Me and my tomboy-feminist gf

me and my tomboy-feminist gf

> have a night out with her and two friends, have some cocktails together
> return home, more drinks
> decide to play strip poker
> all nekkid at some point
> GF and friends get into heated debate about female body hair, womens autonomy and so on
> debate.jpg
> I remain bit silent
> they start praising and mocking her tatas
> calling her cutie but also saying she has sagbags
> she mad but keepes eyeing their dicks
> more debate .jpg
> one of them tells her she should just suck their dicks if she likes them so much
> she red faced af
> looks at me
> I just nod
> she embarrassed af
> friend starts kissing her
> makeout.jpg
> me hard af all of a sudden
> get a pillow for her knees
> friends command her to suck their dicks
> she polishes their wood like a champ
> turns into DP real quick
> goodsex.jpg
> I cum buckets watching her moan
> they command her to shave herself so she can please them better
> she makes point about body hair being natural and expression of her autonomy
> he spanks her butt
> she gets shaving cream and shaves
> he calls her good girl
> more dp
> goodsex.jpg
> many balls emptied
> good times and I discovered a new kink

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cool kink, odd night. congrats

this thread?... again?...

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feel free to contribute

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Why why why is it always cuckery. Is it really that common? OP are you white? I bet your white.



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How do you keep a girlfriend to begin with? My relationships have always ended. I'm literally 0 for however many women.

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
Neck yourself.

we met a couple times and hung out with common friends, then hung out together, then went to see some movies together and she asked me to do a self-defense course with her and we kinda ended up liking it and eventually landed in bed and its been kinda nice ever since

best thing to do is probably dont think you're entitled to have relationship with anyone but if you enjoy each others company then it will work out somehow. pay attention to what she says, try to understand what she likes blabla

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Stop being autistic. Or find an equally autistic girl.

So... go to gym and hire an attorney. Gotcha.

srs tho my personality is shitty so I'm fucked

Congrats on the diesel dyke looking broad, she looks like a real barrel of laughs. I'm guessing Trump isn't her president too?

You see, I myself am autistic but I want a baddie. But that's not an option you gave me. So I guess I'm out of the gene pool.

maybe try some new routine for the day? like, if you end up browsing 4chans too long maybe go for a walk then try to meet up with people

if nothing works become a monk

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Does she know your posting her sjw looking ass on Sup Forums for me to laugh at?

she isnt american but she doesnt like trump

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not yet but its kind of a turn on for me

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How much you think those plane tickets cost? Fuck it, I'll get a job at McDonald's and save up. I'll live off ramen to shrink my stomach.

Wait, Himalayan monk or Indian monk? If it's India I'd rather just go out and walk.

>literally not her president

Have sex, buddy.

I rarely fly so I wouldnt know
maybe eastern orthodox and grow a beard


sex is ok

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>become a catholic monk
>666 post
Mmmmmmm... I think I'll work on improving myself. Post a dick pic

Didn't happen, get off of this site and save yourselves cucks.

ok Jonathan Frakes

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You get a girlfriend by not being a beta cocksucker who let's cuck shit happen, women like men to lead, despite what femisnt bullshit tells you, women love to be ordered around by men. If you let her fuck other men it might seem fun at first but it will slowly but surely make her lose respect for you and then she will monkey branch to one of your more manly friends. You're welcome.

actually she opened up about having threesomes with her female friends after we started the cuck stuff

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Damn I’d rail your GF if you want.

do prefer shaved or unshaved?

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Logic. Let's use it. I want a girlfriend to try out this cuckoldery. First disconnect.

Second disconnect, I can't stop being a cuckold because I don't have a partner.

But if the slut doesn't appreciate the fact that I want a cock in my mouth and want her dp'd every now and then I don't want her. Fucking... mysogonistic insult.

Unshaved but maybe clean up around the crotch. I’d like to make her dress up in a dress like a real woman and fuck her from behind.

Do you get off knowing you couldn't make a relationship work with a chick that doesn't want to ride the cock carousel?

I'm with you friends on this. Shaved.

unshaved is still hot.

I want her as hairy as possible and as manly as possible. I want to fuck her through boxer shorts. I want to pretend like I'm fucking a man in the ass. I'd actually do it but I'm too scared of my sexuality so I'll just fuck a girl and pretend.

we dressed her up too, makeup and all
but she doesnt want to grow out her hair just yet

kinda sag we had her shaved before trying out bikinis at the store

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Pres? Don't you have a country to run??


we do that sometimes and she likes stuff like this

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If only I had the courage

Yeah I’d love to see her pubes out the side of a bikini. Would call her “sweetheart” as she put on a floral print dress.

I'd call her Monty and call her my perfect little fag and nut on her chin.

Looks like m00t.

Then I’d stare deep in her eyes and just as I’m about to cum inside of her I’d whisper “make... America... great.... again”

yeah I would have loved to see if she would be brave enough to walk around a bit like that haha
we totally had her wear pink dresses and stuff and she was a bit red faced unter the cake-up

she wants me to use male pronouns when we do it like that

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"By appreciating women and immigrants."

I lol'd

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>cake up
Boris Johnson fan, huh?

just meant to point out we overdid it with her makeup, making her look like some ditzi cheap slut

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lol, thats not real body hair, thats like "oh shit I forgot to shave my armpit for a day" fucking poser

more OP.

I'll resume OP's story in fewer lines for those who do not have time to read all his cuckery:
>be OP
>be a soyfaggot
>be a beta provider for hairy feminazi gf
>OP's friends manage to fuck his gf
>OP's friends force her to shave her disgusting bush
>she enjoys cocks
>OP does nothing and stands powerless watching his friends cuck him
>OP is a cuck with a soyshrinked dicklet

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fucking numales, how can a man being THAT weak, like srly, this must be the first time in the entire human history some "men" are like this, are they poisoned with estrogen or something?

yes, there are hairier armpits


oh, you got me

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They are turning the fricken frogs gay and soy turned OP into a willing cuck jerking in the corner while his "empowered" gf sucks and fucks multiple dicks.

man this block of tofu sure tastes nice

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Enjoy Cuckolding OP.

You really think this kind of shit is new?

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You know how to tie those ropes like that?

more like this user? cool gf


we did a workshop together at a local BDSM group and practiced the stuff a bit

maybe later
gonna head off to work soon

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thank you
its been a blast

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ITT virgin with a cuckold fantasy

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Yeah that's not a face you keep to yourself. Kinda looks like a dude.

Fuck she has some nice tits. Would love to be her bull.