YLYL "petition to start calling logposters floomers" edition

YLYL "petition to start calling logposters floomers" edition

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3/3, I will post many more I just gotta make it look like I'm working for a sec

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Ooga booga nigger boy!

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Poo soon

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Ok, floomer.

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The Andy's log meme was funny for one reason, same reason as the Banana meme or Spider-Man: The rage of the people who are really bothered by it.

But now, it's oversaturated and bland. When someone sees log memes in a thread, they don't get mad anymore. They just sigh, and click over to another thread.

Floomers are the true worst cancer on Sup Forums.

They really do, it's crazy. I had a dog once that could chill in the car no problem. We'd go past 8-9 white people, some with dogs, nothing. One nigger, and the dog starts trying to break the window with its face lol. They really are different animals.
Inb4 "your dog sensed the tension in the car" this was when I was a kid and my family wasn't racist, they were genuinely perplexed by it. We moved houses and got a black mailman, the dog suddenly started going apeshit when we got mail. Used to never care

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I closed the video when he started pulling his pants down. Fuck that.

Why floomer? I don't get it

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Log flume

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Ya got your boomers, and they hate zoomers. Boomers and zoomers are both disgusted by coomers though.

The only group all 3 can agree is fucking worthless is the floomers

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quads of fucking excellence lol, based stonetoss

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That's kinda dumb. Why not call them shit-posters?

Dumb is thinking that you're the first person to connect a meme about poop to the concept of shitposting. Dumb is thinking that it would sound clever at all. Dumb is responding to this like I just did, FUCK.

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IDK man, I think it makes more sense.

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