I will be clear, Im here to show normal photos of my wife, NO nudes...

I will be clear, Im here to show normal photos of my wife, NO nudes, in return I will post many pics and answer intimate things about her that you ask.

You agree? Jump in

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does she like it in her ass

Yes, she does, but not a big fan actually

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What’s her personality like, both in and out of bed. What’re her moans like during sex? If she moan at all.

Outside the bed she could say it's normal, with some class, in bed very creative, really.

She does scream, but she screams with her mouth closed, bitting her bottom lips with her teeths

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How long have you been married, and at what point did you guys start farting around each other?

A face made for facials. Yes?

2 years

And like 6 months, but just me, she is very reserved with that, she dont let me hear her cheeks

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That question is for you brother, what do you think of wife face?

have you ever been hitting it from behind and thought "god that ass stinks"?

Do you two swing? Does she know you want her to fuck other men?

I already said, but: I’d jack off across her face and make her wear it.

Tbh, that happens normally by entering the bathroom or when we go in the car and can't hold it hahaha

Sadly not swing by now, yes i tell her before

Thats nice bro, thanks

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Does she like women? If so, what is her type?


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I could say that Billie Eilish type, because she told me that she is a very pretty woman

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What’s she think about fucking other men for you? Where are you two from?

Have you jerked off thinking about her fucking her family members?

Once I asked her and she told me that it is probable, obviously I was not insistent, I hope this year is the year


Not rlly

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Psst an ass pic or your just a faggot and this thread sucks dick

When do you think you’ll be beheaded by cartels?

I will only answer serious questions, don't waste your time

what does she do when you insert large objects into her pussy, like chair legs and stuff?

Yes. Answer this

she actually loves to be stretched. its a reason i think she would like BBC. biggest thing we got in her pussy was a wiffle ball bat (the fat end) she bled that time though

Full pic like this one please

Do you wish her tits were bigger?

Actually, the biggest thing I've inserted has been her dildo, but other things have come in


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Im fine with her boobs size bro

I forgot pic

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Be careful user

I found her ig

What’s the sexiest outfit you’ve seen her wearing? Does she ever dress slutty or in form fitting clothes? If so, do you get protective or jealous when she gets male attention?

A really sexy babydoll

Fitting, when she go to the gym, and im not get crazy when i see males seeing her

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Nice body

Op, if i roll dubs you post her tits


Deal user

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That was so fast, no face of course

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Weak, post more

Just spread her open and post the pics. We know that's why you're here OP. I started these tease threads about my wife a few years ago and before I knew it I fully exposed her, videos of her fucking, blowjobs, anal, everything with face.

I know you want to.

Sorry user

I did it before, and I had a bad experience in b

She was doxed, thats why i cant post showing face

Oh shit... some cunts on Sup Forums

How did they find her, did you post pics that were from her social media?

By a fucking hashtag on IG

It was like 3 years ago, when we were dating


How did you explain?

Explain what exactly?

To her how the internet got her nudes.

She was with me repling in that thread, so i dont have to explain any, she noticed

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