I want to pay someone to rape my wife

I want to pay someone to rape my wife

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Then is it truly rape rape? I think not

Do you know how rape works?

holy shit you're retarded

I'll do it for 100k. You get 80% back if I don't go to prison.

Going to need more pics before we can be sure it's worth it.

I'll do it for travel expenses

I'll do it for a McDonalds tea and a mcdouble

I'll do it for the lols


Post pic of wife not daughter.

Lol you gotta leave a way for someone to contact you, you know

That’s my wife

Wanna rape her?

You’d do it?

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1. Location
2. Need to see butthole
3. Yes

nice ass

would rape her

I'd do it right fucking now.

Have kik? Can chat/discuss further

Love your style.

Wonderful body

Post address

How much is offered?
Where do you live?
Do you have kik to discuss this more?

I'm interested