Jewish girl I fucked last week. Your thoughts user?

Jewish girl I fucked last week. Your thoughts user?

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most disgusting race to ever walk the earth

She looks like a 6

Fuckin gorgeous, would love to hear more about it

Insert words of encouragement and validation. Also checked.

u bagged an ugly one, flat chested with a 5-head, ring thru her nose and shitty tribal tattoos.

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roll for that jew pussy

u got 2
better than 5,6 or 7.
3 kinda looks like winona rider, but with a weirf hairline.

would you look at those comfortable shoes.

Both rejects, match made

>Jewish girl I fucked last week.
Why she look like a skinhead tho?

Is she on a hunger strike? Jehovah...

would you choose her, or

jews are not human user

Fucking tranny train

of course.

At what point in their history though did they learn to walk on their hind legs ?

shes balding

She’s not beautiful, but good for you user. I am sure I have fucked worse.

I could land a passenger jet on that forehead.
Bitch got more crows feet than the powerlines by the grave yard.
Bitch got a hunched back that makes quasimodo hard.
Kike ass bitch teeth more crooked than the 2016 dem candidate

I agree white people are gross

Trips witnessed.
She looks like a Fallout New Vegas NPC.

Jews are disgusting parasites. Slave trading, money lending, subversive rats, the lot of them.

Pics or it didn't happen

That's nice and all, but what's with the Asian chick practicing her deepthroating skills to her right? Did you fuck her as well?

That receding hairline

Rolling for waifu

I don't think many people know that jews are responsible for starting the African slave trade.

it's easy to understand why jews hate whites, you've been bested by us for eternity.

You are no match, you were herded into trains like cattle.

slavery was a thing before the jewish or catholic religions even existed

add child porn and youve got catholics

>Kike ass bitch teeth more crooked than the 2016 dem candidate

Hello JIDF poster.

dat forehead