Asian girl loves older bbc

Asian girl loves older bbc

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Hot. More please


epic, what is the real story with this whole set, i heard a few diferent things? also, post em


what is that link

fuckin niggers ruin another girl

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more of OP girl,pics, vids , story?

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it's a fucking spam discord link, don't join

Basically, long story short, white guy has japanese girlfriend named Tomori Shiotani of something like that. He's secretly a cuck so he convinces gf to fuck one of his friends. Guy gets some random older bbc to fuck his girlfriend. Bbc goes to fuck girl, girl facetimes and records the whole thing for bf. Bf comes here and dumps everything. Sup Forums goes postal and tracks girl down and exposes her. She panics and closes all her shit, Sup Forums becomes more obsessed and starts finding more bbc shit of her and more nudes. Both bf and gf disappear off internet. It's sad really. Seen the videos and pics myself tho, they're super hot

Can you make the story shorter?


Cuck has asian gf. Makes her fuck bbc and record. Posts here. Sup Forums stalks and exposes her until they both disappear.

More pics

how did they tell her apart from all the other asians?

also somebody post more sounds hot desu

Someone put her linked in and her facebook was linked to it. You can honestly tell who she is cause her two canine teeth are misplaces and its super obvious who she is

Chinkychonk frequents /b. Starts to see cuck threads and gets turned on occassionally showing off his girl to guys on kik.
Ends up convincing his girl to fuck an old black guy which she does multiple times and takes evidence.
Chinky then posts to /b and they dox them both.

Funny how everyone has "seen" the vids and sets but all that can ever be posted is a handful of pics and a couple of webms...

Just post the damn vid link

I had them, I just erases them cause they're super shit videos. Two of them are 1-2 mins long. It's a screen recording of a facetime so there's no audio. And the other two are snap chats of her recording herself riding him and one of her getting a facial.

there aren't any vids

Then someone dump the pics