What kind of state tries a 17 year old boy as an adult? I hate Texas. Hillbilly fuckers

What kind of state tries a 17 year old boy as an adult? I hate Texas. Hillbilly fuckers.

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Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. This is what you get when you emulate nigger culture.

What did he do

17.5... innocent youth..
But 6 months later... that's a different story.


Kill 10 people in a school shooting. All bullies mind you.

A lot of States do if the crime is serious enough.

Atleast he switches it up a bit unlike some of the other spam threads

Childhood ends with the age of 14.

Deserves life sentence


He killed 10 people retard, shut the fuck up

kek op you mad? op did you got bullied in school? did you know that if you ended your life right now you wouldn't be around to see him sentenced? in your own universe he would never be tried... it would be like he never got caught.. think about it.

deserves to be forced at gunpoint to teach trigonometry to a class of shrieking tards, FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

Beat him until he flat lines. resuscitate him. 10 times. 11th time he gets to die.

I'm against death pen, but I agree nevertheless

Limp dick

>t. 14 year old badass

I was bullied, but I rose above you animals.

Bullies function as a sort of social watchdog

Fat slag?

i dunno , if those were bullies that was selfdefense nah ?

bullied white kid isnt the same as standard criminal nigger


You are beyond stupid.

oh i get it, this is a picture of the first kid to ever get bullied.

He made damn sure they wouldn't bully him ever again, ha. They are now in the ground.

No need to be racist. Bullied kids aren't the same as the standard criminal.

>What kind of state tries a 17 year old boy as an adult?
Hopefully all of them. Actually if you do an adult crime at any age you should be tried as an adult. And none of this get out at 21 bullshit either.

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stop bullying him

Elaborate on what is an adulatory crime you fucking imbecile.

Assuming the will/right to commit certain crimes has an age criteria.

with a BUNCH of fake execution attempts.
seriously fuck living sacks of shit who do stuff like that.
can someone explain why the hell is this happening a lot in the US? Is it related to some sort of mental issue (autism/adhd/blabla) or what

Adult crimes: robbery, armed anything, murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, rape, assault etc

Non-adult crime: vandalism, trespassing, non life threatening assaults, shoplifting etc

Now fuck off and go be a fucking piece of shit delinquent somewhere else. Too earyl to post your hourly "I hate cops thread"?

I'm assuming he's talking about crimes that involve plotting and/or intended violence. Drug dealing maybe?
Probably theft and stuff like that are the other type I guess

Yep this, clearly you classified it better than my high ass did.

Assumes children are incapable of robbery, armed robbery, assault, murder, manslaughter.

The only thing you got right is that they may be incapable of rape because they don't realise their dicks get hard or otherwise.

Libtard faggot is obvious


Clarified is the word you want to use fucking moron.

Are you fucking retarded? Kids should be tried as an adult for the adult crimes I listed. Kids should be tried as kids for the non-adult crimes I listed. Jesus christ you're a stupid fuck.

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I was going for "classified them", as in grouping adult/non-adult crimes.
English is my third language, give me a break man.

He is about to meet real bullies, only he wont have a gun this time.

My question is how do you determine "adult crime" as opposedto "child crime"

Should adults who vandalise, trespass etc be treated as children and be held less accountable and receive nothing more than a mere slap on the wrist?

Sorry, read it wrong

>Should adults who vandalise, trespass etc be treated as children
Of course not, they're adults. We're talking about children getting tried as adults since the OP. What the fuck is wrong with you?

So theres a clear double standard at play

The same thing happened to this bright young man. It’s fucking outrageous.

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For kids, yes. SO which do you prefer, a 17 year shoots your parents dead and they get 4 years? Or they get the needle because they're smart enough to know better? Because if it's the second one, then they should raise the voting age to 35

I agree. Completely nuts.

Too late, I have already killed him

So the egalitarian perspective of people being equal has clearly shifted in your mind.

I mean 17 and 18 really aren't that different. Unless you're fucking retarded and don't understand/know the laws at that age.

Not unless all 10 of them were trying to jump him. Just because the kid was too much of a pussy to defend himself before doesn't justify murdering all of them.

when kids do adult acts, they should be treated as adults. i'm talking like shooting people or big robbery, or taking nudes of themselves

You are unbelievably dumb.

He does have guns. Look at his arms.


OP is a faggot

Sure it does. Bullies ruin peoples lives, and most of them never grow out of it and pray on people they they deem lower than themselves their whole lives.

most states would try a 14yo as an adult for that tbh

and inject him.

God is Great. Praise Him.

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