Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you

Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you

How are you all doing today, my friends?

Come get what's bothering you off your chest.

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It's really cold where I live, that's about it

Sounds like comfy blanket and show/movie weather. Did you get up to much today?

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Good morning Belle

I discovered I have rats in my house. I don't have the heart to use lethal traps. Need to look into nonlethal options.

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Good morning Isabelle,

Well I've been trying to make an appointment
for a Psychatric day clinic but 2 of them already declined because they're too full/busy and I'm in a really bad mental state right now..
I hope that the other 2 respond today/this week..

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Good morning, friend. There are cages you can buy that close in on themselves when tripped. You put a little food on the end and check in on them every now and then. I'm not too sure where to get them but please look into them and please check them regularly. Afterwards, you can release them at a park or something, I'm honestly not too sure haha. Do keep me updated, though! :)

I'm sorry to hear, friend. I hpoe they get back to you soon. Have you tried finding a place a little way's away~? A half an hour drive now and then isn't so bad. I hope they've got space for you.

What has got you to this point, friend?

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That's the sort of thing I've been thinking of. Little nabbits scared the heck out of me last night though. I was not expecting to see one.

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hoi isabelle

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I'm right now calling the Clinic directly (a therapist/carer). Maybe this works..
Well there was a lot of trouble in my Childhood and suddenly about 2 years ago everything broke inside me, I'm trying to get help now by going to a clinic... if you want to know the diagnosis, here are they F44.81, F32.1 and F43.1

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I hope you're able to find something and someone that helps. People I know who have been through similar say not to get discouraged if the first therapists, medicines, or methods work for you. We're all different and have different needs. Don't give up while starting this new journey

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Yesterday evening, I downed five laxative pills.

I'm now paying the price, but it's worth it.


My gf told me she was already over her ex (who lives in another city), she broke up with me 2 days before Christmas to go see him, I found out yesterday.
You can imagine hoy tf I feel.

This is so nice from you


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i feel like shit, my life is nothing but a series of fuck ups, i have no abitions in life, no money, drowning in debt, lost my drivers license and i just got a 400€ fine. i might just end it tbh. nothing to live for

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I need to know whether yes or no if mu gf is cheating bros. Legit proof and I can just put my mind at ease.

Awww but they're so adorable! Haha. I hope you take care of them safely and quickly, friend. I also hope they don't damage anything~ Best of luck! :)

Heya, friend~ How are you?

Have you ever spoken to people about it all before applying for the clinic? Psychologists? Therapists? I hope you didn't got the last 2 years alone before you snapped again and realized you needed help.

Why did you do that, friend? Were you struggling to pass before it?

I'm sorry to hear that she did such a scummy thing, friend. It sounds to me like you dodged a bullet! Take your time to get over her and realize your own self worth. You deserve way better than someone who leaves you like that.

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Oh rats are precious, but it spooked the heck out of me when it suddenly jumped off the sink and hit the floor with a thud, scurrying off to who knows where.

Did you see the Smash reveal?

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You can't hold onto your mistakes, friend. They happen but they don't define you and you shouldn't let them burden you any longer than at the moment.

The issue with money and debt is sadly a thing many people face but it's not something to bum out about. I struggled to pay off $300 worth of debt over 2 years or so. The entire time, I was pesetered by debt collectors and companies and bleh. It's extremely stressful but you do get through it. If you play along with them and set up a payment plan to pay your debt off in small chunks, they usually shut up.

I'm sorry about the driver's license and fine, though. That sounds very demoralizing and I can imagine the impact you took mentally from it. Are you able to pay the fine off? And how long will it be before you get your license back?

It's all not worth ending it over, friend. I'm sorry for the late reply.

If you believe she has or is the kind of person to cheat, why not break up with her, friend?

Rats are adorable little creatures! Little fluffy butts they are. I just wish they didn't get into everything and try to nibble my ankles

And I did not! Is that a thing?! Where? Who?

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I really hope a rat hasn't nibbled your ankles before.

And it looks like you've already discovered the news on Smash ;p

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Am angry

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yea im too much of a pussy to end my life but at the moment it feels like the right thing to do
ill probably have to borrow money from my parents, again, to pay off the fine
and i have no idea when ill get my license back

Well I'm glad you know better than to do anything silly.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help, especially when you're down on your luck. I'm sure if you were in their position and they asked you for help, you'd be more than happy to provide it. You wouldn't judge them, just as they don't judge you

I hope you not having a license doesn't affect your work~

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Junebug checking in

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yea ive been seeing a therapist for the last 6 months but i have a really hard time opening up and talking to people f2f.
me not having a license doesnt really affect my work, i just take the train. but it was much more relaxing to drive to work rather than sitting on a train full of strangers

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wanna tell us why?

It's shit