How the fuck does a 19 yo virgin with a not very welcoming face get a gf?

How the fuck does a 19 yo virgin with a not very welcoming face get a gf?

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Don't care don't think about it just enjoy it

Study, and then get a good paying job.

Like honestly just be friendly and stop thinking it's all about looks and social status, make a real human connection with someone, girls are people too just because they look pretty doesn't change anything! In fact, they are just as insecure as you 90% of the time.

you guys are fucking crazy

people aren't really robots working on scorecards real life is not a computer game

find another ugly face gf.
I'm sorry, either that or be single forever.

Get loaded.
Girls dig that.

Wear a really cool silicone mask that doesn't make you look lile a rapist

If you have low SMV? Then you get with someone who has low SMV.
It's called a "Looks Match" - find your Match
If you want to go upward? You have to have more resources as women are drugged out of their minds on the birth control pill.
See "This is Your Brain on Birth Control"
We are in the middle of a loneliness epidemic.
Check the headlines, the media is beating a war drum and driving home the idea that it is women not choosing mates.
This is true. Women, in modernity, as the ones who control partner selection.
Women control access to sex.
Men control access to marriage.
Lesbians have a high divorce rate as it's two fucked up women trying to get along without a man.
Is not wrong. You need to separate yourself from the pack. She has to be willing to pick you to let you inside her.
This is a Fem-user or a Blue Pilled Soy Boy
This is correct. The "Looks Match"
You will learn no small amount about how you see yourself when you go looking for your Match.
Find any aspect of yourself and improve it to increase your SMV.

haha you fucking incel loser

OP if you listen to this shit you will end up killing yourself

your redpill shit is as bad as pro-ana

As I said. Fem-user or Blue Pill Soy Boy.
And I am not part of the political belief system of the Incel. I am MGToW under the sub-category of Monk/Eremite

Make a lot of money

That's easy one, OP. Just be funny, rich and have a big dick. Problem solved.

So you basically are a loser cuck who never gets laid

And with my approach of treating women like actual humans I get laid every night


>an easy one
It also helps not to be retarded like me, but if you have those other things it shouldn't really matter.

If it is not the same woman than you are promiscuous, Which adds to the partners of the aforementioned women. Which then lowers their pair bonding chances. Your methodology is to slowly erode and ruin those women.
Also one is required to have someone, that someone else is fucking, to be a cuck. You do not know how to use words. Which again leads back to my estimation that you are a Blue Pill Soy Boy. We can complete the picture when you reveal you were raised by a single mother.
Which leads to the question of if you have either been to prison, or should have gone.
You are treating my worth on the basis of the sexual collisions with other women.
You are a Sexual Existentialist.
Your self-worth disappears when the pussy does.
You are not as smart as you believe yourself to be.
You are also immoral.
And if you still feel that your sex life makes this all fine and good? Then you are too stupid to understand why you're stupid.
Fuck off, and die. ;)

Dubs Witnessed.
"An easy one" is in relation to the question being easy. Not the answer. Thus one can say that the question is "An Easy One" and give answers which can feel like Herculean Tasks/Labors.
Also being like this? It destroys my chances with women as they do not enjoy bits of trivia, wordplay, or the like.

Yall problem is low testosterone not your face. You just use your face us an excuse to not interact with females in ways that inscrease test naturally. You can fix that by starting to eat good, sleep good and lift weights. If you get fitter, and feel better and that doesnt help try contact fighting sports like boxing, or kickboxing. If that doesnt help you can go to a doctor to get ur test level checked. Also hookers help some people with building confidence with females, but that doesnt work for everybody.

This guy gets it. Take the tradtrap pill boys.

Either do something about it or get older, fuck whats left.

The only advice I have on the trap is to take good care of them. If they're a gay using new mating coloration? What you have is another dude who is willing to play dress-up to get your love, but if they're not ready to be loved without the dress-up? Be careful.
As men, we're fucking awesome. The media has been beating a multi-decade wardrum about how much men are evil, vile, and sick creatures.
You have to be ready to escape that.
That's why understanding your Looks Match is important.
It shows you what you think you're worth. Even if you don't chase.
(You get out the 1 to 10 chart Sup Forums has, put your face on the screen, and then see where you think you compare)
And just know that the trap is not unlike you.
Treat them as something more than a walking onahole.
And cherish that ass.
Otherwise get a doll.
Or go NoFap until you feel freer of women.
But whatever you do? Stay amazing.

No. Success + Age = Fucking younger.
If you are 30 the quality of your fellow 30 is going to be lower than if you are 50 and more successful.
Age is not the barrier.
Success is. Get more success and fuck younger.

A girlfriend is not the end all be all and you need to understand this in order to find the right one, because girls pick up on that mindset and it makes them feel like you are too needy. So it is best to just be nonchalant about women and sex while you constantly take risks like making jokes or references showing that you are down for sex at anytime and it's no big deal, because you're still young playing the field. You need a certain level of confidence for this, so in the beginning you may have to fake that, one thing that might help is to pretend like you are a character that exudes tons of confidence.

I won't lie, a big part of my attraction would come from his physical looks. But I'm not a cruel bastard, I'd treat my boy well, he doesn't have to be a 10.
But I hate to think of what will happen 10 or even 5 years into the future, they'll likely lose that feminine look and charm. That's when I'd probably want to split.

See, I'm the opposite. I'd want him to stay.
We all get older, ugly, fall apart.
A real woman would be neat. Pump some kids out of her. And then as she gets old and wrinkled, her uterus starts to fall apart and they have to remove it, hope that she doesn't pull the pin on the fat grenade, watch as she never loses her Mothers Apron worth of weight.
Or just have a fellow aging man.
I want the kind of love that we stay together, even as we get older and uglier. He can dress like a drag queen at that point, embracing the parody of a woman clutching at straws trying to "Stay young"
As he'd have my heart and we'd have the good times rolling.
Could you imagine? Being 50 with your rock-a-billy drag queen ex-trap? The outfits could change, but the love could endure. :3

The only thing that keeps people single/celibate is personality.

>Take up a hobby
>Meet up with like-minded people.


Even one otter than you. Eventually one will say yes,

stop get some help.gif

What of what I said is untrue?
You need to stop being triggered by self-imposed thought terminating cliches.
You are the broken one. I will not be gas lit. Your tricks will not work here.

Sounds nice, but that's just a fantasy for me. It would be more of an adventure for me, then when it's over we'd split and go our own ways. I'd like to settle down with a younger female, pump out kids and hopefully die around or even before 60.
Drag queens are disgusting. Traps are cute. That's the problem, a large part of my attraction is the cute and innocent look some guys have when they're 18 or twenty-something. I'd still love that person even if their looks had faded but I certainly wouldn't be happy and I'd only make that person even more miserable by staying with them.

>just be friendly and stop thinking it's all about looks and social status
>haha just be yourself!
What a terrible post

That's fair. To each their own.
And I don't mean Drag Queen Story Hour monsters. I'm talking the "Classic/Vintage" sub-set where you have a man doing the best 30s-50s pinup look. ;)
(Just to be clear)

Obviously a woman wrote it. As a woman is allergic to responsibility and reality. To face the truths of this thread would be too much to handle.
Thus the empty aphorisms.

Go for an ugly or weeb girl, when bitches saw you with a girl you seem interesting and make you left your uggu chubby girl makes them happy, then they get bored at you so just repeat it until you preg one.

Yeah, 30yo men trying to look like women doesn't work for me.
But by all means, have fun with your partner in drag.

Say youre a tranny and try to get one of those raging feminists to sympathize with you long enough to fuck you

Just be funny and listen. Really not too hard