I'm making a detailed plan regarding how to induce the most possible amount of discomfort in a female...

I'm making a detailed plan regarding how to induce the most possible amount of discomfort in a female. The techniques must also have a sexual context. Also the female speciment must not gain any physical impairments or death.

I need tips and ideas of torture methods.

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Just look up e-stim and electrical devices.
When they are turned up they are unbearable and won't even leave marks for a lot of pain.

You could read your posts out loud to her as you make them

You could talk to her, you spergy cunt.

I enjoy beating on a girls ass with brumsticks to techno music and heavy metal for an hour ... wrap one drum stick in barbed wire for extra fun.

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Recommend that you put a stove in the walls, and run it for 16 hours, after six months she will go crazy and listen to every command you give her

I tell you this from experience, in the spiritual world angels put females in a volcano until they serve them and are full of fear and remorse

The female's place is in a volcano for several millennia.

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Stick a cattle prod up her cunt and keep shocking her until the battery dies


i have actually been thinking about this and iv got a pretty good one. start by breaking the teeth, not completely because you want nerve endings intact, then take a hot metal element and attach it to those nerve endings, if it works it should fire those nerves so badly that they will feel only the most intense pain ever

This is the kind of shit i'm asking for. Finding the most effective methods and writing it in detail.

This is how far i've come with the idea. I need ideas for the 3 first parts.

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Holes plugs - anal, waginal, urinal and mouth
Set in place when female is not used
Why you didnt mentioned her nudity? I think this is obvious to keep her naked all time
Instead of colostomy and intravenous feeding i would teach her that she got one time per day to shit, piss and eat.
Forced feeding may stay (you can mix shit and piss to her food)

What is you opinion of that?

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For part II of your plan:
1. Full nudity - obvious
2. Keep her clean and depilated - it will confuse her. You can clean her brutaly, but do that. And remember to use perfumes on her. All of that would constantly remind her that she is still women. Also keep her head hair.
3. Small cell - no windows, no bed. There shouldnt be any speaker. Only sounds what she should hear should be herself, Mounting points in walls for tying.
4. Cell temperature - randomly from cold to hot.
5. Cell lighting - cold white at day, blue at nigth. Always on.
6. Medical inspection - every day check her life parameters and inspect her holes. This will make her think that you care about her to torture her as long as possible


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Never thought Id say this and women can be total bitches but eh MODS

this is what scientology wants you to think

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Marry her.

you wana train her or torture her just for fun