Shes cute af bro

shes cute af bro

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Well, well, finally here! I have been suffering this onslaught for so long, just look at this crazyness! -J

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welcome back friend, what's up

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¡Hola! Did you see the picture? So many Andy Sixx, feet, pederasta... it tires me so much. How are you, though? -J

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>¡Hola! Did you see the picture? So many Andy Sixx, feet, pederasta... it tires me so much.
that's the byproduct of Sup Forums getting popular really, it turned into a stale porn board filled with shitposts, no doubt people are getting sick of some of the shit here, even the rogue admin that did the porn purge agreed
>How are you, though? -J
i'm alright, pretty exhausted due to lack of sleep for the entire week, but atleast i got 2 and a half days off work to relax

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>and a half days off work to relax
Sí, I remember you saying this yesterday, congratulations! Do you have any plans for the upcoming days? -J

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mostly chilling and doing small stuff around the house, maybe spend time with my sister
brother also hooked me up with a bit of the devil's lettuce so it should be alright

what about you

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cool feet

i agree

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Hello Jasiri, this is the little boy. Joni

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uh, alright

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The only reason I do not kill myself right now is because it would stop me from being able to develop bizarre fantasies of killing myself, because I would be already dead.

Maim, kill, rape, self harm, suicide, incest, drugs, ass, cunt, domestic violence, genocide.

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administering self bump!

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what's this?, a hyena thread?

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a Jasiri thread? I'm in!

Heya guys! how's it going?

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whats up partner, how are you doing

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Hey Rita poster, i'm sad : (

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sorry friend

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i feel you, as i said before its best if you found a professional talk to, seems like the best course of action in my opinion

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Thanks my friend, but... i don't think i can handle it anymore, it hurts, and I miss her too much, and I woke up this morning and started to cry, and... i... i just want to die

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What did he wrote?

¡Hola Rita! -J

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Kill yourself.

I'm doing good, I took for tomorrow a day off, so this evening is mine!

I'm sorry to hear that. it's allways hard to lose a loved one. I'm not good at cheering people up but I can tell you this: It's okay to have these feelings and it's a part of life.
the important thing is to talk about it with others, this helps you to cope with it.

I'm really sorry that I can't give you a better advice.

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I don't think that will help, i just want someone to hold around me, and comfort me

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he wrote this
but he put the wrong image
>I'm doing good, I took for tomorrow a day off, so this evening is mine!
sounds like a blast
everyone deals with grief differently, i would personally just get it all out now and seek people that knew her so you can all reminisce

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It's ok my friend, i just wish I got the chance to say goodbye to her

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yeah I understand, but it's not important to say goodbye. It's important that you both had a good time together, that's what matters

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Thanks, and the pic of Unikitty reminds me when i told her about Unikitty, she loved to draw her, but i don't remember if i have some drawings of her. And i honestly not thought that I would experience something so unfair

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Thanks, and if I would describe her with a picture, it would be like this

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that's neat

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omg stop trolling pretending as if you los someone, its very cringy

Stfu troll

Thanks, i was just crying right now, because i Googled some pics of the school we attended together. OH MY GOD! IT HURTS AS FUCK

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Do you have a job or other hobbys than this addiction

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Hi there guys!
How are you?

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Hi Scratte, nice to see you!

I'm doing good, how are you? did you finish your work?

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>she's cute af bro
You're presenting this statement as a fact. It is an opinion. What if I do not think she is "cute af"? You need to revise your OP to something along the lines of "bro I think shes cute af".

yeah, i got a job and function just fine at life
hey scrattieboi, whats up my dude
i never stated it was a fact, so it's pretty much implied that its an opinion, you don't just assume things, but its true, Jasiri is cute af, check wikipedia

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I'm fine thanks. Just a little tired after a few busy days. Some projects at work. Did I miss anything these days?

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nothing noteworthy, just some convos between us, don't know if you were here when a new guy popped in, "wmf", he seems chill and nice, but i don't know too much about him

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Jasiriposter, i found a solution

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>a new guy popped in, "wmf"
Unfortunately I don't know him.

I also saw a guy which is signed in messages with "-J". Do you know him?

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you did?
>I also saw a guy which is signed in messages with "-J". Do you know him?
you mean our spanish friend J, or a different J?

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Kill yourself.

it hurts more the second time you hear it :'(

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funny fact: WMF is a german pot/pan manufacturer

J is an oldfag relative to these great Jasiri threads

what is it?

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Yes. Maybe it sounds wierd, but... I hug my pillow and pretend it's her, It actually helps and it feels nice

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wait, a different J?
that's great, if it brings you comfort go ahead and do that

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This is the solution, my friend

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sounds good and go ahead.

I've got a blahaj, if I need company I tend to hug him too.

>wait, a different J?
I think he/she's talking about the original J :)

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Aaaaaww, i'm not crying anymore, and it feels so good, It feels like I'm giving her a hug, it's so peaceful

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Blahaj, is that Danish for. Blåhai?

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Kill yourself.

it's IKEA for Blåhai

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please stop, my heart can't take another rude comment like that :'(

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Yes. I saw that his salute is "¡Hola!"

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you sure that wasn't the other J?, she always replies with Hola

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I really don't get WHY you make this kind of thread EVERYDAY. As an anthropology student I'm honestly intrigued


now I'm confused

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and i give out the reason to whoever asks
i'm doing this for several reasons, i like the show, and doing this gets more people onto it, i have already gotten quite a few to watch it, and most of them had no complaints, i like the character, and i think Sup Forums's mods are complete assholes
they let the spam run wild on Sup Forums, going as far as promoting it while silencing anyone with a tiny bit of originality, shitposts that started 4 years ago and last all the way up to today, they do no good except as a way for trolls to enjoy themselves, if the mods don't give a shit about spam, i might aswell join the winning side,with enough people joining in either Sup Forums's mods will do something more useful with their time, or the users will just get annoyed and disappear, either scenario makes me win

but the threads actually do have a purpose, i'm willing to chat with anyone respectful, and i like discussing the show, i have quite a few supporters and followers that visit here

if you feel like this is a bit too much spam for you, get Sup Forums x and ask me for the md5 list of the images, it will prevent you from ever seeing my threads.

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Mental illness of the shut-in aspie pedo virgin NEET

Oh, ok

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please stop, these accusations really make me question my sanity and i cry before bed :(((

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I'll watch the show. It seems interesting.

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I dispise seeing that ugly cunted thing every time im look at the catalog

Im into fur and i can certainly tell you she is ugly trash.

I fantasize about stomping your retarded fucking face in for making me have to see this disgusting nigger-esk character so often

Don't listen to him my friend, don't cry, you are a Very Kind, funny, intelligent, and special person, never forget that, and i will always be here for you

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Shut up your fucking ragefag, i think you spend too much time in front of your device

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its pretty good for whoever watched the lion king, not gonna lie it has its flaws, but for the most part it did well for what it was, just try to not think too much about the bad things and focus on the good parts of it
>I dispise seeing that ugly cunted thing every time im look at the catalog
someone here lacks taste in females.
>Im into fur and i can certainly tell you she is ugly trash.
that's alright, you got the freedom to be wrong, who am i to correct you
>Im into fur and i can certainly tell you she is ugly trash.
you don't deserve Jasiri's love, go away.
i was joking, but thanks for the support friend

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fuck you too cunt for supporting this retardation.
you and op are cancer on this board

I seriously hope you die a painful death

if you think this is cancer you are part of the problem, friend, now get out of my christian thread.

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woah, please leave some of that edge behind bucko
trips of truth

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Cool streaming site tho.

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yeah, its pretty convenient, i'm surprised at the length someone would go to stream one show, but its a pretty good show, i give it atleast a 7 out of 10

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(keep yeening sweetheart)

gonna go to bed, see you around, friends, i'll be around tomorrow, maybe during the afternoon or evening
buenas noches

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fuck you faggot
im going to ruin every fucking thread i see you make from this moment on

And YOU are cancer on this Planet!!!

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No problem my friend. Well, i have to sleep, i see you tomorrow my friend, sleep well

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plenty of people tried and are trying, and every one of them failed, i don't see how you're gonna be any different, the only difference you can do is tell the mods to do their jobs

but feel free to throw insults and try to derail the thread like the others, i'm sure you will be the one to make a change.

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you can't destroy something with this kind of beauty

good night friends

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Shut up, you are annoying, you fucking WhineFag

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Ha, we had the same idea ok, i see you tomorrow, goodnight, and sleep well

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Good night!

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shocked this thread went on this long without any furry porn

Oh tust me, things are going to change.
im annoying you? good
suck a dick

And goodnight to you too, i see you tomorrow, and sleep well

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I'm also going. got a lot to do tomorrow.

good night friends!

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Nah, sounds like you already do

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I want to let a pitbull chew your genitals out.

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I want to let a rabbit pound your prostate

>check wikipedia
The only thing I'm checking is your inability to use fucking periods. That post gave me a headache.