Which one should I choose? White, blue or grey dial?

Which one should I choose? White, blue or grey dial?

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White for readability. Five bucks seems really cheap for a watch, are they knockoffs?

that's five thousand, user

Blue, have a bit of personality

For 5K that's an ugly watch tbh. But white if that matters.
I've got a jaeger, and over time came to appreciate the simplicity of the visual design.

Imagine spending more than 200 on a watch

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Convert American "bucks" to Euro

Nimm silber. Blau ist auch noch erträglich aber lass einfach die Finger von braun. Aber du bist ja OP hier, also entscheid dich ruhig für die Schwuchtel Variante wenn du willst.

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Panda Panda Panda

Ugly watch
My opinion is black goes with everything
Blue gives a pop of personality
Brown is wardrobe specific

I didn't ask about the strap lol I asked about the dials on the watches. Nobody cares about straps since you can just switch them out.

Idk I think it's better than the daytona for what it is. Also 5k vs 20k and same movement


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>not spending a good amount of money for a good tool

Ich weiss - war behindert und betrunken genug um weiss als braun zu identifizieren. Dennoch; Nimm Silber. Oder am besten gleich eine Uhr die ihr Geld wert ist - inklusive Band. Tissot T-Touch Masterrace.

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Just get a phone instead.

This. Zenith is soft.

Only plebs buy expensive jewelry online. Luxury items should always be purchased in store for full effect.

Really can't go wrong with any of those options, a timeless classic with some real history behind it. El primero truly is one of a kind.

>buyning a stupid phone instead of a Chad watch

But stores usually charge about 20% more. This would ne over 1000 bucks more that I would need to pay

All the functionality can be achieved withing a couple hundred $'s. After that it becomes a flex tool, nothing morel, like women's with Tiffany's jewellery. This is why the G-shocking is the most Chad watch worn by militaryfags.

It's literally like buying art after a certain price point. You can also say that you can get very beautiful paintings for 50 Dollars. But there are still people buying some for millions of Dollars. Same with watches. Of course you can get a 50 Dollar Casio. But you can also invest in history and heritage and human craftsmanship and get a watch that takes alot of time to manifacture.


>falling this hard for the Swissfag memes
Hate to break it to you. Wearing anything over $500 is gonna get you labeled as the pretentious "watchfag" wannabe elitist. Digital is the most accurately and feature-laden type of watch for the most affordable price. Moonphase PP's and shit are just a weird flex to other watchfags. No one's gonna care.

Left, considering that one myself

>t. stillDon'tKnowAboutTissotTTouchs

I don't disagree with you, but why not get a nice watch in a good price range with a lot functions? How often did you changed your phone in the last 10 years? Maybe only once if you're the exception, but in most cases it's 3-5 or even more. Get a Caterpillar Phone and a T-Touch. Both will stand for long enough to make the price worth it user.

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Not really a fan of this design, user. Gonna go with blue, black is boring and brown needs to match your outfit.

You can do better tho.

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Black and grey will match more universally. What colors do you normally wear to work?

I don't want to offend you but it looks ugly af. I'd rather have a minimalistic watch that only shows the time but is actually nice to look at

watches are for vain people who care too much about projecting an image to other vain people

Why get a watch? Doesn't your phone have a clock on it?

Only old people and niggers wear watches.

It's not about what it does, it just completes an outfit imo.

I'd choose another.

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He’s buying a fucking zenith

Spoken like a true poor pleb

Better than the faggot daytona that has the same movement but costs 20k cause 'muh rolex'

>45mm case

I don't have hulk arms

True true, can’t argue with that, personally a breitling fan, got a colt gmt.

Blue or grey goes with more colors you might wear inb4 WHITE IS A NEUTRAL COLOR well guess what white isnt fucking classy like blue or grey so suck it

All my friends are telling me blue aswell. I may get the blue one but with all 3 stripes.

Since a long time Rolex is using an own movement. You can differentiate by the subdials being off the center line

This but I'll say if you really like a watch, 1000 USD is the top limit.
But in order for you to wear anything that valuable, you should have a good physique, good hygiene and you should not behave like porch monkeys.
Otherwise even a Rolex would look like a knockoff

No offense taken. Taste is different but i like more tools in my watch then just a good look alone. If your OP you should also go for the one you like - aber das ist nur meine bescheidene Meinung.

Imagine spending 5100€ on a fucking watch, such an ape.

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white dial

>imagine spending 300k on a car.
>imagine spending 200 bucks on food
>imagine spending 10k on a flight

Different income, different spending habits, you know?

I own 6-figure watches, you disgusting pleb

grab your shine box

This. It's good for money laundering I guess.

you're on permanent ignore for having no class.
don't bother responding, i'll never be able to see another of your posts.

It's 2 votes for the white and like 5 for the blue one as for know. Hmm I will think about it

OP here. Actually I want to buy 4 watches but this was just one of them. I just don't know which one to buy first.

I want to get the Grank Seiko springdrive snowflake titanium, the zenith el primero, the omega moonwatch with saphire glass and the IWC Pilot with a black dial.

So where should I start in your opinion?


>spending habits
I see you've fallen for propaganda into calling being a sheep and ripped-off "spending habits". Good on you I guess and even better on people ripping you off. You deserve it.

By calling*

Lol you do realize that I will be able to sell the same watch for around 4-5 thousand in a few years if I really need to? It's not like I am losing the money. I can get back most of it at any time I want.

>a fool and his money are easily parted

>Lol you do realize that I will be able to sell the same watch for around 4-5 thousand in a few years if I really need to?
Sure you will.
>It's not like I am losing the money
In the same breath as:
>I can get back most of it


hör auf zu flexen du Glied!

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Get an IWC Mark 11 or a Breitling AOPA Navitimer because Zeniths are ghey.