Were going on a magical quest b I am gonna be a wizard

Were going on a magical quest b I am gonna be a wizard

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I will be Lord Caca, Emissary of the Dookiebois.

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Quickly we must slay the dragon

shut up dweeb we're going to the king's court to slay pussy

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First, we must find a tavern to refuel my decal projector. Then we venture on.


Let's get bitches from the King's Court and clap cheeks on the way to slay the dragon. Use them as a distraction and win.

Intelligent strategy my friend with this amount of intelligence on our side the dragon will be beaten in no time


cast fireball

I can't comply with this order my friend I am a fag

You're not a pyromancer my friend

Not so fast

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Guiz can I join your quest for poosey? I’m a mage with 3 intellect.

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Fuck the pussy quest, we are going to niggafest!

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I'm in!
ready to slay some pussy

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I'm in the dungeom poorly equipped and overencumbered help plz

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Coming in hot to help the encumbered party! Just slayed a dragon and looted three backpacks that can hold up to 12 items each.

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Necromancer warlock here

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Seems we have a pretty good crew to take to storm the castle.... I hope all you brave warriors know the chance of survival is small, but to be victorious, we expect casualties.

The dragon has 1,000 HP. Last two digits inflict that much damage.

Any number in the 60’s = Death
Trips = Damage
Quads = Insta kill and are reigned king of HuntTardsville Castle and have your choice of bitches to slay that poosey.

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God dang it res plz

Gimpmaster ectogasm 22

-strength 3
-perception 4
-endurance 4
-charisma 2
-Intelligence 3
-Agility 5
-Luck 10

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The dragon cast heal! And cast a permanent shield causing 8 damage to all melee attackers.

With high luck, you were able to sneak in to the castle unnoticed by luckily opening an unlocked window. However, with lower agility (goes up to 99) you fell through the window (shattering the glass).

You altered the guards, and were unable to convince them that you were the court jester spying on women through the window. Jailed for life.

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Guys WATCH OUT a big tittys futa demon is behind us

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We distract them with a nigger

Mega Nigger

-Strength 7
-Perception 3
-Endurance 4
-Charisma 1
-Intelligence 2
-Agility 4
-Luck 3

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Here is the nigger dragon bait

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Don't you think you're overestimating the intelligence

Sam Hyde Appears out of no-ware.

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Fuck guys the nigger are surrounding us what do we do

Then a shlami shows up

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Can I come? I'll bring the popcorn

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You fools you thought I was your friend I wanted to use your powers so I can reach the wand of death now that I have it your all gonna DIE!!!!!!!!!!

We slay it for frenship!

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You are dead.

Because of you everyone dies from the dragon.

Games over. Thanks for playing.

Let's gettery git it neighborinos.

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