Every girl has nudes of herself on her phone

Every girl has nudes of herself on her phone.

Prove me wrong.

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y do all girls have messy rooms tho

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go on

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not all girls have phones

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hot girl

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cant stop fap

I would say yeah they do but not what you expect... probably photos when they are trying to look at something they can’t fully see

all girls are vain af and obsessed with their physical appearance. they all have nudes to satisfy their narcissism.

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> girls are narcissistic
> guy sends as many pictures of his dick to every girl unsolicited

I mean, you're not wrong, but there is no high ground in our camp

As someone who used to repair phones I'd say it's more like 75%. We used to make bets on which ones would and wouldn't. Never stole/saved any because it wasn't worth the risk, but definitely enjoyed the views.

Preparing to report, keep it clean.

And what about fat ugly girls?

Dude, I worked at AT&T, and stole hundreds. Even got a few fuck vids.


You are an extreme fag if you have to warn people that you will be a massive bitch.

My roommate works at a place that donates phones. Two of them had nudes out of a bunch but usually the phones are reset so there's that tidbit. Amazing people would just drop a phone in a bucket with nudes.

> All dogs, didn't save.

Not bullshit them too. Ex-wife’s friend sent me nudes after the divorce. It’s like if they have big tits they consider themselves more attractive than they really are


to be fair, big tits are pretty cool

Used to work at a technology repair company (not geeksquad). The amount of selfies on phones and computers that I found (typically while backing up) where amazing. And yes, we saved that shit when it was worth being saved.

they have more because they have to get validation somewhere

I call them line tits. Squished together flab bags that form a line of cleavage up to the neck. Suppose to be attractive.. but it's all gimmick. Those tits are trashed. I'm more into small ones, such as numerous ones featured here. I like them up, not down.

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I don't have nudes on my phone

The kind of girl who had parents good enough to drive home the importance of picking up your room is less likely to share her nudes.

There ya go fag.

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Easy to recover if you know it's worth it. Wiping doesn't do shit beyond a "quick format"|

More of her?

Almost guarantee it wasn't. The two that had them were pretty damn awful. Like looking at some fat drunk aunt flaunting her shitty titties on Yahoo chats shitty.

I've wondered if I bought used phones or broken phones and then restored them if I could find chicks bud wss a on it.

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Nothing exciting. Basic bitch.

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More of this
None of this, please god

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How do you recover? Pretty much everyone factory refurbished or something before they junk.



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Keep this abortion have coming.

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there's a ton of utilities online that let you recover data. I think Minitool is the tool in the spotlight right now but it rotates. If they just factory reset or delete the files this should locate them without a problem. I've never seen a factory reset that does a full format instead of just a quick format but there may be some out there. Even a full format is recoverable unless they do a 0 or 1 write pass over.

Download photorec.

Connect the phone in question via usb.

Mount as a drive then recover all image files.

You ain’t wrong. They looked nice but this bitch was wider than all outside
They forsure come in all shapes and sizes. I don’t mind giant tits as long as they don’t flop to the floor all empty at the top and shit

How would you get past password/pin locks?!

Yeah but password lock.

To answer the question about getting into phones. Many times we have to get into the phones to do repairs, so part of the scheme is I tell them I need to wipe the phone. Instead of doing the data delete, I choose delete all settings. It looks like it's doing a wipe. And it removes the passcode. Now I have a phone with no pin

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Okay so you have to have the person put in their password and give you the phone.

Still impossible to get into password protected phone.

That's the easiest. Can't access the iPhone with a password

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Never had to deal with passwords. Its Dos Based and doesn't recognize password locks.

Also if it's that big a deal, buy an iPhone repair kit, remove the hard disk and connect it on the kit. Connect the kit via Thunderbolt to USB and no password issues.

But I've never had an issue with passwords keeping me from accessing individual photos

The replacement logic boards are 35 bucks.


Anyone got nudes of a DJ from NY?

Yes big are better!

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Subjective, but in my opinion not always.

she is stunning

post her pussy

Shes so fucking hot man, I NEED SAUCE


i have a friends encrypted iphone backups, but no password, no chance of getting in?

yes but you'll need a crane

whats a crane & how do i do it

it's a type of bird that can lift mattresses out of pools

it also can get past iphone encryption

seems im fucked then lad

For sure, petite exgf

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Good thing they're all in love with themselves, or we wouldn't have these pics.
Vanity whores.

19yo filipina gf

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Mmmh she is hot !! Got some of her puss?

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Fully nude standing up?

This is the closest i got. Id have to go back and readjust the photo size since they are all 8mb+

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I had some lewds awhile ago when I was sexting on kik, have since deleted since I uninstalled the app. But I can honestly say I've never taken an actual nude photo of myself.
Not that anyone here would actually believe me, but there it is.

You are doing a repair of a phone... they'll give you the passcode. If it's been wiped, there's no passcode. I don't see the issue.

Down to dump what you have of her on kik?

don't think i can prove you wrong op :(

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I'm really good at "oh shit my phone won't work, let me use yours real quick, it's an emergency" to my friends.

I always call my grandma because she will talk about the most random shit and babble so all I have to do is keep saying "yeah", "Really?". Meanwhile I dip around a corner and begin sifting through the phone. Don't recall every failing at this. There's always something.

Wanna dump what you've gotten with this method?

Mmmh wow thnx, you are a lucky guy always wanted an asian gf i bet she is tight

Dont forget that pics taken in the text message app wont necessarily appear in gallery, always check outbound texts

Please find some

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What do you mean by wiped

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Can confirm.

Got bored and snooped through my jail bait step daughter's phone. Not full nudes, but plenty of win.

Not everyone has a phone.