Any other guys here bisexual but decided not to have sex with men? Why?

Any other guys here bisexual but decided not to have sex with men? Why?

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Im the opposite, I'm bi but ive decided to only have sex with men

I don't like the idea of kissing a guy, no idea how women manage it,

any other posters trolls but decided not to troll? why?

I'm introverted and I find it easier to pick up girls
Guys I somehow always become friends with and that's it

yeah ... i'll do mutual oral with men, but not anal .... dont like the mess and cleanup ... #lazyFuck ... natural female jucies are easier to clean up than lube and shit dick

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too closeted, i would only do it somewhere far away from where i live

I'm hetero, but I'd fuck a cute and feminine guy.

I prefer kissing guys but I just never can bring myself to fuck one

After dating several of both I found sex with men was amazi,ng but that's all there was. The deep emotional connection with women you could build a fulfilling lifetime relationship with. So I married a woman and taught her how to use a strapon. It's not the same as dick, but idc. Choosing a woman was one of the biggest and best decisions of my life.

>. The deep emotional connection with women you could build a fulfilling lifetime relationship with.

Yeah thats why I'd rather have a gf, gay sex looks fun, but it seems to lack any real value.

I feel the same, can't have emotional connections to men. don't even like hanging out with guys but my brain decided I like cock for some reason. even the faaabulous freddy mercury said the same, spent his last days of his life with his "girlfriend"

>gay sex looks fun
sure, pushing shit with your dick looks fun. degenerate fuck.

I could never fuck a man because i don't fuck anything i respect

Its stupid and dangerous, but looks hot in porn.

Random bi guy here, you don't sleep with men randomly/promiscuously unless you are retarded, as the risk of hooking up with pozz fetishists or bugchaser freaks is extremely high. You generally find one trustworthy guy and keep them as as fuck-buddy. A lot of guys also suck at kissing and personal hygiene and that's a huge turn off especially for bottoms. Its generally easier and more fun to hook up with girls too, guys are nice on occasion but nothing beats an experienced and enthusiastic woman.

am here, guess am too chicken to actually get some dick.

Did you just hashtag on here you fucking fuck

Any gay or bi guy with half a brain cell has an enema before anal sex and uses a mildly antiseptic lubricant, risking an anal tear from a full colon is worthy of a Darwin award.

I have bi tendencies only into a very specific type and oral only . I’m married to a woman , fap to women and straight porn and would only date women . I don’t know , just the way it is.

i am not bi, lole, am zombi
that mean living dead
like your mother
it mean return of the living dead
and death shall have no dominion
u go have sex, see if u can take some metal at four hunnerd meters per second, and worry about your weight, bi
zombi h8 bi to the death

>cute and feminine guy.

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Women don't seem to like me much, and guys are too easy. I like fucking guys but Id never want to be in a relationship with one. Kissing guys is gross. Hell, the only reason Ive even fucked guys is because I cant get a woman. I'm sure I'm far from the only one.

I prefer men but they have hurt/misused me so many times so now I'm just afraid and alone :)

girls are ok, I just don't really click with them as well. I've had a gf for 5 years but never a serious bf. I think boys are more concerned with manipulating you into sex and then never talking to you again

I hope that I'm proven wrong some day. I know I could make someone very happy.

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I've had sex with 2 guys. Both were college freshman, rail thin hairless twinks. One of them had never had sex with a man and the other was gay but had only given oral sex to his previous boyfriend in high school. I like knowing one of them now has a girlfriend and when he sees me, he knows I dominated him and made him my bitch on all fours. He can never truly be a man because I've used his asshole like a pussy. He's has another mans cum inside him and I doubt he told his gf. He keeps it a secret, but I still see him once in a while. I'm sure one day he'll beg me for it again.

with a pink wig, a fresh shave and makeup, he would easily pass.

>he knows I dominated him and made him my bitch on all fours. He can never truly be a man because I've used his asshole like a pussy. He's has another mans cum inside him and I doubt he told his gf.

This is why I'll never fuck a dude, gay pride is a farce, even within the community they know being fucked is disgraceful, which is why the lust over straight men.

Women don't like bisexual men, not a dig at bi sexual men but it's a fact. Or to be more specific a women will never be happy to hear her man has had sex with another man in the past. It make's them feel insecure for some reason, likely just a biological thing. Interesting the same is not true for bisexual women, go figure, female privilege.

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No joke I've used my bisexuality to intimidate other guys. Straight guys HATE the idea of being another guy's bitch.

>It make's them feel insecure for some reason

I think its more so because woman like masculine men, and being fucked is the least masculine thing you could do. Most men would rather be stabbed than raped in prison, its the ultimate lost of pride for a man, and woman know this. And even though gays are much more accepted on the surface, behind closed doors lots of people still look down on them, and for woman it would be hard to date a man who is looked down upon by his male peers for taking dick.

yeah. sucked a couple dicks when i was 19. decided i wanna be considered a christian man so i swore off men. women nowadays would never guess

Now if the bisexual man is the top that can be used to ward off a girl's exes. Just threaten to fuck em in the ass and they back off immediately usually. There will be those that try to call your bluff and you will have to deliver on your threats

the cops kill bisexuals here.
everyone pretends to be straight to stay alive

Depends on the woman but generally yes. The boundaries are stricter for male roles and male sexuality and women enforce them just as much as men do. I think it's cultural though and things are changing. Look at Harry Styles, sure he is already hot as fuck but he wore earrings and a blouse and women were still creaming for him.

this is painfully true. tho i’ve had a girl tell me don’t do guys while proceeding to ride my dick


It is a chore to find men that are gay and not gross or closeted as fuck. But im not opposed to being with men, its just men that I genuinely fee attraction to are rare for me to meet. So no, but I generally don't have sex with men.

A truly enlightened society. Inshallah. Where is this?

My ex wife now current gf gave me that same order. I told her i wouldn't unless they tried hitting on her.

nobody will question your lack of adult female lover or part time little girl babysitting job if you post a gay pic or video

I feel more love to my boyfriend than any girlfriend i've had but sexually i prefer women. I'm strictly monogamous though for some reason so wouldn't want to do anything with other people. though I think he would which im not too happy about

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it's scary here
remember Chad Bogges
remember Michael Moore
remember James Johnson

Where is this promised land you live in?

attracted to nice looking cocks and not the dude . Reason why I like traps. looks female and has the body part I like

Kim Davis land


Also gay men are usually faggots

Consider myself heteroflexible, high school ex watched as I fucked her flamboyant younger brother in her room, during a summer we broke up brother invited me to his friend's house to play halo and eat pizza. Ended up h a mini orgy with him and his two friends. Now can't fuck guys unless they are young or traps that look like girls

didnt Missouri just outlaw all books and printed information that discuss bisexuality?
Librarians that lend this knowledge can get shot same as stealing a car
stay far away from any information on the subject if you value your health and your freedom

Married and dont want to give my wife herpes etc.

I'm bi

I don't like socializing with women but prefer fucking them.

Yes and I admit it. Though never will I be on the receiving end. I've had fantasies of it but I'd never be up to the task and I'd feel very shameful. I'll stick with wanting to fuck the ass

What the fuck is wrong with you people thinking getting fucked is demeaning? Just because you're taking it in the ass doesn't mean you're someone's bitch. Thats some damage right there. Be a switch, do both, fuck and be fucked, turnaround is fair play. Get your bullshit social hangups out of the bedroom and do what feels good.

That sounds really good tbh. Have you stayed in contact with him? What happened?

feeling pleasure makes you the bitch
Pleasure is the Sin

I love being bi. I get to walk around in the world and say to myself "Holy shit she's hot, I want to fuck her!" AND "Damn, I would ride him so hard!" I have a long term gf I'd never step out on, but I get to fantasize about anyone I want. It's the best.

i prefer girls, but a feminine guy with a cute voice and a small dick could make me diamond