I'm 25 years old

> I'm 25 years old.
> Living and enjoying my democratic way of life.
> Done my one year service for my country.
> Would defend it with my life if needed.
> Getting my degree in Computer Science
> My politic orientation is center leading to the right.
> But I'm a muslim.
> Drink beer and all the other normal stuff but I don't eat bacon.

Am I a sandnigger now?

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literally none of those things are relevant for your question
what's your genetic heritage?

> I'm a muslim.
>Am I a sandnigger now?


What country are you in?

>drink beer

Enjoy hell.

Well I come from Kosovo but my family fled to Switzerland because of the war. Have been raised as muslim but still see many loopholes in Islam. However that goes for the same thing in Christanity & Judiasms

...another parasite on Western culture.

So even when after doing my service, donating blood and offer organs after my death I am still a parasite. It seems like I can't do anything right in your account.

You could stop cling to the side of the bus.

You had your own somewhere and lost it. How can any man respect that. You've traded your culture for someone else's willfully. An utter failure as a person, hiding under momma skirt.

Why do you want approval from these lowlife hillbilly scum anyways you dumb fuck

Yeah no shit, because they don't care what you do. You can kiss up to their ways all you want, at the end of the day you'll be a little token lapdog at best

You think blue bloods aren't racist?

I don't know what a blue blood is, sorry


The white people that invented America.

They're irrelevant they're dead, I don't care to watch some shitty video just tell me who they are current day

30 seconds to learn how things really work? Who can help you? I found a way to dumb it down as much as I could for you.

Tell me who they are, I'll look it up myself. I'm not going to watch some garbage propaganda video when there are a million other places that I can look at and compare the validity of the source. Is it really that hard to type it out?

...yes. its a 30 second scene from a major Hollywood film, no one batted an eye about it cause everyone knows it's true. Cultural theory isn't something you can directly research, you have to live it. It's not in a textbook. "America (the west) belongs to whitey. They made it, for the security of their offspring."

Are you even OP? What the fuck are you going on about? Just tell me what group of people you are calling racist that exist in current day. I'm not even saying you're wrong I just want you to tell me. Are you saying white people are racist? Spit it out mother fucker

I see you as a functional member of a democratic society, it matters not to me where you come from.

You can't demand to be spoon fed you child. Doesn't matter if I'm op, you are asking me. Fuck you are dense.

Those "people" haven't gone anywhere, you over literal idiot. They are "a people" a race. WHITE PEOPLE. They go on, their children go on. Grow the fuck up quick.

"Fuck my wife"

I mean I was asking you to spell it out, literally all you had to do was say white people from the start you dumb fuck. I'm not asking to be spoon-fed I was asking for a straight answer. You don't need to speak in riddles and beat around the bush just say it holy shit. Yes though a lot of white people are recist, is no big secret you're not a mega mind free thinker who sees the truth in some Hollywood movie clip

Pro tip: next time you fantasize about telling someone off, try being right even a little bit. 30 seconds.

You're so full of yourself dude. I never said I'm right or called your wrong or anything like that. I didn't want to watch some video I didn't even click the link. All I wanted was a straight answer. I'm not cumming in my pants

Fucking pathetic reply, cleetus
If someone gets a bad role and is born into a complete shit culture thats basically devoid of human rights, works hard to leave that culture, and then works hard to correctly integrate himself into his chosen culture..thats called proper immigration. Floating over in a VW, not learning the native language, and collecting free gibs is disgusting, but coming over and contributing is not. Youre a fucking retard

I'm not the one who ran us both around for 20 times longer than view time of the medicine in gave you. Stop spitting up little baby: swallow.

As long as you two keep naively stereotyping racist, you can't tell anyone they are wrong. It makes you just the same, compounded by your noble race trading.

I'm sure abandoning all your responsibilities as a man is tough. I guess humanity will leave the whole rest of the world to rot, and all move to the handful of white countries that work. How brave, and sustainable.

>I'm a muslim
You will always be a sandnigger if you are muslim. Doesn't matter how much you serve, where you live, or which rules of that dogshit religion you break. Also
>inb4 muh christianity
I don't follow any religion so spare me your whataboutism. They all suck for their own reasons, but Islam is objectively the absolute worst.
Want to stop being a goat fucking sandnigger? Then stop bolstering the number of followers of that reprehensible religion.

>racist detected

Nobody flees to the richest country in the world, they would have went to Albania if they were truly fleeing war(closest) instead they went through the warzone and accidently didnt know italy and austria excisted, dont care though, but dont play the refugee game, when you move through more then 1 safe country, you automatically become an ecocomic migrant

Hau ab us minere schwyz du scheiss jugo

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Pathological? Or healthy selfish Gene?> Flee to the richest
Sure they do. Almost exclusively. All those syrians bypassed the slightly less shit neighbors, straight for inheritance steal/white genocide land. You are being WAY too logical about the situation. This isn't the commons sense past.

Ain’t a Muslim if you drink alcohol, retard

Yea, you're a sandnigger, but you are a cool sandnigger, so it's alright.

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