Setup thread? post your current setup. bonus game guess where am I from?

Setup thread? post your current setup. bonus game guess where am I from?

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Vape nation, clearly.

it's an addiction really

Was laying down but I turned the lights on to take this pic and support your thread OP. Also... Oregon ?

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Actually not in the US,king level desk tho

Just started my set up a few months ago, slowly getting there

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Sick desk. I always wanted one with more shelves/drawers for books and misc stuff.

hows the chair

Best chair ive ever owned

A bit messy, I know where everything is... So that's fine by me lol

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Mom's basement

You are from Latvia.

Nice Dick Soap

I have exactly the same mouse

Tits or gtfo

Hey, he could be super gay.

Took this just now. No cleaning.

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miami cola makes it better

My computer keeps doing weird things. Windows update is broken beyond all hope of repair and these "free" antivirus's don't do anything at all.

The local WinCo doesn't always have it. :3
Fear the sunlamp glare.
Call me J J A-Non.

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i am not

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ive had a few over the ears, they tend to break (at least for me) after like 2 years, but now i have the newest version and its going strong

easily one of my favs

also on the soda stream train? or just similar bottle

Soda Stream, diet syrups. The local Wal-Mart has a small selection. Add some electrolytes (Buoy on Amazon has been working pretty good) and it's not a complete waste of water for hedonistic joy. ;)
The little knitted critter was a present from a Guildy. (GW2 Baby Aurene in knitted form)

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mango loco, great variant


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>dick soap
Weener Kleener is a vastly superior product.
Get on my level.

yea its become one of my favorites for sure. would kill for the old fruit punch nos though.

Very "clean" look
Hardwood floors. You must have those rubber wheels.
Bit of neon. Nice large mug.

Is that your Waifu?
Blackout curtains.
Softly lit room. Is that Google Chrome?
(I think it's funny that in a bygone era people had posters of humans. Now we have posters of drawn humans. As we have rejected the impurities of the flesh >818589000 for something more "Pure")

unfortunately they are plastic wheels so its a little loud when i roll around

Better than fissures in the wood.
That sounds like penis aphorism too.
"Better than fissures in your wood"