State your age if you'd like to fuck her?

State your age if you'd like to fuck her?

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Cool your in.

How do I get in contact?

She wants about 8 guys to fuck her so will see how this goes. So you will fuck her?

Sure, but bareback, and she gets to swallow.


Yes she's doing it no condoms anyway. Risky but she will lube up with spermacide first as it should help. Swallow no problem.

Nice one.

20 :D

Your the youngest so far and 3rd.


Cool no problem.

27 with a decent cock!

How big I will tell her and your 5th so far.

29 and nah I'm not a huge fan of women after my exwife stabbed my in the throat and told paramedics I tried to kill myself forcing me to recover in a mental hospital against my will.

I enjoy the faggot life now. Men treat me like a king

Oh no. I promise no knives. And omg I hope your ok now.

Almost 8 inches but not quite

33, id have to eat that ass too though

Yeah I'm fine. I just don't trust women.

She will like can go all the way inside her.

Shit man thats insane. I dont blame you one bit. Was she at least hot?

Just fuck her and go if u

Can she deepthroat? Never had anyone fit it all in their mouth

Yeah do what you want to her.

I bet that pussy looks amazing when stretched wide open with fingers from both hands! Looks like she has some great little tits too. Hows the holes look from the back? I absolutely love me a gaping pussy!

I doubt she'd take it all in but she will try.

My kinda woman! Kinda hard just thinking about her! I have a nice thick cock a little over 6inches

She was beautiful.

This is her from behind.

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Thats some amazing sex sadly. Gorgeous and fucking batshit crazy! The risk is always high but sometimes(not always though, so sorry that crazy shit happend to you and in glad youre okay man!) Worth it lol

She can't wait.


Amazing! I would love to get that hole in some good lighting and see the inside. Something about a big gaping pussy is just amazing! Especially when theyre over my face pissing! Fisting a amazing pussy like that is awsome as well

Yes little titties and a huge hole.

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22 and 19cm cock

60. I win

easier down her throat or in the ass do you think ?

A close up of her pussy wide open. Yes look inside her.

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The perfect combo! Im assuming shes has both holes and her mouth hands busy all at once and damn thats a hot thing to picture! Ever get 2 dudes to go inside the pussy at once?

Her ass is tight.

Both them holes look so satiafying


Really 60?


any way to contact this slut ?

Should get her to take some pics now, minor requests and such. Instead of cropping the same pic 3 times man.

Yes I've seen 2 men in her pussy and she's pleasures 5 men at once like you said. It was amazing and we could hardly see her as she had guys all around her.


Her names layla

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Does she enjoy piss play? Does she squirt? Id have to arrive a bit early to taste them holes before they get all dicked up


i'd fill that hole with piss everday

No pissing but she will squirt as theirs 12 guys already that want to fuck her.

Cool your number 13 to fuck her.she just want sex in any hole.

Where's she from?

Disgusting. I wouldn't fuck her if you paid me

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I'm sure she's going to feel abit overwhelmed with so many of you and it will take her a while to get through you all aswell.


She will feel like a real whore after all those guys have fucked her.

It won't hit her till a day or two after. She will be fuck drunk then when she comes down from it the reality that 13 or more guys fucked her will play on her mind and she will feel used and guilty I'd say.

Fire crotch


28 fire crotch as well


:( she would not even feel my tiny dick