Is she blacked? What is your prediction?

Is she blacked? What is your prediction?

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Sure!! Have Kik to discuss her?

So blacked she lost her virginity to a black guy when she was 13

No, I think shes a virgin and never even thought about sex.

No I don’t have.
Ohh quite a young age..

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How old is she now?


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She looks european. How many African refugees fucked her?

She is and don’t know.

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Imagine her pregnant with black baby in her

I will.

You mean raped by niggers? I hope not.

Yeah she looks like a girl who’s had a decade of black cock, coke, and RnB

Where is she from?

Looks Swedish to me.

She looks like the kind of girl who black guys would definitely be into. Total snow bunny

Whats yours?


She’d look so good with BBC in all three holes

And pregnant

Better still black pregnant and still taking BBC in all three holes