Dear Sup Forums

Dear Sup Forums,

It's us, Anonymous, once again. Except this time it's the leader speaking.

We are finished with your child pornography, gore, and cruel jokes that spread like a snakes bite and ruin the internet. Where have all of the internet's problems come from? Reddit? 9gag? No, no.
Tonight at 4:00am Pacific Time Sup Forums will officially come to an end.

"kek u cant do sh*t"

Not only do I have my overwhelming hacking skills and team aside me, but I also have Reddit, the founding website of Anonymous, aside us.

You're probably all thinking


There is one thing you CAN do. Surrender. I want Administrators, Heaven and Hiroyuki here, with the ID and everything, saying sorry, and banning all of things disgusting things from your website.

As of now, you have 3 and a half hours.

The clock is ticking, gentlemen.

We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.

-_The Leader

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I love to eat poopcorn ahhaha poopp + popcorn YUMMY!!!1

Anonymous isn't anonymous at all.

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Woah I haven't heard about anonymous since like 2012 in a bo2 lobby

>Dor 6chn
>tis i, nomnious, once again. Excip this tome tis me the leatherer
>we are fishing with you chili powder, goth, and cudgel-joks that spread like a snek bit and run on teh interwebz
>where have all of the interwebz problemz cum from? Penisland? PronHubs? YesYes.
>To nigga at 59:00AD Specific Tome 6chn will orificeally cum to the game.
>"kek u cant do sh*t"
>only i do have no overwhelming jacking skills and gongbong team aside my pooper, but I also have reddor, the fondling webcast of Androgynous, on top of´we.
>You're properly not at all tdrinking
>Tere is none ting you CAN do. Use the blender. I want Adolescents, Herbivore and mafikki here, with the sharpie and pooper, saying maury, and spamming all of tings disgruntling tings from me weebsit.

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Time to play an age guessing game. My guess for OPs age is 12

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It's a simulation get over it.

I'm in I say edgy 15yrs. Isn't that when Greta started her fucking 'world saving' crusade?

Oh user OP, please name 1, just 1 single language you code in, bonus if you can supply a line or 2.

Also user OP, what do you think will happen if you take down Sup Forums?

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I code the cmd and has the Sup Forums hacker's adres

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Ok boomer

>child pornography, gore, and cruel jokes

this has made the interwebs great you newfag

Cmd? As in command prompt? You're fucking joking right?

No jokes
Join dem rebelion with the copy-past power or be blackmailed into eating piss

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You've been here in Sup Forums for all of 8 minutes haven't you?

Oh noes boys he can use the command! Oh shit boys were fucked now!

Kek kek kek kek!!!

You are gonna black a bunch of NEETS, tell me what that acronym stands for...
No jobs no shame and you threaten blackmail......empty retarded threat.

Next time how bout you go "hack" one of those social media sites that people who have millions pay thousands to have membership on and Robin hood some of those gains to us.....FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!

Iz okay to be mad Alex i already has your adres and email
[email protected]

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kys elka
go back to fag

Not our vanity anymore fagget