OMG, it's happening, turn on the TV!!

OMG, it's happening, turn on the TV!!

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Don't tease us....

Literally max 100 people in US want him dead, he will never be assassinated.

dont have television who is this what is happening please

This is Sup Forums, newfag, you really think this will work?

Really? Hahahahha. I don't think so...

Like Kennedy, isn't it?


You only die to 1 guy, you don't need 1000s to do it.


The world around you, open your eyes
EXCLUSIVE TSA Unveils New Genital Visualizers
TSA Harassment Parody
TSA Eric Cartman "Toilet Safety Administration" Gerald Broflovski
KAC Raided by Toilet Safety Administration

Linocln, Kennedy and Reagan got shot for less than what Trump has done. How has no one assassinated him yet?

they killed him in a wrestling ring?

It's a miracle for him.

Waaay more than that. He still won't be assassinated though. I mean, Bush jr. lived.

Lincoln, kennedy, and reagan were all assinated by rich assholes who were losing their ticket to easy street. Trump is making the rich richer. So he'll be fine.

Thats a pretty valid point.

Tsa pat down of suspected terrorists

>turns on TV
>duck tales

thank for the tip

No, it's ok. Enjoy your fantasy since in reality you'll be seething and screeching Orange Man Bad for another 5 pathetic years.

Nigga that's wwe

>OMG, it's happening, turn on the TV!!
Fuck TV! 2020 killed TV. TV be dead now.

I haven't watched WWE in ages.

Tsa pat down of suspected terrorists #2

It's a simulation