26 year old musician who was chromesthesia (sound to vision synesthesia)...

26 year old musician who was chromesthesia (sound to vision synesthesia). I have extraordinary mental imagery when I experience sounds. Feel free to AMA about what it’s like to experience synesthesia.

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What do you see when someone farts?

Do you have different visuals for different musical notes? Instruments?


what do you see when you listen to this ?
It's a composition with a lot of meaning for me.

Yes. Simple tones, pitches, and sounds don't produce much imagery. Music that I already "know" and that "can capture me" invokes the most powerful visuals.

balls of light. reds, oranges, some darker colours like black. ice cold whites and silvers.

Not to sound like a douche, but since it really isn't that good (I don't think Beethoven would approve), it doesn't produce as in-depth of a 3d image as something I like more

I was listening to Cherub Rock by the smashing pumpkins in my car last night. i got really into it, i got really keyed, and it was an amazing 3d journey.

I would compare it to an iTunes visualizer in the sense that it is constantly transforming, changing.

BTW still listening to the soundcloud stuff, i like it a bit more now and it's starting to get deeper. royal deep purple.

it makes the iTunes visualizer look boring.

Out of curiousity what do you see when you hear a fart being ripped

twirling shapes, ribbons, balls of light, motion.

If I try to "force" it, the mental imagery goes away and i'm just listening to the song again.

swirling pinwheels of colour, shapes that only exist inside my head and don't exist in the world around us. it's really cool. it's a nice little thing to be able to do, makes life a tiny bit more interesting.

When I create music live it becomes everything I see. I black out, in a sense, and it becomes everything in my visual field. I might be playing my guitar, I might be looking at you in your direction, but I am not perceiving anything with my eyes. It's all in my head.

small brown, orange lines that run very close to one another

for some reason the letter "Z" is important with the fart. mostly it's just annoying and smelly.

If a cute person farts there might be some light sky pastel blue in it.

*to it

not "in" it

What about background noises like rain or construction or a cafe? And what do ASMR videos do?

Do you plan on using your gift to help people?

How do you cook your ramen?

It can become extremely annoying. Sounds like you ignore tend to be very "in my face" and nails on a chalkboard. I would describe it almost like echolocation. Even now, because I am tired, my keystrokes are extremely loud.

not sure what an ASMR video is

yes. i want people to feel happy when I create music for them. I plan on dedicating my whole life to this art.

I usually eat it raw lol

post your soundcloud

How exactly do you visualize it, is it in your head or do you literally see it

I don't have a soundcloud

I visualize it in my head. It is not "outside" in my surroundings, as if watching someone playing with streamers. It is 100% mental imagery inside my head only, not a hallucination.

I literally see it. I cannot "control" it. If I try to control it it generally dissipates. I see it in my head as clearly as if I were to picture my first house, or my bedroom as a kid. It is extremely involved mental imagery.

I might say it is like being a trance while still being totally conscious.

The crazy part about my chromesthesia is how it has 3d depth to it. When I am having mental imagery, if I am really really really keyed in, I will see the artist. I saw Billy Corgan in my head more clearly than when I see a video of him performing. Tis quite interesting. I know that the more I develop it the more intense the imagery will get as I continue to get older.

I would say it's like traveling inside a tunnel, or a void, with different places in it. I'm tired now so im just rambling, sorry guys hope this was entertaining.

Thanks, you're not a douche, criticism is always good !
Nice to see that it makes you see something


What do you see in this anime opening

I have the exact opposite disease. Books are literally words on pages


Because I can do something you can’t, I have a “disease”?

I doubt you play any instrument extremely well, it doesn’t make you “sick” dude.

You sound like a righty. Am I right?

I mean, it is TECHNICALLY a genetic mutation so, in a very specific way it is a disease

I'm another dude, just wanted to answer

Also, which colors do you like the most when listening to a song?

I'm glad you arent the soundcloud rapper in the other thread who genuinely believes hes gods gift.

Hahaha i'm just a dude trying to compose some instrumental
I know they're shit but at least i'm improving