You see this little spider crawling on your floor, do you crush it or do you let it live? Why?

You see this little spider crawling on your floor, do you crush it or do you let it live? Why?

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I don't need to kill them anymore I found a way to make them leave

Thinking with my human brain, I would trap it under a glass cup,get a sleet of paper and fuck it out the window because these spiders are 100% harmless and extremely common and weak


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>tag it
>keep track
>seal up weak points on my house where other bugs are entering.

Dis boi charmless, let it live.
Also, i'm preety sure that is not a spider.

let the guy live, they're harmless. or catch the guy and let him outside, but i dont think they like it.

let it live. they eat those annoying little midge shits that appear if you leave fruit in the trash.

also if you touch their webs they swing around for a few seconds like they're pretending to be much bigger.

>had a spider in my bathroom for ~2 years
>was small at first
>ate a ton of bugs and mosquitos
>grew to a massive beast
>ate even more little fuckheads
spiderbro paid rent in some way so he was allowed to stay

pholcidae are based.

SAME THING I DID WHEN I SAWABLACK WIDOW ENTER MY COUCH. Shoved it right out the front window and set it on fire.

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But why did you set the window on fire?

Do you know what exact specie is this?


motherfuckin' PHALANGOIDES in da HOUSE!

Italian violin spider.
Source; reverse image search.

those mofos are disgusting but they actually come to kill bugs in your house

Depends on my mood. Usually I catch them with a plastic cup and pour hot water into it from the faucet. Instant death. I do that with all insects.

Fuck no, those are dangerous. The one in the pic is harmless.

Those ones are cool - harmless to humans, eat mosquitos, kill cockroaches. I keep him in the bathroom.

Let it live. It has done nothing to me. Bad karma to kill it and if I was a spider I would hope someone would show the same courtesy. A human I could squish and not care spiders are cool. They eat the bugs you don't want around.
When u see a spider

crush. no free rent.


Tegeneria spides are quite big compared to other regional spiders here in France, and they gross me out. I like having the those little spiders on my walls hunting the tegenerias, so i let them live in my house. Dont like spiders in general, but i choose the lesser bad

TO make sure

I don't kill any spider unless they are in my bed.
I like them, but I don't completely trust them.

Yeah, and me. When they give me a heart attack..

the presence of the spider means theres food for it, which means you're a lazy slob, let it clean up some of your mess you fucking swine

let it live ofcourse.
spiders eat gross insects, and im not a scared 6 year old.


spiderbro lives. I had a jumping spider that used to hang out near my window, hes hang down from a the ceiling on a string of web that would make me jump out of my skin when 3 v 1 clutching on CSGO, he kept them at bay and doesnt afraid of anything.

I had a red back living in my shower for a few months, we lived in harmony as she always stayed in the same spot. A week ago I saw a daddy long legs munging on her on the roof which proves these keep the dangerous spiders in check.

I do feel bad for Betsy, though.

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Not only will I let it live but I'll spritz a bit of water on the floor for my new spider buddy to have a drink. Spiders are often thirsty.

pholcidae are pretty based but then there is lycosisae.

>my schizocosa sp.with a tophat suggested by a friend.

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Spides are pest exterminators. They legitimately earn their stay.

Tegenaria or eratigena?

Daddy long legs is a good boi who doesn't have the power to pierce skin but can fuck up any bug.

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Even the cleanest homes have spiders. Between 10 and 40 separate species actually.
Spiders are ubiquitous

Had a unusually big tree spider set up shop in the corner of my room when i left state and came back. Kept the room clean as a motherfucker though!

I leave them alone, there's a couple in my house.
They're completely harmless and keep put and catch bugs. I've got a couple black garden spiders outside too (pic)
White Tips which i kill on sight, Huntsman's I leave alone if their not on/in the house, I kill them with much regret if they are, Red-backs are kinda rare where I am atm but they don't really roam, and they usually setup outside in dark places.

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They are surprisingly effective at eating anything they can.
Any fly that manages to make it's way inside usually disappears quickly

Since spiders are not a threat where I live, I let them live... If we talked something like it was actually dangerous to me, I would crush it ASAP because it posed a threat

The only spiders I get are black widows, never really see them inside but there is a whole horde of them around my place. I don't care because I am a grown ass man and even if it bit me it wouldn't kill me. My neighbor gets bit by one at least once a year from the work he does and has never had to go to the hospital for it.

I get these little guys in my house every summer. Cool to keep for a day or two and feed so you can watch them jump around and they way they turn their heads to watch you. Zebra spiders are based as fuck.
Normal spiders get a free pass in my house to too.

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I purposely putting these spiders into my room and my house. These spiders are very useful against moth and mosquitos.

I use my psychic bug manipulation abilities to command the spider to find my dad