Guess the rape victim

Guess the rape victim

Post a pic with more than one girl where at least one has been raped.

If /b guesses the girl give details as you know them of what happened

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Fuck off loser


Seek professional help



First I need to know there background? are they religious? very important.

And if they are a offspring of feminism due to religion. I like to say maybe 1st gurl white chick left maybe, seems a bit fem and boyish at the same time..

Definitely center.

I want to say right because she looks like she is dying inside.
But any self-respecting rapist would go for middle.

If OP doesn't give the answer within 2 minutes, I'm going to rape him, take a picture of him with some friends, and create a new thread.

Is there a reddit raid or something gay to say these faggots are here


Naa the right look like shes been boned too many times. She seems like a typical church gurl slut I see a lot of times.

One of them.

Christian club flirt that gave no one any, lives alone. home break in a few years ago, three in and fucked her, then robbed her too.

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Ah, so she was "raped" because that's what she told her mum when she found out she had an abortion.
Got it.

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Fake and gay

She got raped leaving work late one Friday night.

Yes, church girl, but she was a good girl until the rape. Now she's a mommy.

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Look at that nose


Dumb bitch should have hit the nigglit with a hammer when she had the chance

I see here is basically a white nationalist christian who disowned her daughter for having a black kid. Which is prety common here in the south, if you have a mexican or black kid, they have abortions.

is this even rape tho? or just a racist fam disowning her daughter? And those pics were just regular sex pics and didnt want her racist fam to know about?

Ima go ahead and say it was just a suprised pregnancy and shes claimin rape to not seem coal burnerish

4 generations , still with family

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Hopefully that half breed was a rape baby and she didn’t choose to have that


So was it right or left, cos you're making no sense now

Thats nice to hear but wheres the father figure? in that pic? I always hear bad stories here mainly disowned kids during teen preggos cause it goes against go, being unwedlock, basterd kids don't go to heaven, Which I despise religion from here in the south.

yeah she look pretty happy with cum on her face. and when fucking from behind you can see her joy.
fucking nigger.

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also why not abortion, are people retarded, all you are aborting is a 1 cell organism, women abort them every month, they qualify for serial killer lol. I mean really now. I would not have a rapist child as a woman.


Op do you have the hd versions of.the fb images?

Dont think any girl who was rapped would say that the guys "fucked" her

I've seen regular pics on chan with same faces... So. How does one tell which is real and fake and enjoyment, from rough sex. Lot of white people like to strangle their hoes to death during sex.

spot the niggest of the nigs?

who of you too wants 20$?

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definitely the one on the left. pretty enough to be raped, not pretty enough to be taken seriously

Lol i have a job


welfare recipient is not a job.

Nah but dealing drugs is

No higher res pics?

man... it sure feels like it. so fucking annoying having that stupid appointment with the social worker every three months or so. then hearing the same bullshit every single time: you have to quit weed and booze, or we're cutting you off; have you found a job yet? are you participating in some kind of training or qualification? fuck that. worst of all I have to walk all the way to that dump. I told them to give me extra money so I can take a cab, but they wouldn't. fucking bitch

Both, on separate occasions, It was a black part of town

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So get a job waster

She looks very accommodating for someone who was "raped"

Think she came during her rape? This she still fantasizes about it?

Fabricated and homosexual

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Left. That face could make some men go crazy

Called it!

So she had a kid with the rapist? But I thought her Facebook said they used condoms? I'm so confused.

both of these two

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the other girl, you fucking moron


Take a guess, it was only an attempt thought

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they were in ibiza i think and happened out there, drug in the drinks

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Which one did i rape

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So it was white guys then




Have the other pics?

left one


Correct, she was walking alone at 3am when some Gypsy came after her, he grabbed her by the hair told her "come to the Gypsy village with me so i can marry you"(he didn't speak fluently the local language), he dragged her about 50 meters when luckily a car was passing by, two middle aged dudes exited the vehicle and chased the gypsy off, after that they gave her a ride home

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Fuck your convoluted rules. Just give story

rape isn't funny unless it's a clown getting raped

why did you delete the nudes bro?

One has

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Can we have the rest now plz. Why the fuck leave us hanging

Please say left

Love knowing that when this pic was taken, it was three innocent christian girls, saving themselves for their first time with someone special, and within a few months, two of the three had their bodies used and had taken unwanted bareback creampies from total strangers

it ain't rape, she wanted it

post rest of the pics desu

Chick on the left looks like she'd have to commit rape to get laid

HNNNNNNGGG!!! Moar of these 2!

lol nice try, Justin

Unreal and unstraight.


Well then she wasnt raped

This is the worst LARPing I've seen in weeks.


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Stfu retard

It's Ashley D's psycho stalker! Since anonsharer is dead I see you've taken your cuck fantasy to Sup Forums. To everyone else in the thread, the girls were slutty in their early 20s, but no more so than your typical barflies. No gangbangs, no black babies, just a deranged individual who likes to impersonate the blonde online.

Lost hard and I'm not sure why.

>mutt child
Ofcourse it is.

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ashley's ig is the only open one

ashley and chry have kids, none of which are black.

All of them hopefully


So fucking discusting post