You are being born in year 2120

you are being born in year 2120
we don't have time to explain more
you have 10 seconds to pick one country

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Would you rather North or South
(obv slavland is most chill, who'd wanna get with aussies)

Anywhere away from the land border for obvious reasons

>Whites gone
Okay, lets say that happens.
Negro's would still not have any "Empire" but be the monkeyslaves of Jews/Asians

just like holy roman empire
not holy not roman and not an empire
holy nigerian empire would be at least nigerian though

>not negro empire
okay, that'd work

Who nuked Australia

nuclear waste form all over the world stocked there accidentally exploded


enjoy your childhood in cozy slums

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United States of Asia

ok, it will be Moscow Pradesh


mfw no europe

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United States of Asia is close enough, no way Russia would let themselves get dominated

So why is Jewland under the control of the Nigerian Empire?

it's the other way around




>no way Russia would let themselves get dominated
kek, they're the most submissive and easily pressured of all slavs.

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working 13 hours a day, 10 on weekends

Nice cherry pick dumbass. You took the compilation of the, like, 10 blacks in Russia and tried to make a point with it. You failed.

Churkas are taking over Russian cities in the west. Russians are cucked, submissive bitches. That's why they've always been living under some form of dictatorship: if not under the kniyaz, under a tsar or a general secretary and now a president.

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That's a picture from the future user.

Ok Boomer
OK Doomer


>Ok Boomer
Not an argument.
Also, those numbers only keep growing.

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What are you even trying to say?
that black people are dominating their home?
if you think skin colour has anything to do with attitude you're unironically retarded

Islam is about to go on the decline. People are waking up.


>that black people are dominating their home?
Nope, Russians are just submissive bitches. They're allowing subhumans into their country, soon Moscow and Sankt Petersburg will turn into what London and Paris look like.
>skin colour
When did I say that? If you're denying the fact that one's race largely determines your natural behaviour then you're delusional. Blacks have a smaller prefrontal cortex, it is responsible for functions such as planning, and greatly contributes to personality development. If you deny that either you are a liar or ignorant.

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Too slow. Muslims breed like rats. 2030's is when there's no coming back from this. France is a goner, as well as Sweden. Maybe Germany and UK can still be saved.

Actually I'd swap Sweden and Germany, as a lot of Swedes are getting pissed off, while Germany are just a bunch of cucks. Conversions to Christianity and Atheism in the middle east are on the rise my friend.

I kind of agree with you actually, in Germany it has been a slow progress, so they're kind of more used to it. While Swedes got thrown into boiling water straightaway. But I was talking more about demographics really, Sweden is a small country.
>Conversions to Christianity and Atheism in the middle east are on the rise
Interesting, anything to back that up with?

So russians could be called asians? FINALLY!