>GF cheated and left
>Drinking problem
>No homo
>Nobody gives a shit about me
>Masculine penis

Became tranny
>New NB partner
>Love taking dick and pussy
>People love me for being brave
>Am a cute girl
>Feminine penis

So user, why aren't you becoming a tranny?? Don't you wanna be a girl???

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no mental illness so can't

Weak bait.


you will never pass, you will never be a woman, these threads are made by discord pedos who want to groom children

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Don't have to be one to go girl
No b8 m8. I'm at work so I can't send you pics of my tits n dick but my only goal is to wake up sleeping trannies
Talk about projection

Fuck you

Fuck I wanna see more of those socks.

>Don't you wanna be a girl?
Nah. I just wanna dick them down.

nah wanting to be a girl when you're born the master sex is mental illness as fuck bruh

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I still dick them down with my girl dick and they love it

living as a trap doesn't fix your mental health problems however.. but as soon as you kys because you realize you drove the people who really loved you away just so you could get attention from "likeminded" people who also kill themselves, I'll be none the happier

>I still dick them down with my girl dick and they love it

post your feminine penis please sis


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>And I'm not sorry
This is why they can't be taken seriously

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I would but I'm at work :( here's a slightly lewd pic of my early tranny bod

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not surprised a person with a mental illness is also fucking stupid enough to buy a Sup Forums pass

You have to be pretty mentally ill to use the chin-chan at all user

Thank you friend!! I hope you are well too and find much happiness in life

ok basedboy dont forget to renew your pass

>>Am a cute girl
>>Feminine penis
undeniable proof required w/ timestamps

have a good one

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