Name one thing he has done wrong in his entire life

Name one thing he has done wrong in his entire life.

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his daughter

become president

Being born.

Become a jewish puppet

Cut off medical funding to his gravely sick nephew over an inheritance dispute with his brother.

Plain black and white, this man would fight over money instead of helping his own blood if given the choice.

His personality is revolting. If he did everything in his term exactly the same but pretended to be a grownup his approval rating would be much higher and there would be no impeachment. He would probably have a positive legacy as well, but he insists on being a goddamn 70+ year old playground tough guy. I have no sympathy for him, this is entirely self inflicted.

i love it keep going.

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Nothing. Love how he's fucking over Americunts at every opportunity

Presidency. Bush was dumb, obunga was dumber, and he is the dumbest. I'm rightist as fuck and trump is a joke

Trump Steaks
Got loans from German banks to build failed businesses when American banks wouldn't entertain him
Sold his parent's company away for shares just enough for him to have majority share, to pay off chapter 11s he filed
Also sold his parent's luxury yacht to also pay off debts.
Trump University
Lack of knowledge of the political world
Threats on Twitter that amount to fuck all
Gave a gathering of kids McDonalds during the government shutdown when they were visiting due to their atheltic skills
Curtsied the Saudi leader
Contradicts himself constantly
Has given China a larger control of trade in Asia because he thought a 5% world trade agreement (down from 33%) exclusively with Taiwan would be so much better
Put on tariffs on imported goods not just from China but others around the world, causing consumers in America to pay more while corporations look to earn more to re-balance the lowering of taxes in favour of corporations, in the guise of combating "fake goods"
Failed multiple times to enlist in the army during the Vietnam war, because of silly medical reasons

I am not American, before people cry with their liberal and democrat salt replies, and this is what we have witnessed over the decades with him.

So would you when we're talking that much money. Your fake level of bravery and self sacrifice is stunning.

you need to dilate tranny

You're not right AF, you just keep telling yourself that, faggot.

The best retort an average Republican can come up with, ladies and gentlemen.

Educate yourself more faggot

Yeah, I'll abuse an infant to skim an extra few million a real estate empire my slumlord father left behind.

he got caught

That is some poor attempt at tryharding, and projection, are you into trannies or something, are you saying you like chicks with dicks?

He bred.

his first debate with hillary, he should have cold cocked her in the mouth while she was lipping off at him

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Fucked contractors out of their money after they delivered the product he wanted.

huehuehue nice threat user

wanted to bone his kid. And boning the wall of israel.. And trying to endorse a racist stop and frisk law, anyone who know white, allows any police to stick their hand right up your ass, even if you are under 16...

Has he ever done anything right?

Loling at all of you bitter faggots. We finally get a president who gets shit done, is reasonable, and has a mind of his own. You faggots still aren't happy. I could drop a crate of gold on you idiots, you'd still bitch and moan.

You must live in republican retard land.

fucking stormy daniels. there a much better looking whores out there, way cheaper too. plus, if he fucked some unknown whore, he could've had her disappear and no one would ever know

When some cousin-fucker from a trailer park reckons he knows anything about politics. Fucking lmao

>Name one thing he has done wrong

hey!! fucking your cousin has nothing to do with that. I fucked my cousin plenty and even I don't vote for trump

Name a single positive thing he's done.

You'd be seething and screeching no matter what Orange Mad Bad does.

Your Trump Derangement Syndrome symptoms are showing. Get help.


3 years of your autistic screeching about Orange Man Bad down, 5 to go.
How frustrating it must be for you, when you visit NYC do you walk on the other side of the street from the Trump tower?

Imagine being a buttblasted liberal cucked so much by things out of your control.

Being an emotionally dysregulated gender dysphoric autistically screeching self-loathing libtard bending the knee (and over) for his mentally ill lqbtqp overlords is no way to go through life.

Remember that feeling you had, the night she lost?
That sick feeling of shame and helplessness, like some indefinable part of you had been raped?
That feeling of despair?
That the world had just flipped, turned upside down?
That evil had triumphed over good?


Well, get ready for a second dose come November 2020. Because there will be no impeachment, contrived articles are rotting on Pelosi's desk. And no amount of shilling on social media is going to save you faggots.


It's like trump raped your mom, set your fucking house on fire and ripped your nuts from your crotch and is wearing them publicly. That's the level of fucking assblast you people exhibit for him.

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^ talk to someone, you lonely fag

Your post is, sincerely, a waste of entropy. With every given moment, we get incrementally closer to the heat death of the universe. Every little bit of energy expended brings us just that tiny bit closer to that eventual end of all things. Even breathing, the beating of a heart, and even existing itself just existing brings us closer to the inevitable apocalypse.

You have chosen to take the time to make such an inconsequential post which, as you read this (or indeed anyone else, making even me complicit in your spectacular waste of the vast yet limited amount of energy that remains in the universe) has required you to spend energy typing, but worse, has required far more energy to transmit, store, and distribute your waste of thought, energy and action to every unsuspecting person who stumbled into this thread hoping for some decent content that they could use to justify their own consumption of time.

You have failed them. You have failed yourself. You have failed all of Mankind, and you have failed every living being in the entire universe by pissing the future of their species away on this asinine comment.

You should look at yourself in shame, and so should everyone who mass-replies, shitposts, banana-posts, or otherwise tries to derail a thread. This entire website is a waste of time and energy, yet you somehow stand out a waste of a waste. Consider this, and be better.

tl; dr


Ok dumbass. Keep supporting that commie that is okay with mutilated tranny kids and spreading dumbocracy worldwide, not to mention his israel cuckery

Imagine him just sitting down for beakfast and when he goes to sip his hot coffee its too hot and he spits up a bit on his shirt then he has to get a different shirt what a ffucking loser

Not running for president sooner!

extorting ukraine, which is why he has been impeached for it.

he's already been impeached, idiot

What'd we get from Ukraine?

Found the sperg that would actually read through that pasta.

Good job, sperg.

correct you totally would

Biden got quite a bit of cash. Trump didnt get anything.

Failed at over 50 different businesses including two casinos that were packed but bad financial management because it was taking profits into his other businesses, bankruptcy 4 times, bad toupee, three retarded children with two probably very smart children, hiring illegal s, hiring a polish company to build 2 buildings and just calling immigration to kick them out so he didn't have to pay, not paying for materials, labor or his professional renovations to his Apartments, slum lord convicted 4 times, and never once paid back bank loans to the point only gifts like Russia, Turkey and other dictatorships and authoritarian govt would loan him money for another failure if a resort.

Also made his campaign pay him back for the loan for his own campaign with campaign contributions from people, companies, corporations and slush funds.

And yet he’s still better looking and more successful than you. Stay mad, cuck.

>wall of seethe

3 years down, 5 to go. You need to have your Trump Derangement Syndrome treated, it's ruining your life.

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he tried to get manufactured dirt on Biden. He failed, but it's still extortion even if you suck at it

op said name something he did "wrong" not "right"

I can read more than a few words without hurting my brain
maybe that's what's wrong with you

he's not even better looking than an actual turd lol

gonna get treated good in Nov when he fuckin loses in a landslide
1 term loser

Everything him and his administration has banned so far in his presidency

>sperg gonna sperg

Great retort. Why are you cutting out of your special ed middle school class?

Bankrupting over business ventures 7 times is 7 things he's done wrong in his life, user.

>Not going to cope very well with the results of Nov 3rd.

Poor baby, poor, poor baby.

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yeah brilliant, your ace reply guess my age wrong by several decades and suggests a type of school that doesn't even exist where I live
Nice work genius

I'll cope alright whatever the result, but I'll feel sorry for Americans if you plump for that idiot manbaby again

It would be so typical for America to elect cheeto man again. Dumbest fucking country on earth.

>my age wrong by several decades

Your physical age has nothing to do with your apparent mental age, dipshit. That's what you present online.

>more sperging than normal sperging allows.

Take it slow getting out of your computer chair grandpa, I don't want you to break a hip.

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>I'll cope alright
No you will not, you're not coping with life at all.

Only a fucking retarded, autistic mongoloid-nigger with asperger's would believe America's problems are due to one man's personality. Don't go spreading your faggot ass bullshit opinions anywhere, not even a place where we take nothing as fact.

America has never seen an economic boom because of a president before Trump. Google Trump accomplishments and see the side the media refuses to report, then you will be self educated and not indoctrinated.

he gave his daughter to a Jew

tell me how exactly

not fucking his 14 year old daughter

Try again.

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>a slow 8 year recovery is the same as a 3 year economic boom


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he got more electoral votes than Hillary and became President.

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Not everyone is as selfish and depraved as you user, you need to learn this.

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it's gonna be fumy as shit when you're wrong and all the shills disappear for a couple years again

He's actually had more failures than are even on that list.

He's a fat retard. Sorry everyone.

>"He's actually had more failures than are even on that list. He's a fat retard. Sorry everyone."

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Don't bother with facts with these idiots.

He just cited Google search results as a source when he looks up something that will give him results he wants.

Tell him to Google "Trump failures". He won't, and even if he does he will say that it's all propaganda, however the stuff he looks up is true.

These people are idiots, there's no reason to even engage them in any kind of conversation or debate.

Wouldn't call that slow.

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keep telling yourself that kid
>go back to /pol
>I called the short bus for you

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Fantastic argument.

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not your safe space

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Master Race checking in

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baizuo projection

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Only a faggot would want to look at another mans asshole

14/88 my friend

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Looks like GWB had the same rise until 07-08.

i thought you progressive types were AGAINST homophobia?

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Man, Cnn is getting desperate

The Internet is to blame for everything. Normies used to watch television which was relatively easy to control. Now they seek other stupid normies on social media and "alternative news" sites and lack the reading comprehension and are too lazy to understand that the shit they share is just not true. Furthermore all of the racist bs that would only be told indoors at home is shared in the open and made relevant by other stupid people who agree. The amount of people defending this guy over the blatant wrongs he's done is sickening and ridiculous. It's like defending a multi-billion dollar company (for free)

Shut up nigger
You have poop folly and should get it checked asap

you idiot


The wall is built. It's called legislation. These libtards are so clueless it's laughable when they think they could ever present an argument based on their hurt little feelings.

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He probably did do her wrong. She deserves good loving, not that orange wrinkled sausage.

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I mean...end thread, ya?