This is what a typical person on Sup Forums actually looks like

This is what a typical person on Sup Forums actually looks like

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Alright Robert come heal my nax10 run got the weekly Anubrekan must die quest, will share.

Okay bro
Good b8 really enjot this kind of threads make me do the HAHAs yknow very sweet mhm yes i love them could you please make more of them please yes? Ohh yeah yes i really like them yes its like very good sweet i define it as joy
I'll love you forever
I'll like you as always
As long as i'm living
My baby you'll be

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Looks like the typical morbidly obese far left Democrat, tbh fam.

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yo don't talk about my raid group like that
best resto shammy in the buisness
faggot frost death knight, tops dps meters with ease
absolute furry warrior chad

No, the typical person on /b (and also on /por) are 130 pounds, with a bit of belly fat and arms like a preschool girl.

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Maybe back in 2006

nice titts

bullshit, look at the threads about any BMI 80% admits to be under 160.

Hi boogie

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The typical Sup Forums poster is a femme twinkish trap/trap to be, bbc addicted ewhore

hahaha christ

Sup nigger?

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god, those sucking teeth, like some uncanny videogame character.

i look more like this guy

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This is what a typical girl on Sup Forums actually looks like

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that fatass will probably die of a heartattack by the time he is 45

he is 45 already, but i'd be surprised if he makes it to 50.

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Sup Forums's a bunch of normies, trannies and news organizations. I never see any anime threads, I never see any video game threads, just forced media and forced porn. The internet was a great escape from reality, now it's become reality and boring as fuck... wish there was something else now

Vic berger is cool, not you



>probably unemployable

Has he never tried?

how do you achieve this body type?

Keep dreaming.

Holy shit, hard to believe that's the same dude. That mother fucker made it, good for him.

that guy makes me sick

he's gross

Why? That could be me i do and look exactly like him. Plus i have an asian wife

It's Boogle, he probably has more money than this whole reply thread combined being a jack off on YouTube.

Clever dude

Ya I remembered when he was the fat angry nerd online. Knew he had the bypass surgery but hadn't seen him in a while. Looks like a completely different dude.

I wish I got rich by being a jack off on YouTube.

Good for him, living the dream.