Got the day off, havent been doing this in quite a few months:

Got the day off, havent been doing this in quite a few months:

AMA thread about Crossdressing/Trap stuff, used to camwhore and earn money with that during my university year. Been out of the game for a while now though.

Will bump answers with a couple old pictures

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did you enjoy your camshows? or was it just money for you?

Used to be more fun when it was just an occasional thing, and most of the money was in private shows anyway. The public ones were nice to get new clients though or just talk/cam with some actual girls every now and then

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Why is it traps/CD seem to be the absolute biggest slut? Literally begging to be abused.

did you hide your face during the shows or you didn't care?

Where or how did you find your customers? Asking for a friend.

My guess is, just like random guys posting dick pics on the internet, its just a way to get reduced to something that you usually can't let out IRL. Instead of regular nudes of guys, CD/traps just get a lot more attention.
I don't think anyone sits around all day in lingerie though

At first yet, since who wouldn't be paranoid about showing their face on the internet, but since no one would really confront you with "hey, is that you?" if they aren't 100% sure, over time just a mask or a wig was enough to not make anyone question much.

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having blogs, insta, patreon, etc with casual content is usually enough to get some regulars interested after a while. You probably won't make a living with doing it occasionally though, but i never did it full time, mostly just for fun and some pocket money for new lingerie, toys or whatever IRL stuff if you will.

Just like people who draw, big money is usually in weird fetishes

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What made you start crossdressing? The porn?

That's actually quite a long story. When i was young i was looking for some mistress to play with online, and a group of older ladies was making me their afternoon tea toy so to say. Was quite fun actually, even if it wasn't very often, but those got me into crossdressing back then.

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What is the lowest amount you would take before you would let someone fuck you?

Damn, that's kinky as fuck. Did they do anything explicitly sexual with you? What age do you mean?

I assume you mean guys? Never fucked guys (if you don't count FTM trans), was only camming for those.

Wasn't super picky about girls when i was young, but most of them had a nice personality and were usually not opposed to the crossdressing

was only on cam, but yeah, ofc it was mostly sexual and toying around. I used to have a story about it on my tumblr blog, but thats already long been deleted by now i assume

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more pics pls OP

i'd prefer to keep bumping with questions and answers instead of just dumping pictures tbh

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Does anyone have the story of user havimg sex with a shota and turning him into a trap

any suggestions for a beginner CD? im dressing mostly when i get together with a guy to suxk him, or at night before bed cause its comfy and turns me on.
any suggestions for things i can wear to work under a work uniform? i have some basic clothes now, panties, a bra, a halter top, a skirt and some long socks and thigh high stockings

Wear a buttplug/aneros and a chastity

i would assume there are lot of yaoi doujins about that

I'm afraid i was never one to wear it underneath anything else. If i wore it, it was usually to show it of. Long socks are usually really nice in the winter though, especially with shaved legs or fresh bedsheets

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Those soles look stunning. Got any more pics of them?

my job involves a lot of physical stuff, bending over all the time etc. would a butt plug be a good idea for that?

Yeah, or aneros (prostate massager) just make sure the panties are tight and keep it in place

i have quite a few feet pics, cause those were always quite... lucrative? somewhat, but might have to search fore soles.

silicone ones might be fine, just probably not very comfortable tbh

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I usually prefer soles, but with how good the tops look, wouldn't mind seeing more of whatever you have of them.

Did worth?
I was wondering about doing this, I need money like, right fucking now.

why the fuck do u think we care what u did like lmao ur nothing but fap fuel for closet fags nigga u aint a real girl who i'd pretend to give a shit bout ur life holy fucking narcissist batman. every trap ever


I'll see if i can find a view, but as i said, would prefer to mainly keep this an AMA thread

Starting off is kinda harsh when no one knows you and you don't have any minor fanbase that you can post a link to for being online, just like making a yt channel or start streaming on twitch. If you look good, can keep peoples interest up and have something that they like, they will probably come back.

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Nah, wouldn't actually wanna be a girl, so i'm definitely not trans. Just a fun hobby on the side. But yeah, seems like you care enough for quite a long reply. Kinda gay for you to be in this thread tbh

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Do you have any pics of your asshole?

The fanbase seeks for a very skinny body?
I have a normal man's belly, not skinny nor fat.
I can lose weight easily, but I need to pay to a website?
Which one is better?

I remember you from years ago. You used to be pretty hot to cam with, but it always bothered me that you were completely straight haha.
Be honest, did you make this thread because you miss dressing up and being an online slut?

How old are you actually?


chubby CDs can make bank as well, just gotta have to sell yourself right. Outfits, lighting, camera angles, etc all are important. Don't need to pay for anything since you can choose yourself how and what you wanna get.

I didn't think someone would remember, thanks though haha. But yeah, as they say, can't choose what you are into haha.
And yeah, every now and then i look back on the old times

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>I didn't think someone would remember
As much as I jacked off to you, it's hard to forget haha.
>old times
And very fun times. Do you still dress-up? When was the last time you did?

what's stopping you then from doing cam? i mean you liked it and it paid off a bit. Busy in personal life?

Something to recommend for a newbie?

Nah, been a few years since i pulled out the lingerie bag. Have a pretty decent job, got engaged, but sometimes you just wish you could get into frilly stuff and have threesomes with 2 cute bi-girls again haha

yeah, i told myself i'd stop once it doesn't look super appealing anymore. i still look decent, probably a little better actually due to better cam quality nowadays, but work, life and fiance doesn't allow for much showing off on the side.

30 actually

Mostly shaving. many people are afraid to shave due to razor burn or shaving balls for the first time, but just like facial hair, the skin adapts quite quickly. (even porn actors still have razor burn though). That and find outfits, lighting and positions that suit you

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Ok, I will buy some of these things.
Thanks :)

Do you (or did you) enjoy anal? Or is it something you do jjust for cams?

Just find stuff that works for you :) For example, babydolls don't really fit me, but do wonders for others. Just trial and error basically

I did try anal a lot of times, never really did much for me though. Just has a bit weird feeling to me, and i didn't mind doing it occasionally on streams, but it's not really something i enjoy. Might be why i never was into dicks/guys either.

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would you mindposting more of your face so I know that everyone I knowisntgay, please?

I keepseeing people that look a LOT like people I know in life. Too much.. Just tell meyor name doesnt start with 'r'. please.

How do you keep so smooth? Asking for a friend of course
Jk but seriously, I have been experimenting with every type of form to shave with, waxing, sugaring, epilating and even judt normal shaving but they each kinda have had their issues.
VEET hair removal cream seems to be my best bet rn but I wanted to ask someone as beautiful as you^^

it's quite boyish tbh, so i'm afraid it is indeed quite gay

nah, my name doesn't start with R.

hairless and regular shaving works wonders. But yeah, if you have bear type hair it might be quite a bit of work. Hair removal creme works as well, but i wouldn't recommend it for private parts

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Thank you bro

can we see cock OP?

does your girl know about your kink?