Cucks wanting their wives stripped

Cucks wanting their wives stripped

imig DOT es /c/ 7RVGdrH

pick a slut, strip her and post wins

>pic related

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anyone in there?


imig DOT es /c/ZMmspHE

if you want pre-stripped sluts

My gf of 3 years cucked me hard . Turns out she was a fucking hooker and she kept it from me

wouldn’t be so bad if she shared the money


play Katie

Yeah she didn’t

My wife was a stripper/escort when we met. Turned me on knowing she was out using her pussy to make $$.

Yeah a little different when you find out pretty much all my friends werefucking her and laughing at me

German Bull, show me your Girls.
Kik me: fixedgeary

I guess so. A few of my friends did fuck her but it was no secret.

After a while it wasn’t . I would walk into our apartment and someone would be on the couch playing my Wii and she would be sucking their cock


anyone using the sluts in the room?

She would have guys in our room all the time

I went on a work trip last year, she went with and one day while I was at work she went to the beach. Ended up picking up a guy there and texted me. Said not to be surprised if someone was in the room when I got back. Sure enough got back to the room and opened the door to see her riding some random guy.

wow what a great story Mark.
I bet your mental state is just 100.

That’s hot . I started to like her being with guys . I don’t know if it was a self defence thing or what . But I asked her to send me pics of her with guys

It was always a thing with us. Neither one of us wanted to be exclusive, still don't. And it's worked for us.

Well that’s a open relationship , not cucking you fag

That's really hot. I wish mine did that

you mean Kat?

any wins?