My neighbour is smoking weed at the moment with his girlfriend...

My neighbour is smoking weed at the moment with his girlfriend. They play music at 16 EM and I wanna call the police on them for disturbance and use of drugs (very illegal in Sweden).

What do I say to guarantee the police will show up? Say I saw a gun etc?

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Ever heard of swatting?

Don't say anything like that, just say they ask suspicious and that you think they are doing drugs

Yeah do it, fucking retard

first inform yourself about the noise laws, then call the cops and tell them what you told us.

why don't you go ahead and (politely) ask them to stop, and that you are considering to call the police. just be nice at first and if they don't give a fuck then call the police.

no need for all that agitation straight away .

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Lol, jelly much? Ruining the life of your teenage neighbour won't help get a gf, but then again I despise everyone too so do what you want I guess

16 EM? The fuck?

Yes definitely call the police. Weed is for degenerates and degenerates belong on a cross. Fucking execute and euthanize anyone who smokes weed.

Only based response, gg would buy you a beer

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Wtf kinda communist fucking time keeping is 16EM?

If weed is "very illegal in Sweden" why do you have to mention a gun?

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Just call the cops and say they're doing drugs noob

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So first of all, have you tried reasoning with your neighbour? Because calling the police as first response will possibly end in a neighbour war.
Second of all, experts widely agree that weed shouldn't be illegal so denouncing your neighbour for that is, in birdculture, considered a dick move.

Are they swedes / normal foreigner or babbe?
If the former, just ask them it'll be fine.
If the latter, just call polisen
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