories captured by Egypt and Jordan or to the surrounding Arab states; many of them, as well as their descendants, remain stateless and in refugee camps. The territory that was under British administration before the war was divided between the State of Israel, which captured about 78% of it, the Kingdom of Jordan (then known as Transjordan), which captured and later annexed the area that became the West Bank, and Egypt, which captured the Gaza Strip, a coastal territory on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in which it established the All-Palestine Government."

jew fags founded the U.N. the U.N. decided jew fags should have a homeland.
they decided on having it in Palestine, and foresaw no problem with the fact there was already a country there.
jew fags immediately begin genocideing Palestinians. They knew the Palestinians would hate that, as the jews had, had a very similar experience. And didn't like it one little bit.

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see the difference is that when the Brits invade some shit hole (like India) they bring some value to it. They seed it. When muslims invade, its barbaric. Islam is all about living in ancient times and everything that entails. Western culture, is about progress.

If you had to be invaded/colonized, would you rather it be by Britain, or Iran?

I rest my case.

I live in the UK, and you are talking shite about Islam invading. all this breitbart/jihadwatch/far right shite that goes about somehow that Muslims just sit about in mud huts etc thinking of glory days of taking over the world is all nonsense, always has been and always will be.

When Christians invaded they were barbaric too, because invasions were wars.. everyone was invading shit.

You have a jaded view of Islam because you are ignorant and want to believe the shit you read about.

I am not Muslim, or Jewish, im white and am British, but I am not retarded enough to believe hateful bullshit from a group of cunts who are angry that their shit lives aren't better and want to believe every cunt on the planet instead of themselves.

Reminder that Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Astronomy all came from the Middle East and have continued to adapt these years.

Iran is the centre of Biological breakthroughs in surgical skills and medical. Yeah wow no progress at all.

You need to learn shit.